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1 Blacks

So apparently, if you are racially colorblind, then you are actually racist. The only way to not be racist is to favor black people over white people. This seems screwed up. Remember when saying you wouldn't support somebody because of the color of their skin was racist.

I'm only 12 and I feel left out because I'm black but I have white friends who don't look at me by the colour of my skin but how the way I act and they still treat the same so...

In 1960, yes, but the playing field has evened out. The racial battle of blacks and whites has declined as a function of time, you can't deny it.

Even with slavery and segregation gone, it seems like society still wants to discriminate blacks.

2 Homosexuals

Homosexuals dealt with self hatred, the burden of coming out, and self acceptance and gathering courage to express themselves and tell their families, and many of them are still not accepted. Homosexuals are illegal in 70 countries, their rights as humans are infringed on everyday, endless discrimination, and many are beaten simply for being born the way they are, definitely number one.

The problem with this one is unlike racism, or mentally ill, this one has religious beliefs. For example Christians believe that people chose to be homosexual, and it is not natural. Christians believe homosexuality is a sin. Therefore it is impossible to not discriminate against gay people without persecuting religions.

Sometimes I wonder and hate why I'm the only gay one in my family. I've went through self harm, excessive praying, and reading the Bible endlessly trying to change myself, and it never worked. I wish people could just understand we don't choose to be gay.

This should not be number 6, Asians are seen as smart people, those who are gay are treated like they have a brain defect. People kill themselves or get killed for being gay, those who aren't even gay are afraid to show affection towards male friends because of society's actions towards homosexuals. It's disgusting. People say "you aren't gay unless you've don't stuff with another guy", um no? It's not all about sexual intentions, if they feel love for another man in their heart, they're gay, they don't need to prove it to you.

3 Women

In western civilization, there isn't really any discrimination here. The gender pay gap argument never takes into account the job that they are working, and since there are a lot more male CEOs and business founders that accumulate so much wealth, this screws up the whole gender pay gap theory. However, in the Middle East, women are discriminated against.

It's hard to justify the whole gender pat gap argument. While it may be true that men are payed more, and I'm not saying it's wrong, the statistics that they show for gender pay gap never takes into account If the people are actually working, if they are the same job, and if they are at the same level in the job.

Women don't get paid the same amount as men. Too much of the burden of housework and childcare is on women. Men think women are weak because they are more emotional and physically smaller.

In the Middle East women have to cover themselves head to toe and aren't allowed to drive, be unaccompanied by a man, or speak when not addressed. That's real sexism. Not the "Wage Gap" that is quite misleading

4 Transgenders

I think Transgenders are more discriminated than homosexuals and women. There are some countries that do allow Homosexuals, but not Transgenders. Anyways 28 transgenders have been killed already this year simply for wanting to live life happily. Transgenders, like homosexuals, are able to get kicked out of their house, get abandoned by their family, get beaten or even killed on the streets, deal with endless discrimination and hate, they have their rights infringed on every day as human beings, have to deal with getting misgendered, illegal in over 70 countries, everything just for wanting to live life happily.

Trans people have Attempt suicide at a rate of 40% prior to transition. There is a direct correlation between social acceptance and successful transition and a reduction in this rate. Currently trans people are having their rights stripped away in healthcare and civil rights protections. The chances of being murdered as a trans woman of color are over 1 in 10. Trans people often endure bullying, physical and mental abuse, and homelessness as teens. As adults transphobia, sexism, racism, and homophobia can combine to make barriers to housing, healthcare, education and employment. Trans people represent all races, religions, genders and ages. People are born trans, they do not chose it. Who would chose to be treated this way?

Trans people make up 1% and despite being a thing since ancient Egypt or prior, modern society is hateful hun come on, worse than homosexuals at least in western culture/society no flame.

Trans people have about a 40% attempted/successful suicide rate far above the average for the overall population. While the high suicide rate does not necessarily correlate with societal rejection many are taking such actions because of the way family members, peers
And others view them.They're also victims of numerous hate crimes recently including the murders of 13 transgender women all in one year.

5 The Mentally Ill

There are so many people in this country with mental illnesses that are persecuted by asinine intolerant people and no one cares! The schools and the government don't care because they're insensitive bastards!

6 Asians

Asians are indeed discriminated against, especially according to the university acceptance rates...
Blacks and whites can get into universities with much lower academic achievements than Asians, just as somebody said here. It is simply requires more effort for Asians to get into the exact same university.
In fact, there's this Indian person who was rejected by all the medical schools he applied for. Then he applied again, pretending that he is black, and this time he got ACCEPTED, even though everything about him, except for his race, remained the same. He got accepted simply because the school thought that he is black.

Asian people's "offensive stereotype" is that they're smart... like isn't that kind of a good thing considering black peoples stereotype is that their "thugs and brown peoples that they're "terrorists".

