Top Ten Discontinued Sodas

Which discontinued soda is simply the best and in need of a return and/or permanency?

The Top Ten

1 Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Mountain Dew Game Fuel is by far the single greatest beverage to ever be created by mankind. Not to mention the amazing and original citrus cherry flavor which intensifies your gaming experience. It should be made available all year.

Best soda ever. Sweet yet not too fake. Love it

I can't quickscope without it

2 Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Mountain Dew Pitch Black was my favorite soda back in the day. It has a delicious hint of grape flavor without being too sweet. Please bring it back!

3 Mountain Dew Supernova
4 Mountain Dew Revolution
5 Mountain Dew Typhoon
6 Mountain Dew Dark Berry

I think its a great soda because its mountain dew and because it is a unique soda not the best (don't take it personally) but still great

Nobdy understands how grate this soda is monten do drk bery is the best

7 Pepsi Crystal
8 Mountain Dew Distortion
9 Pepsi Blue

Oh my gosh... If I win the lottery, first thing I'm going to do is force Pepsi to make me a Pepsi Blue. Mmm.

10 Jolt Cola

Jolt Cola had twice the sugar and twice the caffeine as regular regular cola drinks, thus the name 'Jolt.' It was a pretty tasty novelty drink. I mean, who doubles the sugar in a product and uses that as a selling point?! Gutsy move.

The Contenders

11 Mountain Dew Pitch Black II
12 Orbitz

Had carbonated chewy chunks. NEXT GENERATION SODA - QuarterGuysApprentice

13 New Coke

Coke 2 had 1/2 the sugar and 1/2 the calories than regular Coke and 98% of the regular Coke taste. It was delicious and I loved it so naturally, it was discontinued.

Good riddance. It was never good to start with.

14 Vault

It was a great soda even though its considered an energy drink by some it is great

I think that it is a great drink to bad it got discontinued...

Why no include vault

We need more vault!

15 Surge
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