Top 10 Disappointing Movies in Good Movie Franchises

In every good franchise, there usually are good movies. However, most franchises have pretty big disappointments with some being the biggest in movie history. These are some bad movies, and some that do not live up to others. Usually, when a bad movie comes in a good movie franchise, especially one that was following up some beloved films, it usually gets remembered as a massive disappointments, some in even media history. All have problems, but most have some wins, but still does not change that they are some massive disappointments.

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1 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Indiana Jones

This movie was a stain for Indiana Jones. The fridge scene. The fact that they could survive a nuclear bomb is just stupid. Really stupid. Incredibly stupid. Now, this film was hated. Good. I have some faith in humanity now. Lucas has lost his spark without guidance. First the Star Wars prequels, second the Star Wars Blu Ray changes, now this. The twist was so bad that it made Cars 2's twist look like the twist from The Sixth Sense. It also feels pointless. Was there any need? I was excited to see this movie after the three phenomenal movies in a row. Each getting better in my opinion. This went from such a high for a franchise, to such a low. We are getting Indiana Jones 5. Hopefully Lucas stays away. And compared to the three great movies before, the storyline is like Eight Crazy Night's storyline. The writing also really doesn't do good. It goes for the terrible writing, and the writing fails pretty badly. The story is not put together at all well or thought out, in fact it was ...more - iliekpiez

You're saying most people hated it, although it was rated certified fresh on rotten tomatoes. - Solacress

The movie itself was fine but kinda forgettable... except the fridge scene in which Indiana Jones survives a NUKE by hiding in a lead lined fridge, the fridge flies up in the air and hits the ground miles away, in which Jones survives with no radiation, fall damage, or even bruises. Other then that scene, Its forgettable.

I loved this movie. Especially this interaction between Indy and the main antagonist:

"Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it."

"I usually do."

Not always a good thing, Spalko. Not always a good thing. It was a great moment of foreshadowing, cause she got exactly what she wanted, and it didn't end well for her. She asked for knowledge, and the interdimensional being gave it to her, in a:

"You asked for knowledge. You asked for our secrets. Now you will have it."

Yeah it kind of ruined Indiana Jones for me.

2 Alien 3 - Alien

I have to bring up this movie again. However, it really deserves it. I like most of 'Alien' movies other than Alien: Covenant. And this movie. But this is the worst of the franchise. The director went on to Direct 'Fight Club' and 'Zodiac' (I have not seen Se7en). The plot is a good ending to the trilogy (But Alien: Resurrection exists, but I like it fine). This movie is an absolute mess. Not Fincher's fault, the studio get intervened and it really shows. The movie's plot goes all over the place. Ripley does not get as much attention as she should, unfortunately, as this was really the chance to take the next level with her character. The villain is as bland as you can get, you can predict the story by googling the movie. It is for science, very bland. I would not really mind, but considering how awesome Xenomorphs are, and they are one of my favourite monsters, it is such a big disappointment. The story is terrible, and affects so many moments and does not make them good at all. - iliekpiez

A terrible movie especially after two classics in Alien the best horror movie and the sequel Aliens the best action movie - germshep24

3 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Star Wars

Actually an underrated movie, There wasn't much you could do with a movie playing around a young innocent kid that has to turn evil by the third part of the trilogy. The pod racing was enjoyable and unique, the Darth Maul fight was one of the best lightsaber duels out of the 8 movies so far, the story was good, the progress was good. the only real flaw with this trilogy was the 2nd episode and is only really hated because nothing would be as good as the original trilogy and Jar Jar Binks (and the racist stereotypes), I would say this is the is the 6th best movie or third worst of the 8 movies so far: better than the force Awakens and Attack of the Clones (5th worse if we include Solo and Rogue One) - germshep24

I cannot justify any other movie to take the top spot. No other movie was so hyped, and yet so disappointing. Should people have saw it coming? Yes, it was bound to be bad. And my god, was it bad. The way the movie was hyped, it took many people to accept this was bad. Even critics got sucked into the hype. This movie was important about the flaws of Hype Culture, and expectations based on things like Movie Trailers. Now, back to the movie. The story is weak. Very weak. Politics. Because that's what everyone wanted. This movie has a lot of bad characters. Jar Jar Binks is very annoying, and the slapstick comedy feels way too out of place. Watto is very fun to make fun of, and is nearly as bad. Obi Wan was very uninteresting and was there because he is Obi-Wan. Portman is terrible as Padme. However, one of the biggest stains was Anakin Skywalker. It was like Lucas did not like Darth Vader, and tried to ruin him. He was so annoying and Lloyd put in a very performance as Anakin, it was ...more - iliekpiez

This a good movie

Conspiracy theory: Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord. He's the reason why Phantom Menace made Star Wars look bad. Look it up on YouTube and you will see how it all went down.

