Most Disappointing Xbox 360 Games

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1 Duke Nukem Forever

In development for 12 years... This game could and SHOULD have been great. It should have brought Duke back in all his glory. It just tanked instead. It was stale, and way outdated. I personally think that it should have been scrapped entirely and instead of being "revived" half a dozen times, just started over. So much wasted potential... Still should have the title of the Most infamous game never made. - Kazzong

Destroys everything you ever knew and loved about Duke Nukem, this game was in development hell for over a decade, and the only thing that is sad about that, is that it ironically came out at all, it should NEVER have come out at all.

It couldn't possibly have lived up to a dozen years of waiting, but at the very least it should have been something more than completely forgettable. A simple remastering of the previous game would have been a far better product. - HenchmanNo2

Honestly one of the worst games ever, I was expecting a lot, because, I love Duke Nukem. But this... No. - danielwotsits

2 Halo 4

Multiplayer and online gameplay was awesome for this game however when it came to story line and messy script writing it got disappointing the graphics were really well made however 343 industries and Microsoft weren't paying attention to the main reason halo even got popular it was for good story line and a good amount of game play they got multiplayer right except for when it got to halo 5 which is probably slightly worse than this they just weren't paying attention to the story line and they left way to many unsolved mysteries and stuff like that all the story is. Is slopy story line

Why does everyone hate this game? Sure the DIdact fight sucked. and Cortana's death was sad. But it was still a good game. So people don't like ordnance. I don't care about ordinance. it's just like finding any heavy weapon on the map, except you earn it instead of finding it. I guess damage boost is a little overpowered, speed boost there isn't much of a difference, and over shield, you can find on some maps. I like how even if I'm sr 63 I can still kill an mastery 130. But in reach if I'm a lt. colonel grade 3, I can't kill an inheritor. I like halo 4 and so do a lot of my friends. I don't get why people don't like this game. I like it and think that it's pretty good.

Destroyed an entire franchise

How is halo 3 higher than this halo 4? Halo 3 was awesome, but this game on the other hand is the definition of a disappointment! Literally I spent £60 bucks on this game for my X-box 360 and like sonic the hedgehog (2006), this game was absolutely disappointing! How did this even get a high rating on IGN? This, halo 5 and sonic the hedgehog (2006) should be a lot higher in my opinion! - UltraLunalaX

3 Grand Theft Auto IV

Halo 3 one of the greatest games of all time, this on the other hand is just awful. For Duke Nukem Forever maybe they waited too long for Dukes comeback cause we all love hail to the king baby and other one liners but maybe time to let him die

It's always the same with Grand Theft Auto IV missions... kill drug dealers, stalk some dealer's car, kill another drug dealer, stalk another... BORING

It was good but Rockstar must ruin it with simple things like, boring city, lame characters like Roman, stupid plot (Find Money, then done. ), unhelpful friends, too much easy missions that is just driving and shoot, drive anc shoot, drive and shoot... THAT'S ALL.

I love this game a lot, but the reason why I do not like it anymore is because my saved file keeps getting lost so I cannot play from where I left off.

4 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Grand Theft Auto IV is higher than this? Grand Theft Auto IV was not even that bad! - GehennaTheSecond


Microsoft bought rare, which in turn lead to this... Don't even look at any game pics, doing so will turn all childhood memories of awesome into hellish nightmares for all of eternity.

i had the nintedo 64 banjo-kazooie, and when i first played it i was like cool, then the second time i was like, why the hell did i buy this crap - munkee_linc97

5 Halo 3

Y'all are delusional because halo players can't cook grenades (Bon Appétit) that means were more skilled than you because we can't throw the grenade after 4 seconds for cheap kills we have to count strategics and be smart and I know what your thinking: I'm playing call of duty to avoid doing this one thing don't worry ill walk you through it we don't have shields for being a wuss we can't sprint *COUGH*halo 5*COUGH* you need to forget the linear story that Call of Duty has in halo 3 you can explore you can do achievements which marks your dominance in the halo community there's recon, hyabusa, katana and if your maps are good enough it gets featured on halo.

Really this game is god compared to 4 which is an utter disappointment - htoutlaws2012

What... best installment to halo series since 2 - xCHAOSNARUTOx

Lol why isn't Halo 4 here instead? Halo 4 was like a hard slap to the face.

6 Sonic the Hedgehog

This game could've had so much potential to be great but nope, it sadly ended up becoming complete garbage! Especially the ending! That was so screwed up! This and halo 4 are the most disappointing games in their own franchises in my opinion! - UltraLunalaX

I saw the footage of the demo and that worked so well. What the heck happened with the final product? How could they screw it up? Why did they have to rush it? - SelfDestruct

Needs to be higher on the list

The Fact This Is Below Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto 4, Left 4 Dead 2, And Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Is Just Plain Sad - VideoGamefan5

7 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Yo all of you people out there should like Call of Duty them adding survival they s pretty smart.

