Most Disappointing Things About Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra

Although those shows were decent, there were some disappointing things about them.

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1 Romance

"Seems like I'm always chosen by Romantics that are Hopeless - BreakFastBeast2005

The romance in these shows were just really sad. I mean, when (spoiler) Aang and Katara ended up together, I so did not see that coming. I mean, they barely had any romantic moments together.

If you paid attention then you would have seen the obvious hints. Sure on Katara's side the hints were very subtle but Aang's crush is so obvious. But romance is not the main focus on the show so why heavily focus on it when the show is more of an action/adventure. - Anonymousxcxc

To be honest all romance in cartoons are blushing and flirting - Adventurur2

Don't get me wrong,not all the canon couples were bad. Example : BolinxOpal. It is a good couple with satisfying development.

The thing that bothered me about the romance was the way it was handled and written. Bad writing of romance ruined very good,potential characters such as Mako.

Sometimes,it just felt too rushed. AangxKatara is a good example. Throughout the series,we've seen that Katara does not see Aang in that light,like that time when Aang kissed her,Katara did not like it. But suddenly,she starts to return his feelings. what?! (I'm not a ZukoxKatara fan,by the way.) - Tia-Harribel

2 Mako

I liked him until he did nothing when Korra kissed him. - RoseWeasley

Mako is the victim of bad writing. He was a good character in the 1st half of season 1 : A caring brother and a good friend. But everything about him started to go wrong when the romance part began. First he starts dating Asami, then he kisses Korra WHILE he was still in a relationship with another girl! (I know Korra kissed Mako first but he kissed her back.)

He goes even further and tells Korra "I like you but I like Asami, too. I'm so confused." Annoying cheat!

I'm glad that neither MakoxKorra nor MakoxAsami happened. - Tia-Harribel

Yep, I hate this guy... - TwilightKitsune

The only thing that I didn't like about Mako is that the show was a little more focus on the teen drama romance than the actual story. In ALTA, it showed a bit of love in there, but it wasn't like the main forcus on the whole serious like TLOK. He was indecisive and jumping between those two relationships with Asami and Kora like a damn pin pong. I thought it was unnecessary and pointless since it ruined a little to the show. The rest of Mako seems cool, the protective brother, an awesome fire bender, and a really good cop even though he was a rookie.

3 Asami x Mako x Korra love triangle

They wasted a lot of time on this while the rest of the story was super intriguing, after season 1 they handled it way better though

One of the stupidest love triangle,ever. - Tia-Harribel

I swear to God, this the worst love triangle since gwenxduncanxcourtney. But unlike TD, LoK want to make it slow and painful instead of quick and brutal by prolonging it over series 1 and 2. - coolguy101

4 Lo and Li

In one an episode in 2nd season,these two are shown watching and commenting on Azula's lightning,giving you the impression that they are some skilled firebenders.

Later,in season 3 : "BUT WE ARE NOT FIREBENDERS! " said Lo and Li.

Then,how the hell were you criticizing Azula on her firebending when you have no knowledge on it?! - Tia-Harribel

5 Ozai Ozai Fire Lord Ozai is the main antagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is the supreme antagonist of the series due to being in control of the Fire Nation and being the father of Zuko and Azula. He is also Aang's arch-nemesis.

Way too one-dimensional for the main villain. Just the evil side. No character development. - Tia-Harribel

6 Jet
7 Commander Zhao

Main villain in ATLA season 1. One-dimensional,annoying with zero development. Good thing he disappeared from the show. - Tia-Harribel

8 The way Amon was killed off

Amon was such a cool villain. He was awesome,cool, a big badass and a caring brother. I really wanted Korra and him to have an awesome battle but NO,the writers killed him off in the lamest way possible. They did not even bother to give an exact explanation on how he takes away the bending power,permanently. This is bad writing. - Tia-Harribel

9 Mai

She is actually very important she led to Azula's insanity if she didn't betray her neither would've Ty Lee

To the first replier: Yeah, she was morally but mentally she was somewhat in control before. But when her friends, the only ones she had I might add, betray her it truly starts to signify Azula's insanity as she now not only loses a sense of morality but also begins to lose control of her mind and emotions. - Anonymousxcxc

Have you ever noticed she was only created to be Zuko's love interest?! Plus,the only time she was useful was when she saved the gang in Boilng Rock. That's it. - Tia-Harribel

10 Zutara wasn't canon

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11 "The Great Divide" Episode
12 Unalaq

In the show's defense The Legend of Korra was originally supposed to be a 12 episode miniseries so it's not like Mike and Bryan were expecting a second season. Or third, or fourth. But I do agree with you on Ozai. He is a one-dimensional villain, Azula was a better villain to be honest. - Anonymousxcxc

Like I said,Amon was an awesome villain. You probably expected the next to be as cool,right?
WRONG!. Unalaq was quite disappointing. A lame villain with a lame goal. I admit he had potential,though.
Also,the fact the later villains,Zaheer and Kuvira (cliche but cool) were both super-awesome does not help this guy,at all. - Tia-Harribel

13 Korrasami

I'm on season 2 of Korra, and I can't see this happening. - RoseWeasley

I know that everyone will hate me for this... but I am a hardcore Makorra shipper and I was utterly horrified when Korrasami happened instead of my beloved Makorra. (Not a homophobe by the way)

14 Zuko has no major wins while on the good guy's side.

I only voted for this so I could comment. Hmm let's see... There is Azula an evil firebending prodigy who also just happens to be his sister who he fought. Yes, he did not win but this was because he had to save Katara when Azula shot lightning at her. While this reason isn't a battle he also warned the gaang of Ozai's plan to burn down the Earth Kingdom. Without that they would not have known and wouldn't be able to fight Ozai in time. There is also the fact that he taught Aang firebending which is good. He also helped save Suki and Hakoda (Sokka and Katara's Dad sorry if I misspelled the name or got it wrong) from the Boiling Rock. I would consider those major wins. They may not all be battles but they were all important. I am not a giant fan of Zuko. I'm simply pointing out facts. Sorry if you disagree with anything I said but this is my own opinion. Also to Zutara fans for the Zutara wasn't Canon thing, get over it. It didn't happen because there isn't really a way they would get ...more

15 That Aang Didn't Die
16 Katara Katara Katara is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.
17 Excessive kissing
18 Suki and Sokka didn't have kids
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