Top Ten Discontinued Mountain Dew Flavors


The Top Ten

1 Game Fuel

Um, huh? Game Fuel Citrus Cherry is available at the end of (almost every year). And there are at least 5 different discontinued game fuels, so which one are you referencing exactly? - mtndewlord

2 Dark Berry

This one was good, not my favorite, but a solid flavor. I wish they brought it back to promote Batman vs Superman, that would've been a perfect opportunity. - mtndewlord

3 Revolution

It looks amazing I wish there was more they should return it with the new logo if they did what would it look like.

4 Pitch Black II
5 Distortion
6 Typhoon

Easily the best Dew!

Wish they would bring back this mtn dew flavor! Love it

7 Mountain Dew Red
8 A.M
9 Supernova

Of all the discontinued flavors, this one was one of the best. It's been 5 years so it's hard to recall the flavor, I just hope it comes back, at least for a month or two. - mtndewlord

Please please bring back to me chatsworth ga I'm so sad think about this one all the time and the game fuel berry lime...what do I have to do to get one of these again

I feel you. It would be nice to have a contest every summer to bring back a discontinued flavor (just for the summer). This way every discontinued flavor will get a turn at some point. - mtndewlord

10 Pitch Black

Pitch Black is permanent now, this list needs some updating... - mtndewlord

The Contenders

11 Sangrita Blast
12 Game Fuel Berry Lime
13 Game Fuel Tropical
14 Ultraviolet
15 Game Fuel Lemonade
16 Game Fuel Wild Fruit
17 Game Fuel Electrifying Berry
18 Baja Blast
19 Game Fuel Tropical Smash
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