4 Spider-Man 3 - Spider-Man

I loved this movie - SimeOh

It wasn't a terrible movie, it was just too ambitious for its own good, it is hard to make a movie with three villain plots woven in it, plus a fourth villain that redeems himself in the end - germshep24

This was a good movie

Alright but too disappointing, Had too many unnecessary things in it - B1ueNew

5 Avengers: Age of Ultron - Marvel Cinematic Universe

Almost all the characters are annoying arrogant jerks and always blame the avengers

Yes it is just the original Avengers movie rewrote to appear like a different movie - germshep24

What could have been a great sequel it was ruined because Whedon and Feige were more worried with forced comedy set up the Phase 3 movies. If it was Sony or Fox, or even the guys who produce the Marvel Netflix shows, Ultron would have been one of the best villains in a superhero movie.

What are yall talking about, This was a awesome movie - TheOneMan

6 Rocky V - Rocky

Its bad even Stallone didn't like the movie - rowdyfan0629

It's not that bad.

It IS that bad.

7 Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Star Wars

This movie tells no story. All it's about is the rebel groups trying to get away and Rey can just instantly know how to use the force with no training. Rose tico was very pointless. All she did was save animals and knocked Finn and claimed, "War isn't about fighting the people you hate, but saving the ones you love," when Finn could've saved so many rebels but Rose had to steal Finn's hero moment.

This movie was really pretty descent, I really don't understand why a person can dislike this movie but like Force Awakens.

It has a good story, create character Kylo and Rey arc is good, Luke's old Jedi questioning his philosophy is really good that everyone bashes because they want to see awesome young Luke not a Ben Kenobi Luke, Rose and Finn's relation is beautiful.

There is a lot more action in this than Force Awakens, more inventive - germshep24

This movie is in no way bad - SimeOh

For most people the Worst of Star Wars since Phantom Menace! I cannot say too many Nitpicking Horrible things because be patient for Episode 9. After Christmas 2019 and we See Episode 9. Last Jedi may not be THAT HORRIBLE?

8 Men in Black III - Men in Black

The only reason that this movie is worse than the others is that the first two are so good. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

Wasn't a bad movie, just wasn't has good as the first - germshep24

I like this. - Tia-Harribel

9 X-Men: Apocalypse - X-Men

Definitely a huge disappointment, I love Apocalypse and was so excited for this movie and was hugely disappointed. At least there is the X-Men animated series that gives this story line good - germshep24

10 Godzilla (1998) - Godzilla

Why? this movie had good graphics for its time and I loved this movie when I was a kid

Okay kaiju movie... AWFUL Godzilla movie. Name just slapped on for Marquis value.

It’s so bad, it ruined the best movie monster of all times. Godzilla is truly iconic and everything. But this movie screwed him up big time. Do yourself a favor and ignore or forget this abomination. It’s disappointing, the design looks wrong, the story is boring, his character is just not right, and the ending was bad. - asantalo

I agree on you for the most part, but what's so bad about the ending? - DinoLover4242

The Contenders

11 Superman Returns - Superman

Superman was returning after a interesting two movies, which are both awful, in particular 'Superman IV: The Quest For Peace'. I actually found this the most disappointing because not only did seem brilliant, but it had Bryan Singer, and he directed one of my favourite superhero movies 'X2: X-Men United', a phenomenal movie that challenged themes like prejudice. So it slightly takes the spot over 'Spider-Man 3'. However, it is that praise to the Spider-Man 3? No, that is a worse movie, but this had more potential. I liked Routh as Superman. Then he disappeared into thin air, and went to an actor struggling work, just as much as someone called Jake Lloyd, who played 10 year old very annoying Anakin Skywalker. Some moments are very boring, and this should be interesting, it should be a great movie, but however, it was Superman Returns. A boring film, that is poorly paced, Spacey (disgraced rightfully) is good as Luthor, but ultimately wasted in a film that is very uninteresting. - iliekpiez

Oh come on after the last two it barely qualifies as a disappointment. - Wheeler

Always super hero

12 Star Wars: Attack of the Clones - Star Wars

I'm haunted by the kiss! - RevolverOcelot

I would expect this to be so much higher seeing that this represented the worst part of Episode 1-3, This is the point that the Jar Jar Binks character is the most annoying and the love story gets really cringy, which is the two biggest complaints about this trilogy - germshep24

13 Batman & Robin - Batman

Whatever...and I prefer 60s version.

