Top 10 Most Disastrous Hurricanes In the U.S.

The Top Ten

1 Hurricane Katrina (2005)

This has gotta b #1... think of all the damage and all of the aftermath - gase456

Why Isn't This Number 1

Deserves Number 1 On SO MANY Levels - JPK

This isn't a subjective topic, this is objective and for now: N.O. Hurricane has came even close to Katrina in terms of "disastrous."
It costed 30 more billion dollars than Sandy, and Sandy was just the 2nd most costliest. And although it's behind Galveston and Okeechobee is terms of lives cost, the fact how Katrina was in the 21st century makes it seem more deadlier. (Imagine Katrina replacing Galveston in 1900, might've been at least 15,000 deaths) - AnimeSportsFan619

2 Hurricane Andrew (1992)
3 Hurricane Sandy (2012)

Hurricane Sandy happened in my state (New York). Luckily it didn't hit my city. It did however hit New York City, where my cousins lived, they lost their home, and were homeless for 1 month. Luckily they got a new home - Catacorn

Having gone through the whole week this monster crash-coursed right into my state, this thing was insane. Easily knocked out my power, tons of homes flooded, and funny enough, it was actually the biggest ever tropical cyclone in the Atlantic.

I lived I lived I lived I lived I lived I lived

4 Hurricane Harvey (2017)

Harvey was the Katrina of 2017.

5 Hurricane Camille (1969)
6 Hurricane Ike (2008)

This hurricane bashed into my city of Houston at nighttime head on, there sounded as if there were tornadoes everywhere, and (as always throughout history of humans) go crazy with, "oh no! The world is ending! " Crap. Just as it is with hurricane Harvey right now. I'm having to work during it. And during Ike, I'm just sitting in my candlelight room very calmly writing stories of terror.

7 Galveston Hurricane (1900)

This is sad because not only was it a huge hurricane but it was 1900 so people could not prepare in advance

Deadliest Hurricane in us history 8,000-12,000 people dead

8 The Great Miami Hurricane (1926)
9 Hurricane Wilma (2005)
10 Hurricane Irma (2017)

Just hit Florida today. My aunt and her son which live in Miami are staying and my second cousin and his mom and dad are in Tampa and are staying! I am praying for them

Its coming for us

This should be number 1. Bigger and worse than Katrina - SoloPotato

It was the largest storm in the Atlantic - Randomator

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The Newcomers

? Hurricane Maria (2017)
? Hurricane Jose (2017)

The Contenders

11 Galveston Hurricane (1915)
12 Hurricane Charley (2004)
13 The Great New England Hurricane (1938)
14 Hurricane Ivan (2004)
15 Cuba-Florida Hurricane (1944)
16 Hurricane Donna (1960)
17 Hurricane Hugo (1989)
18 Hurricane Frances (2004)
19 Hurricane Jeanne (2004)
20 Hurricane Rita (2005)
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