Top Ten Most Disappointing Presents


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1 A Card With No Money In It

It would be fine if it's like your friends cousin because you don't really know them but if you're related in someway you should be obliged to put at least £1 in a card maybe if it's their birthday or Christmas put a little bit more in. - HumanDuster

That makes me so mad laugh out loud

2 A Spotty Tie

How many people have you seen wearing a spotty tie... - HumanDuster

3 Cutlery

Does this person not already have cutlery it's not like you run out it's always there unless it gets lost. - HumanDuster

4 Colorful Socks

Why would you possibly get someone colorful socks its not like they are going to wear them outside, the only reason I could think of why someone would wear them is if they wear socks to bed and that's it. - HumanDuster

5 A Very Large Book

If you are a bookworm or have a weird collection then yes but anything over like 500 pages is like a death sentence because the person isn't actually going to read this big book. They will get to like page 7 then give up any put it on their shelf and pretend that they read it all. - HumanDuster

6 Cheap Chocolate

I love getting socks, colorful, ones that light up or make sound, even plain ones but cheap chocolate is awful you can't enjoy it it doesn't taste as good at lindt or something.

That is the best you could get someone, cheap chocolate. How much is it anyway like £1 if you were going to buy someone chocolate get something made in Switzerland, France or Belgium because that's where all the popular names come from. - HumanDuster

7 Soap / Shampoo

If its like really expensive soap or shampoo then yes but who doesn't have soap/shampoo in their house anyway you want something that you don't have or really want to get. - HumanDuster

Great shampoo helps to smell goo th go keeps dumr farts hats bat

8 Justin Bieber Merchandise V 2 Comments
9 A Voucher for a Coffee Shop

Is that it, personally I have never seen a voucher for Starbucks or anything and what going to be in it £5 or £10 at the most and the voucher wont last very long as coffee isn't cheap these days. - HumanDuster

10 A Knitted Cardigan

Who wants a home-made cardigan? Maybe if you're over 65 or a little mamas boy its okay but no one else would truly wear one of them in public. - HumanDuster

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11 Money

Does that mean they don't know you well enough to get you something thoughtful? I am a really appreciative person when it comes to gifts but just keep your own money.

12 A Toilet Brush

Ha! Now you can clean your toilet, but it won't be a chore! - froogylowlo

13 Plain Socks
14 Hair Bands
15 Nicki Minaj CD
16 Out Of Date Clothes V 1 Comment
17 Flowers V 1 Comment
18 Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet
19 Stress Balls

Doesn't it mean that the person who bought them for you thinks you need are angry a lot? Not the best present ever but not the worst

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