It is quite a nice game. I liked it

This game is great but it needs online interactions to be fun

Awesome game is actually fun - splifer09

8 Two Worlds

This game totally sucks, it's rubbish there is no reason for it.

This was one of the worst games that I have ever owned. Thank God it was only 1.99

This was the worst game I have ever played!

Why is this not number two (DNF was worse)? It lags every, like, 10 seconds to load more terrain, it was just lame. JUST PLAY SKYRIM, A PHENOMENAL GAME! - Gunaholic

9 Legendary

a suspected brilliant thriller, where you take on mythical beasts as a job, but instead you get bad dialogue, a insanely hard first 3 levels and pathetic graphics.

10 Aliens: Colonial Marines

Not gunna lie didn't really like it hardly at all

This should be waaay up there

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11 Call of Duty: Ghosts

I never played a game where I said, "this is absolutely horrible! I don't like this game." Never ever! Until I played Ghosts. It is an absolute horrendous sack of crap! A true disappointment that nearly destroyed the entire franchise! It holds a 2/10 on metacritic in user reviews. And many critics were paid to say good things, but few actually did.

12 The Godfather II

it was supposed to better then the first.

The Godfather 2 was supposed to be good, all my friends and me thought I'd be good, we met up at my place one night and played it... - danielwotsits

13 Brink

What the hell, TERRIBLE CAMERA

This was worse
Then some games then on the original Xbox

14 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008
15 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

I'm the opposite of you guys. This game sucks, I only play it because its Call of Duty. Somehow Call of Duty has managed to establish in all of our minds that it plays the most prominent role in the gaming industry and we'd be crazy not to at least try each year's copy. Even if it's bad we still will end up playing it at one point or another. I'm guilty of this too. It takes serious strength to be able to break away from Call of Duty completely after having gotten at least one of their earlier games (COD1-BO1, when it was good)

I like it, it's only hated because it is Call of Duty.

I like Zombie mod, but at the same time Zombie mod sucks! as hell! - CedreticFomento

It's the worst Call of Duty ever. the hit detection was mediocre, and it just wasn't as much fun as games like the 1st black ops.

16 Just Cause

Just Cause is just terrible, it never has been good, all my friends love it, but I have no clue whhy. - danielwotsits

If you played this one first, it still wasn't great.. But it was okay... The JC2 is SO much better though! So after I beat JC2 I played JC, I expected that it would it would be a little bit worse, but with a new story! Just don't play it.

I just played the demo but it was just terrible, if you get any just cause,
get just cause 3, that is good, really good - EliHbk

17 Resident Evil 6

This was sadly my introduction to the famous Resident Evil series, and all I could say was how the gameplay elements sucked in this game. Don't get me wrong, I loved the characters and actually enjoyed the story. However, the quick-time events, the vehicle challenges, and the super zombies that wouldn't die except in cut scenes really sucked me out of the fun that I should've been having.

18 Fear 2: Project Origin
19 Fable III

Sabbath your fired from the gaming community! Though fable 3 was a bust!

I mean, if you're somewhat gullible like me, it could be kind of fun. - Nick-brick8

All RPG games are lame - Sabbath

20 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Xbox 360

Who ever says this game sucks just can't afford it. This is simply the best game until TES VI. This has so much content I'm still playing after 3 years after release.

I agree this is one of the best games that have came out in years people still play it shouldn't be on this list at all!

Um, why is Skyrim even on this list?

Deserves #5 at most

Such a let down after the previous two masterpieces. - Aeterna

21 Final Fantasy XIII

they are all the same, only the first FF7 was good. - diegokatabian

Same as nuts and bolts - Txdinoboy89

Why is a game in the second best sereis on here!? And 8 9 and 10 wrer also amazing

I played this and it was just disappointing compared to tactics, X, and, VII, all after ten were, except XV, you should try XV - EliHbk

22 Need for Speed Most Wanted

I thought underground 2 or carbon was better than this one even though they introduced the cops back in the series - ballaboi17

they said it would be the best one yet. It wasn't

Most Wanted is awesome, doesn't belong here.

23 Turok

I liked the thought of being a dinosaur hunter, but now I don't

Wasnt this a n64 game?

24 Left 4 Dead 2

How can someone say this game sucks? I play it almost everyday and absolutely LOVE IT!