This Movie Made Cher (Alicia Silverstone) Irrelevant

Somebody call christopher nolan becuase george clooney batman movies are killing me with batman forever,ad batman and robin.
Christopher Nolan:What do you need
I need all of your 3 batman movies,but I mostly need The Dark Knight.

14 Son of the Mask - The Mask

Can we call something a franchise if only 2 movies were made? I don't think it is deserving a mention if w are talking sequels yes but the Mask isn't a movie Franchise - germshep24

This movievis terrible

The plot of the movie I found, somewhat distasteful. It isn't a bad movie but the choice of main characters could have been better (Alan Cumming is an exception, he's good). A far cry from the original that feels like it was trying to incorporate elements from Baby Geniuses and more towards being another live action Looney Tunes movie. - Criz

15 Man of Steel - Superman

Wasn't bad just made Superman into a more bleak movie which most people don't like since every movie before was always light hearted - germshep24

16 Godzilla's Revenge - Godzilla

A very terrible film!

17 X-Men: The Last Stand - X-Men

The Dark Phoenix Saga is the one of the best comic book stories, and 'X-Men: The Animated Series' did some of its best episodes using the saga. This is not as high because Singer left to direct 'Superman Returns'. We got one of the worst directors, Brett Ratner. I have again, like all the third instalments, talked about this before. But some of those movies were unavoidable to talk about. The character cramming into this movie a big problem. Many of the villains like Juggernaut are undeveloped and should be more developed. Mostly the original knew how many X-Men to cram in, but in this movie some characters are in there out of nowhere like Colossus. The climax is the best thing about the movie other than having Beast, the best character introduction and the only good one. It really isn't needed too have that many, maybe other than get good box office results. - iliekpiez

When it's a bad film but you watch it 10 times cause you love the franchise...

This movie had the most potential it being based on one of the best Sagas in X-Men but this was butchered but hopefully the new movie around this saga with be a redemption - germshep24

Yeah this movie left a bad feeling in my stomach - SapphireDragon95

18 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Spider-Man

Felt more like an unintentional parody and it was all the more hilarious as a result. - nerffan8000

Good but not good enough

Worst Spider-Man movie ever! - asantalo

19 Batman Forever - Batman

I swear, if it took itself seriously the whole time and did away with the comedy and CG it could have been amazing. So close yet so far.

20 Spider-Man 2 - Spider-Man

This movie was amazing, Why is it here? - B1ueNew

Did you men Amazing Spiderman 2, This is considered to be the best Spiderman movie ever made - germshep24

Why is this here? It's a masterpiece in my opinion! - darthvadern

Maybe The "Amazing Spiderman 2" should've been on the list

21 The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Jurassic Park

I love this movie - Spongehouse

It is a good movie compared to the really bad 3rd movie? - DinoLover4242

Wait this is the second best Jurassic Park movie, why is this getting so disrespected - germshep24

I kinda like it! - ArcticWolf

22 King Kong Lives - King Kong

Not just disappointing. But definitely the worst Kong movie ever. - asantalo

I don't like Kong

23 The Godfather Part III - The Godfather

Again, I have talked about this movie before. But god damn, that list had some of the biggest disappointments in cinematic history. Unfortunately, after two of the best movies (my two personal favourites as well), this has just thrown that out of the window. This has a helicopter, and the deaths in the first two films were some of the best portrayed in movie history, and it is like something you would see in an action movie, not some of the best media ever to be produced in all formats, and there is a helicopter shooting people. It is like I am watching an entirely different franchise. Sofia Coppola cannot act. May have talked about this in 'Top 10 Most Disappointing Third Installments in Movie Franchises', but she can directly pretty well, but for the love of God, she is so bland. Almost like Emma Watson when she is not doing voice acting. We have some dialogue which would not look out of place in some of the worst cinematic garbage like 'A Christmas Story 2' and Home Alone 3'. This ...more - iliekpiez

