Top 10 Most Disappointing Songs by Good Artists

Sometimes een a good music artist can make a song that's disappointing. These songs aren't terrible but are disappointing when compared to other songs by said artist.

The Top Ten

1 Stone - Alice In Chains

Very disappointing and mediocre in all honesty. - BoredJeff02

2 No Remorse (I Wanna Die) - Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot

And this is coming from the same band that made Raining Blood... - BoredJeff02

3 Endless, Nameless - Nirvana

Disappointing and mediocre all the way through. - BoredJeff02

4 Got Me Runnin' Round - Nickelback

I can already tell the hate comments are coming... but honestly Nickelback isn't that bad but this song is somewhat disappointing. - BoredJeff02

I don’t consider Nickelback a great band anyway, but collaborating with Flo Rida is a serious new low. - DCfnaf

5 Make Me - Britney Spears

I know some people don't consider her a good artist but even if you're a fan of her you got to admit this is somewhat disappointing... - BoredJeff02

Eh I hate Britney so I can't really say this is disappointing compared to her standard but it's just boring... - AlphaQ

6 The Monster - Eminem

Kinda disappointing. - codydoestuff

I like this song. - DCfnaf

Eh not really.. - AlphaQ

Disappointing when compared to the likes of Rap God and LTWYL Part II. - BoredJeff02

7 Narcissistic Cannibal - Korn

I expected a lot more then a dubstep song from Korn... - BoredJeff02

Not gonna lie, I actually like this.
honestly why couldn't The Path of Totality be a mix of DnB and Nu Metal instead of a horrible blend of Dubstep and Nu Metal
this and 3 other songs on that album were actually tolerable
everything else is bordering on bad - wrests

8 Burn It Down - Linkin Park

The chorus ended up being weak and Chester's vocals sound his weakest. - BoredJeff02

9 Youngblood - Green Day Youngblood - Green Day

Very disappointing and lack luster. - BoredJeff02

Nightlife would’ve been a better choice - DCfnaf

Hmm I can see why both songs are quite disappointing... along with *BLEEP* Time. - BoredJeff02

10 ... Ready for It? - Taylor Swift

She is literally using an XXXTentacion beat. This production and lyrics are godawful too. - AlphaQ

The Contenders

11 Sex Murder Party - Gorillaz Sex Murder Party - Gorillaz

It drags on for way too all honesty. - BoredJeff02

12 One Dance - Drake
13 Heavy - Linkin Park & Kiiara

Linkin Park was best in their first, second, and sixth album...But this, the first hint of their seventh album, was beyond disappointing. (I feel bad writing this with what happened to Chester, though...RIP) - romanempire249

Not that disappointing in my opinion. - BoredJeff02

14 Can't Stop Partying - Weezer

This one is pretty bad. Plus it features Lil Wayne of all people. - cjWriter1997

15 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
16 F*** Time - Green Day

The same band that made the wonderful Boulevard of Broken Dreams made this... words cannot describe how much I hate this song. - BoredJeff02

17 Nightlife - Green Day

I like Green Day, I think these guys are pretty smart and creative. However this song contradicts the previous statement, this song is idiotic and unorthodox. - AlphaQ

18 Gorgeous - Taylor Swift
19 Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift
20 One Dance - Drake
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1. One Dance - Drake
2. ... Ready for It? - Taylor Swift
3. Nightlife - Green Day
1. Stone - Alice In Chains
2. No Remorse (I Wanna Die) - Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot
3. Endless, Nameless - Nirvana



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