Top 10 Most Disappointing Rock and Metal Albums of 2018


The Top Ten

1 Catharsis - Machine Head

It sounds like cheap Metalcore and their own guitarist also finds the album bad...

In general, it was painful to listen to. And Robb Flynn voice sounded tired and weak. - Metal_Treasure

2 America - Thirty Seconds to Mars
3 Mania - Fall Out Boy
4 Boarding House Reach - Jack White
5 Amerikkkant - Ministry

Perhaps...retirement? Please... - Metal_Treasure

6 Until the Void Consumes Us - Black Eyed Children
7 Hadeon - Pestilence

This band was something in the past. But now they offer generic compositions (esp. riffs) and bad vocal delivery. - Metal_Treasure

8 Ember - Breaking Benjamin


9 Head Cage - Pig Destroyer

It was pretty meh all around. Nothing too awful but it lacked the viciousness and genuine insanity that Pig Destroyer is known for. This was just generic and forgettable metalcore/grindcore - cjWriter1997

10 The Sacrament of Sin - Powerwolf

The Contenders

11 The Shadow Theory - Kamelot

Not a bad album itself but I was disappointed because I just expected more from this band that was once very good. Now it's dull, average and poppy as hell. Boring, lifeless and uninspired. It's really a bad sign when a metal album bores me. Normally, metal doesn't bore me.
Songwriting was the problem - pop banality mixed with some metal tricks for camouflage. It's very sad because the band members are actually pretty good players and singers. - Metal_Treasure

12 Palo - Kalmah
13 Gravity - Bullet for My Valentine
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