I either like the films on this list or don't like the franchises to begin with. But this...this just didn't come off, and a big part of it comes down to nepotism. Yeah, Sofia Coppola. - truckturner

24 Star Trek: Insurrection - Star Trek

Of all the Trek movies, this is the one I dislike the most. By far. The reason being there is not really any good things in the movie. While The Final Frontier and The Original Picture while both bad, have good things in them. However, this movie does not unfortunately. It is pretty forgettable. The villain is bland, and I usually really like Star Trek villains like Khan or Q. The villain is very forgettable. Many people disagreed, and there might be a good reason why this an unconvincing Trek movie. It is pretty boring and not well done when the characters debate the issues at hand in the movie. There is no good feeling, just wanting to get through the scenes of the movie. It has shots at races, but that is not exactly new in Star Trek; some of the movies have done that before in fact. The plot is pretty good, but they do not execute it well. Really, there is no wins, but just a bad film, that is pretty forgettable as well. - iliekpiez

Star trek sucks

25 Rocky II - Rocky

I thought it was a ok sequel compared to Rocky V.

26 Shrek the Third - Shrek

I never watched Shrek the third so I don't whats wrong with it

I cried from disapointment - rankist

It’s so bad. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

27 Mad Max: Fury Road - Mad Max

This movie was awesome. - ParasN2000

This is a awesome movie ever brilliant action scenes.

Really, this was amazing - germshep24

Tom Hardy? More like Tom Hardly - Criz

28 Iron Man 2 - Iron Man

I could have picked 'The Incredible Hulk', 'Iron Man 3', 'Thor: The Dark World', but I ended picking up the MCU. It looked like we were going to have a pretty cool Whiplash, as the villain, but instead we get another boring business person. Called Justin Hammer, he is not at all interesting and we got with Iron Monger in the first 'Iron Man' movie, and it is not all interesting. In fact, Whiplash does an awesome thing at the race track, when he flips Tony's car over, that is maybe my personal favourite scene from the movie. However, when 'Iron Man' ended, one of the best endings for superhero movies, and definitely my favourite from the MCU, Tony Stark revealed that he was Iron Man. That could open so many ideas, yet they waste most of them. Heck, the focus isn't really on the celebrity of Iron Man half of time. This had to be the movie to set up the Avengers, and yeah, but considering the ending of Iron Man, it was a serious disappointment. - iliekpiez

Is this Iran Man two or one of the animated movies of the same movie I am so confused - germshep24

29 Final Destination 2 - Final Destination

I don't know about Final Destination 2 but I found the the fourth one to be a failure

30 Thor: The Dark World - Thor

Ill admit it, I'm not a guy who likes thor. But I am a marvel lover. And THIS movie was probably one of the worst marvel movies I have EVER seen.

I am sooo mad right now! THIS WAS A GREAT MOVIE! (Then again anything with Tom Hiddleston is great) I love all the Thor series. So TAKE THIS OFF AND TAKE OF THE AGE OF ULTRON! (For Slicksilver! )


31 The Matrix Revolutions - The Matrix

The saddest ending to a movie that changed filmmaking.

Why did it have to end like that? Just why?

32 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - DC Extended Universe

Could of been amazing but was just a disappointment

33 Jurassic Park III - Jurassic Park

In my opinion all of the Jurassic park and Jurassic world movies were good. - MegadethFan07

Wow this movie is so forgettable that no one even votes for it as the worst even though a vast major would say this is the worst in the Franchise outside of Fallen Kingdom - germshep24

Unlike most people I like this moive - Spongehouse

Fallen kingdom was a good movie germshep so shut up. This movie sucked because Steven Speilburg didn't direct it. Joe Johnson did

34 Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman - Batman
35 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Pirates of the Caribbean
36 Solo: A Star Wars Story - Star Wars

This movie is the best Star Wars outside of the originals. Hands down. The best Disney Star Wars, easily. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

After the first 6, there is no other Star Wars movies to me - westofohio

bad - YeeMan

I fell asleep when my family was watching this, but they WOKE ME UP because we needed to LEAVE in THE MIDDLE OF THE MOVIE because it was SO BAD. My dad said that it RUINED Star Wars for him. He’ll get over it eventually.