This game was okay at first. But it gets old after a while. The constant repeating of lines, nonstop cursing, and it's hard to play when it depends on EVERYONE working TOGETHER. If one person screws up, your whole team is dead. If you play on Xbox Live, everybody there is little kids, don't know how to play, kick you for no reason or not having a mic, and are just pure cruel. There weren't even many campaigns or options to do. Just the same thing over and over.

I was fun for about 2 minutes! But it can now bow down to Minecraft because it is way better than this piece of $60 crap!

Played it at my friends house we played for two days straight

(Addicting to play)

25 SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge

I love the show but never played the game before

26 Assassin's Creed III

After the Ezio trilogy, and the amount of hype Ubisoft built up for this release, it just didn't meet the expectations of fans of the series, through a glitchy world, a dumb down of the gameplay mechanics, and average missions. The only new thing this game brought to the table was the amazing naval gameplay, which may have just made this game worth paying for on its own.

The game isn't bad. It's just a big step down from the Ezio trilogy. A story with only 3 characters I remember (2 being playable characters), a boring setting (yes, the American Revolution is boring compared to the crusades, the Italian Renaissance and the Ottoman Empire), a bland main character and a lack of well built-up assassinations are only a few things I didn't like. Luckily, AC 4 would fix most of these issues and this game would be quickly forgotten...

This game is great I love it

So far all assassin creed games are good but not 3 so far 3 is the worst ubisoft game I owend to thanks a lot ubisoft for making me pay 60 dollers on this junk

27 The Godfather the Game

it is a bit better then the original

A disgrace to the film - madmax31

The game was so awfull then I don't wanna play it again! - CedreticFomento

Why tf would they make this? - MoldySock

28 Lego Star Wars

They copied star wars without permission

29 Dead Rising
30 Grand Theft Auto V

Same stuff over and over

Just... Suckes.. too much too say

31 Battlefield: Bad Company

So wanted this game to be good, and it so wasn't. - HenchmanNo2

32 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
33 Grabbed by the Ghoulies

I'm probably gonna be hated? But, I don't have any problems with this game. I like it. - nintendofan126

No one thought of this game? Its by rare who made Banjo kazooi and goldeneye but this game is awefull and broken

34 The Golden Compass

Worst game I ever played if I could destroy all copies of a game it would be this. No wonder why it cost $10 NEW in games top: die

35 Lego Batman

It is bad if played it at home it's the worst

It does int do any thing

36 DMC: Devil May Cry
37 Skylanders Swap Force

The prequels to this were pretty good, but Activision ruined the crap out of this one. - tohall02

This game does not deserve to be here it deserves to be on top 10 BEST games

38 Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Got to give my horror titles good runs for their money & since this was from one of my favorite game developers SEGA! The minute I got reeling in the environment of Condemned I was a bit into it trying to feel the awe in it but even my imagination could not revive it! Sorry but I got totally lost in the item choices, advancement and the overall story was not climaxing into anything worth to put praise into. Give us more to chew on SEGA shame you developers for this one! 2 out of 10 for this contraption of a game maybe you need players like myself to build games with you into the future. Before the future becomes condemned to all those that trespass this quirky title at best ouch SEGA! - VirtualwarriorJ XBOX, gamer for life!

With a really good build up to the midway point, this apple just falls FAR from the tree that made it a sequel.
Sure it's fun to play the 1st half, but it just gets more and more ridiculous on down the line and looses its creepy aesthetic and thriller-esque vibe.
Hate to admit it, but sequels shouldn't be made UNLESS the journey is well cares for.

If it didn't go from a startling Se7en vibe to a Dark City ending, I would've rated it an 8/10

Damn you Monolith, for ruining a potential survival horror series

39 Hitman: Absolution
40 Silent Hill: Downpour
41 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

When the Call of Duty series started declining in decency.

I expected much much and much more from this game. Total disappointment. That is sad. Call of Duty is good franchise - Magnolia

Less wality I priferd the ww2 games the old onesfrom Call of Duty

42 WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009

Did anyone know that WWE is a fake. That's a fact. Not a opinion. They just do matches for money.

Hey I knew that

43 NBA Live 2010

Just terrible gameplay and graphics

44 Borderlands

Just plain horrible there is no story

45 Section 8
46 Shadowrun
47 Sneak King

Ugh! Why is THIS a game? Why did people buy it? WHY?

You can buy it for a dime now.

Relly for rel they most be rich laugh out loud

48 Lego Marvels 2


49 FIFA 14

I hate playing football in real life, but, Video Games makes it terrible, makes you want to say "is this what people waste there time doing? " - danielwotsits

Same as every other one, utterly pointless and terrible

Worst game ever and it is same as FIFA 13

50 Ride to Hell: Retribution

Cringey and awkward sex scenes after every mission, terrible driving, and terrible everything. - danielwotsits

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