I'm not Asian and I'm also not racist and have nothing against Asian people even though I know many people reading this will just assume I do anyway.

but it's completely unfair to put Asians in 3rd place especially because they literally have more rights than white people. For example, as they're considered smarter and are more likely to get a good job and work more, whereas it's illegal to be gay in 76 countries... and you'll probably get killed for it if you're born in the Middle East.

Black people were enslaved and segregated and seen as "lesser beings". Brown people are considered "evil terrorists" just for existing and transgender people... do I even need to explain how hard transgender people have it.

Again I'm not racist and if you think I'm racist ...more

Probably the most glorified actually. Asians are always considered high academic achievers and hard workers, and the statistics show it.

I think Asian are number one I am constantly being discriminated against, people don't choose to be born a certain race they just are. If we could choose we'd all be white

7 People With Physical Handicap

Uneducated people really make life hard for people with disabilities. They will refuse to give us access to necessary equipment for us to live like regular people or to just flat out live.
Its also still legal to pay us under a dollar an hour some places (including the US.)

8 Autistic People

I would also add quiet and shy people, who are constantly picked on, excluded, and questioned why they are so quiet. The stereotype is "It's always the quiet one"...

The ignorance is real. I hate how some people think we are stupid when in reality, lots of smart autistic people have come and gone.

Seriously. I have to sit behind everyone and hope not to be noticed, or just try my best to act "normal" for as long as possible.

It's nobody's fault that people have autism. And people who say that vaccines cause autism are stupid.

9 Atheists

Not allowed public office in 9 states.

10 Muslims

Transgenders, feminists & furries aren't as discriminated as they should. I mean come on, if you just say you can't change you're gender, all lives matter, women are not superior to men you can lose you're job

I mean you want discrimination look at Jews, Catholics/Orthodox, Muslims, Roma people (Gitanos), Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians/Syriacs, Indigenous Americans, Asians, Indians, Pakistanis, blacks, Australian aboriginals, gays, mentally ill, autistics
Even whites get discriminated easily

You all have very twisted views. I get it, ignorant people hate Muslims because of those who spread terrorism and extremism, but after all the west bombed the f out of Muslim countries and created a lot of angry mofos. It's a deceitful world guys, to think Americas hand wasn't in Isis, al queda and all that, is plain stupidity.

They are being discriminated against greatly. I know because I am a muslim. It is not fair. When there is any kind of bombing they say that if the person is christian that they have a Brain issue. When the person is a muslim then they say it's terrorist attack.

In India, the holy cow is more important than a human being just because of them being a Muslim. If even that person is serving India and making it a safe place...they aren't safe themselves.

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11 Christians

True. Many people think all Christians are homophobic bigots who force people into their religion. As a Christian, I will have to disagree.

The Liberal Western world is growing to hate Christian values, and much of the rest of the world strives to kill them. So maybe they're being discriminated against?

They heal people in the public and they are so nice and they will always help you if you need help.

The Antichrists (Obama, Hillary, etc) are trying to make Christianity illegal so everyone will go to hell with them.

12 Overweight People

Most people say Pacific islanders are sure the fat people in the world and that is why we shouldn't eat what they eat. They will eat your food so don't go near them.

Fat people can scoop each other skinny people can't! fat people can call each other fat skinny people can't! fat people have sports that wont survive without us! fat people don't get cold fast and we are just awesome!

People assume they are slobs and get mad at them when they take up too much space.

13 Hispanic People

I'm mixed Middle Eastern-Hispanic but I mostly get discriminated because I'm different from whites & even other Hispanics.

I'll admit I have it easier than blacks, native Americans & gays but I get discriminated by cops, people & more but I think Hispanics are discriminated more by being immigrants, doesn't speak English & being poor than actually just being Hispanic.

Then you have transgenders & furries which are both stupid, say what you like I'm saying facts, you are either born with XX chromosomes or XY chromosomes & you can't be anything else & you can't just change your gender just because you want to.

Meanwhile I get discriminated mostly for being different, even by Hispanics, get discriminated for being poor, being communist & republican, born catholic to then trying to decide what I believe (in between Islam, catholic or irreligious) and I also having autism, ADHD, dyslexic, depression, anxiety, being left-handed & not having any talents or abilities.

Wow, people just saying Middle Easterns, Africans & Muslims hating gays & transgenders is discrimination, but yes it is true that homosexuality is illegal in Africa & the Middle East but it is also illegal in Jamaica too

Hispanics are one of the five most discriminated groups in America (blacks, Jews, Muslims & Native Americans)

Almost every religion says there is only 2 genders & that man & woman are to be together so don't attack Christians, Muslims & Jews. Plus common sense says that man & woman can only reproduce

Call me a hater or leader but I am just spitting out facts & yes I am Hispanic & Middle Eastern so if you thi I would believe you but I am just saying facts

I am half Afro-Mexican & half Lebanese & get in trouble in school because everyone would make jokes I am addicted to cocaine & illegal but the teachers are all white so whenever I say these kids are bullying me they get me in trouble for "wasting their time".