37 Halloween: Resurrection - Halloween

If Donald Pleasance was still alive, he would say "it's pure and simply AWFUL." See what I did there?

38 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Star Wars

How can you have Donnie Yen in your movie than not let him have a lot of action scenes. Donnie Yen is the most engaging character in the entire movie, worst of all the screwed up the connection between a New Hope and this movie - germshep24

Just so boring I want to fall asleep during this movie - B1ueNew

Way better than the last Jedi to be honest - wren6

If you sleeping problems, watch this movie. You will fall asleep fast.

39 Avengers: Infinity War - Marvel Cinematic Universe

This movie was actually pretty great, and that's coming from a person who doesn't even like Marvel in the first place! But, I agree, there is some things they could've fixed to make the movie more enjoyable, such as:
1. Not tossing in all the characters at once. It kinda felt overwhelming to see SpiderMan and Thor, the entire Guardians of the Galaxy crew, than Black Panther all so suddenly.
2. The ending was absolutely HORRIBLE. Never seen a more terrible cliffhanger in my entire life! - RosalinaX

Stereotypical action movie mentality? Check.
Throwing characters into the movie like a blender? Check.
No character depth or motivation? Check.
Most blatantly shoehorned twist ending of all time? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK.
And THIS is why it's the worst movie called Avengers. Hell, I'd take the '96 Avengers movie over this.

How Is This A Disappointing Movie? - masoncarr2244

This was a step up from the abysmal second Avengers movie, I'm in awe of this movie, how they can bring so much marvel characters in this movie and still keep a coherent story - germshep24

40 Alien: Resurrection - Alien
41 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Jurassic Park

Not terrible, but tried to pull off too much, and a lot of plot points felt unnecessary - icantthinkofausername

This movie was just terrible, first the volcano, then weaponizing them by pointing your rifle at the person you want killed. Oh I got a good idea lets make a dinosaur movie put instead of focusing on the dinosaurs this focus on a volcano, but since that can't last the entire movie lets make the second half about the worst idea of weaponizing them possible. The whole thing is idiotic and absolutely boring - germshep24

I LOVE IT! - ArcticWolf

Yeah not the best film in the series its not bad but ok doesn't live up to the 1st jurrasic world film - Toptenanimallovers

42 Jaws: The Revenge - Jaws

A horrible end to once a good film franchise

ADAM F. GOLDBERG LOVES THIS MOVIE! But he also likes "The Wizard", so I guess he likes every movie from the late 80's. I do not share the same opinion!

43 Terminator Genisys - Terminator
44 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection - Lyrical Nanoha

The weakest one out of the 3 Nanoha movies so far due to how rushed most of it felt.
Still a great movie though but the first 2 Nanoha movies were better. - PerfectImpulseX

45 Star Trek: First Contact - Star Trek
46 Home Alone 3 - Home Alone

Not that good of a movie yet still significantly better than the fourth film. - ParasN2000

I like both first and second (except that Donald Trump part), but this movie is garbage. - DinoLover4242

That was disappointing, actually. - MaxAurelius

I like Home Alone 1 the most. This one isn’t that good. - Userguy44

47 A Good Day to Die Hard - Die Hard

I may have given this fifth installment of a well-known action franchise a favourable review (7/10), but not as positive as the other four films. On behalf of myself and Die Hard fans out there, I shall state the bad reasons first:

Shorter running time: the film is only just over an hour and a half long.

John McClane (Bruce Willis) is not the same: this film defies the traditional spirit and conventions of what is man’s best “wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time”; instead of being a likable anti-hero who still preserves the lives of innocent people while fighting villains, he pushes it too far that he could have been as close to killing or injuring innocent people.

Minimal character development: this is concerning McClane’s son, Jack (Jai Courtney), as the only obvious aspect that comes into mind is being held in a Russian prison.

The extended cut: while the extended cut prolongs the action sequences and car ...more

48 Cars 2 - Cars

When I was a kid, I liked it. - DinoLover4242

Well I loved this as a younger kid

49 Jaws 3 - Jaws

You have to admit, it wasn't near as good as its predecessors. One of the most disappointing films of all time. - micahisthebest

50 Resident Evil: Extinction - Resident Evil
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