Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2018

2018 was a good year for video games. We got Red Dead Redemption 2, Smash Ultimate, Spiderman, Detroit, Forza Horizon 4, and God Of War. But 2018 did have it’s fair share of disappointments. Here are the ten most disappointing games of 2018.

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1 Fallout 76

I hope this game dies soon. Better yet, I hope the creators get hit with a lawsuit for the falsely advertised features and that nylon bag that was supposed to be a canvas bag. They also promised that they would send out canvas bags to the people who paid for the $200 edition of the game but they sure are taking their sweet ass time. - Mcgillacuddy

Easily the worst game in the series and from Bethesda. What disappointed me the most was no single-player, and the bugs and glitches made it worse - codgtamk34

Big cash grab by Bethesda. - B1ueNew

Yet another Fortnite Wannabe. Did they really need to exclude single-player? I can't trust Bethesda anymore. Okay besides Elder Scrolls 6, I just can't trust them.

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2 Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nothing special really. It's just the same old stuff that Nintendo produces every time. - RogerMcBaloney

How did this get to number 2? There are more disappointing games then this. - RadioHead03

Ultimate for deception.

Boring ( in my opinion) - Monkeywolf228

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3 Metal Gear Survive

Was this really disappointing? Like we all knew it was going to be bad. - cjWriter1997

This game is an insult to the Metal Gear name. It doesn’t even feal like a Metal Gear game anyways. It’s just feels like a zombie game. Oh wait, it is a zombie game. How dare Konami. But seriously this game sucks. #NotMyMetalGear - RadioHead03

4 Sea of Thieves

This sounded like a fun concept, but it turned out to be a disappointment. It’s not a bad game by all means, it was just lacking content. This game had so much potential, but it turned out to be a disappointment. - RadioHead03

5 Battlefield V

It was an incomplete game, and for some reason they didn't even bother to use real stories of women who contributed to WWII. They just made up a bunch of crap and made an unfinished game altogether with missing features at launch. - Mcgillacuddy

Hail communism and destroy the evil socialists

I keep getting killed too easily!

Well the trailer was historically inaccurate but I did not buy the game so I don't know how good it did - RawIsgore

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6 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

I think black ops 3 was the downfall of the series this game was a desperate attempt to bring black ops back in the black ops 1 and 2 days - RawIsgore

A pathetic Fortnite Wannabe. Just goes to show Activision really has run out of ideas if they're willing to only compete with a game that has split opinions.

7 We Happy Few

This game had an interesting concept, but this game turned out to be a huge disappointment by the boring missions, and gameplay. - RadioHead03

8 The Quiet Man

What sounded like an interesting concept, turned out to be a boring beat’em up, and ugly looking game. And the worst part is they added dialogue in a patch for the game, only to make it worse. - RadioHead03

9 Agony

I was REALLY hyped for this game. - Not_A_Weeaboo

A kickstarter funded awhile ago. This game has terrible dialogue, and cheesy jump scares. This game wasn’t that great from what i’ve heard. - RadioHead03

10 Darksiders 3

The first 2 games were pretty good, but this one was pretty disappointing. I thought the story was kinda weak, and the characters were disappointing. It’s not bad of a game, but it’s pretty disappointing. - RadioHead03

The Contenders

11 Vampyr
12 Dynasty Warriors 9

It’s the same Dynasty Warriors game you’ve played. But with new characters, and levels. - RadioHead03

13 Sonic Forces Sonic Forces

A bit disappointing but it's okay. - myusernameisthis

Not 2018. - RadioHead03

This is 2017. - B1ueNew

This isn't 2017 - ElSherlock

14 Super Mario Party

I don't think that they can fix Mario Party after this, they've tried going back to the original formula, it didn't work, now what? - myusernameisthis

And this is why Mario Party needed a change. They had run out of ideas for the classic series and this game shows that - darthvadern

Thought this would be good though. - Userguy44

The problem with this game is only 4 boards. That’s not a lot. Nintendo needs to add free updates to add new boards. - RadioHead03

15 Just Cause 4
16 Mario Tennis Aces

I think it was good. - myusernameisthis

This game is actually good. But it could of been so much more. The story mode was not that great in my opinion, and the levels were okay. Not as good as Power Tennis’ levels. It’s a good game, but pretty disappointing. - RadioHead03

17 Kirby Star Allies
18 Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee

I hope Yo-kai Watch 4 is better. - LittleAwesomeApple


Bad motion/gyro controls, No wild battles, Kanto with nothing to do after completing the game and capturing legendries, and the Meltan line. The only good things are music and the skip cutscene option. I give them a 5/10.

19 Red Dead Redemption 2

Just joking

20 Smash Bros Ultimate
21 State of Decay 2
22 The Crew 2

Ubisoft just why. - B1ueNew

23 Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy
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