Many other Hispanics/Latinos also get discriminated & get the worst & actually get in trouble for speaking any other language besides English even during lunch, before or after school

Blacks, Indians, Catholics, Rastas, Zoroastrianists, Pakistanis, Middle Easterns, Muslims, Jews, Asians & Native Americans also get treated horribly too

Plus I have autism, ADHD, dyslexia, depression, anxiety, maybe bipolar too or perhaps párkinson

14 Native Americans

LGBT are only persecuted in Muslim countries not being able to have gay marriage or change you're gender is not persecution, through LGBTs off buildings is persecution, honestly LGBT persecutes Christians with femenist & far left support, well Christians attack LGBT back but with no support, there are only 2 genders & you cannot change that (read real science not fake science) & gay marriage? The same people who support it half of them are divorced

Christians are persecuted in some Asian countries, athiestic & Islamic state countries (ex: China, Cuba, North Korea,
India, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sudan, Iran)

Every religion except Islam in Islamic states are persectued

Jews are persecuted everywhere except Israel were everyone who isn't Jew is persecuted & Russia, US & France Jews persecute & are persecuted

Natives are persecuted even in places were we're a majority like in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico mestizos or even white minorities control the nation

Natives were literally purged, 95% were killed after colonization and thousands of years of culture were lost. Today they are statistically more discriminated against than even black people. They've contributed so much to the world and suffered for it (Corn, Beans, Chocolate, Vanilla etc) This goes for natives everywhere in the Americas.

At least in the U.S. this should be above black people. These are people who lived in America all their lives along with their ancestors and were enslaved, evicted, and killed in cold blood. To this day their culture has no respect, they live in secluded ghettos, and the government ignores them.

This should be number 1. These people have been enslaved, evicted, and slaughtered in cold blood. Even today they live in secluded ghettos ignored by the government.

15 Men

Just because misogyny is common doesn't mean misandry isn't. Again, can't we all just get along?

Should be number one. it feels like its illegal to be a straight white man in this modern age

Men rule the World

16 Elderly
17 Arabs
18 Jewish People

You'd never know this from listening to the "social justice movement," but religious hate crimes are highest among Jews—4.5 times that of Muslims. Jews were indigenous to Israel since 937 BC, were deported to Babylon by Assyrians, and upon their return in 1948 (after enduring an ethnic cleansing), violence and riots broke out for them simply immigrating there, which made Arabs and Palestinians angry. Before Israel was even established, they were "welcomed" with violence. Never hear anyone talk about it. Left OR right. They both hate Jews.

2500 years it's been going on and it doesn't seem to be any better, with all the persecution in France and Germany right now.

Everything from the black death to the great depression was once blamed on the Jews, and for no reason

Anyone who says white people are discriminated against are beyond ignorant

19 People With a Mental Handicap

Now autism ya mean damn

20 Whites

Now that I think about it, they do seem to be more discriminated, at least more than they were. White people aren't allowed to be proud of their race (though black people and really anyone else are) without being called a Nazi. Primarily white nations are expected to harbor tons of immigrants, which they have been doing to such an extent it's become a crisis in Europe. It's all about "Black Lives Matter" not "White Lives Matter" because white lives DON'T matter

White people are probably the most discriminated against race. Affirmative action is taking jobs away from the White race, which is more competent than most other races, and giving them to less competent race like the blacks.

Blamed for everything. Mainstream Media hates white men, thus spreading the hatred to the masses. Everyone thinks that most straight white men are evil and rich, not even close to true. Just look at the hatred right now, following the 2020 riots

To be honest it does seem they're being discriminated more and more. White people aren't allowed to be proud of their race, unlike people of any other race. You can be proud of being black, but god forbid white. Also, it's perfectly okay to be racist toward white people, calling them "colonizers"! I just came back from watching Black Panther by the way

21 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.
22 Indians

Why isn't this higher? American Indians have an absolutely terrible history of discrimination, mass genocide, slavery and Government extortion. Even today, American Indians have one of the highest rates of poverty in the United States. Their issues are almost never focused on by anyone.

They are not discriminated against. Most people don't even reconize when somebody is an Indian.

They have suffered so much.

23 Catholics

I have been told by friends that my bible was bad and that catholics were evil. I remember others whisoeribg "he's catholic." I'm not joking AT ALL.

Because they believe in a different god they are so mean about our god but they are not

24 LGBT Community

The LGBT community is constantly being ridiculed and discriminated against. We can still be legally killed in 9 countries. We're illegal in 72.

They are discriminated against in America, now imagine how much worse it would be in a country ruled by the Qua'ran

25 Gamers

The media and boomers the world over hate gamers and try only to keep them held down.

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