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1 Blacks

I'm only 12 and I feel left out because I'm black but I have white friends who don't look at me by the colour of my skin but how the way I act and they still treat the same so...

America has been getting better, I'm glad you personally hadn't had to experience it - germshep24

How are blacks discriminated against?

Do some history kid. They were slaves and even after that, they still had little rights until the 60's. - DarkBoi-X

They start saying all of us have ebola well only three countries have ebola while the rest are on high alert and they're stepping up health surveillances so yeah people know nothing about ebola - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Even with slavery and segregation gone, it seems like society still wants to discriminate blacks. - ethanmeinster

2 Transgenders

Definitely the most discriminated against right now, people always hate what they don't understand, with race you can understand how ridiculous it is, their just like me but just a different skin tone.
It is much harder for a person to grasp at the idea of being born the wrong gender - germshep24

Especially non-binary trans people

Trans people have Attempt suicide at a rate of 40% prior to transition. There is a direct correlation between social acceptance and successful transition and a reduction in this rate. Currently trans people are having their rights stripped away in healthcare and civil rights protections. The chances of being murdered as a trans woman of color are over 1 in 10. Trans people often endure bullying, physical and mental abuse, and homelessness as teens. As adults transphobia, sexism, racism, and homophobia can combine to make barriers to housing, healthcare, education and employment. Trans people represent all races, religions, genders and ages. People are born trans, they do not chose it. Who would chose to be treated this way?

Transgenders don't deserve number 3 spot. They should be at 21. Transgenders can ruin a person's career by sexually assaulting someone. And if that person says no to the trans, they can slander you as transphobic, which is ridiculous. Search up "Ginuwine says no to transgender" on Youtube. - CartoonCriticizer

3 Muslims

In India, the holy cow is more important than a human being just because of them being a Muslim. If even that person is serving India and making it a safe place...they aren't safe themselves.

It would seem most of the time it's the other way around: the Muslim world discriminates against everyone else, throwing gays off buildings and such. In the Middle East at least - JustAnAccount

They are being discriminated against greatly. I know because I am a muslim. It is not fair. When there is any kind of bombing they say that if the person is christian that they have a Brain issue. When the person is a muslim then they say it's terrorist attack.

You all have very twisted views. I get it, ignorant people hate Muslims because of those who spread terrorism and extremism, but after all the west bombed the f out of Muslim countries and created a lot of angry mofos. It's a deceitful world guys, to think Americas hand wasn't in Isis, al queda and all that, is plain stupidity.

4 Homosexuals

In Muslim counties the majority of people hate homosexuals. I know it because I was born there. I want to leave these places and never return, but I have problem with finance right now

How the hell are gays at number 5? In what way is an Asian person more discriminated against that a gay person? - elliotbd

Most LGBT+ youths are bullied for their identities.

Considering one third of the worlds countries consider being gay illegal, i’d say we’re pretty discriminated against

5 Hispanic People

Wow, people just saying Middle Easterns, Africans & Muslims hating gays & transgenders is discrimination, but yes it is true that homosexuality is illegal in Africa & the Middle East but it is also illegal in Jamaica too

Hispanics are one of the five most discriminated groups in America (blacks, Jews, Muslims & Native Americans)

Almost every religion says there is only 2 genders & that man & woman are to be together so don’t attack Christians, Muslims & Jews. Plus common sense says that man & woman can only reproduce

Call me a hater or leader but I am just spitting out facts & yes I am Hispanic & Middle Eastern so if you thi I would believe you but I am just saying facts

I am half Afro-Mexican & half Lebanese & get in trouble in school because everyone would make jokes I am addicted to cocaine & illegal but the teachers are all white so whenever I say these kids are bullying me they get me in trouble for “wasting their time”.

Many other Hispanics/Latinos also get discriminated & get the worst & actually get in trouble for speaking any other language besides English even during lunch, before or after school

Blacks, Indians, Catholics, Rastas, Zoroastrianists, Pakistanis, Middle Easterns, Muslims, Jews, Asians & Native Americans also get treated horribly too

Plus I have autism, ADHD, dyslexia, depression, anxiety, maybe bipolar too or perhaps párkinson

6 Asians

Asians are indeed discriminated against, especially according to the university acceptance rates...
Blacks and whites can get into universities with much lower academic achievements than Asians, just as somebody said here. It is simply requires more effort for Asians to get into the exact same university.
In fact, there's this Indian person who was rejected by all the medical schools he applied for. Then he applied again, pretending that he is black, and this time he got ACCEPTED, even though everything about him, except for his race, remained the same. He got accepted simply because the school thought that he is black.


Probably the most glorified actually. Asians are always considered high academic achievers and hard workers, and the statistics show it. - JustAnAccount

Lots of people discriminated Asians, and most obviously don't realize China, Japan and Korea aren't the only Asian countries.

7 People With Physical Handicap

Uneducated people really make life hard for people with disabilities. They will refuse to give us access to necessary equipment for us to live like regular people or to just flat out live.
Its also still legal to pay us under a dollar an hour some places (including the US.)


8 Jewish People

2500 years it's been going on and it doesn't seem to be any better, with all the persecution in France and Germany right now.

No other group has been slaughtered and forced out of their land more than the Jews. PERIOD NO QUESTION

Everything from the black death to the great depression was once blamed on the Jews, and for no reason - JustAnAccount

Jewish tricks

9 Native Americans

The O.G. of people being discriminated against by the white settlers, to thing if there wasn't a recent plaque that came it would have been the Native Americans that one the war - germshep24

Natives were literally purged, 95% were killed after colonization and thousands of years of culture were lost. Today they are statistically more discriminated against than even black people. They've contributed so much to the world and suffered for it (Corn, Beans, Chocolate, Vanilla etc) This goes for natives everywhere in the Americas.

"Native lives matter"

This should be number 1. These people have been enslaved, evicted, and slaughtered in cold blood. Even today they live in secluded ghettos ignored by the government. - JustAnAccount

10 Christians

Christians are definitely discriminated against in Muslim countries but outside of those areas their not really discriminated against, but honestly anyone that isn't Muslim or not Muslim enough is discriminated against in a Muslim country - germshep24

Christians can be forced to bend or break to fit the belief system of another individual

This better be a joke...

Christians face 80% of all global religious discrimination.

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11 People With a Mental Handicap

Now autism ya mean damn

12 Women

People who say that there is a single country that doesn't support sexism is stupid, especially the US. The pay gap still exists and is as bad as ever

We woman go through a lot and usually people think that women can not do anything but to tell the truth women can do everything that men do and even do it better.

Well depends what country. Here in the US women actually have more rights than men and are discriminated by themselves.

In the Middle East women have to cover themselves head to toe and aren't allowed to drive, be unaccompanied by a man, or speak when not addressed. That's real sexism. Not the "Wage Gap" that is quite misleading - JustAnAccount

13 Overweight People

Fat people can scoop each other skinny people can't! fat people can call each other fat skinny people can't! fat people have sports that wont survive without us! fat people don't get cold fast and we are just awesome!

Michigan is the only state that protects them from being discriminated at work while other groups are protected by law

14 The Mentally Ill

I had threats of being beat up just because I have BPD

There are so many people in this country with mental illnesses that are persecuted by asinine intolerant people and no one cares! The schools and the government don't care because they're insensitive bastards!

15 LGBT Community

They are discriminated against in America, now imagine how much worse it would be in a country ruled by the Qua'ran - germshep24

The LGBT community is constantly being ridiculed and discriminated against. We can still be legally killed in 9 countries. We're illegal in 72.

16 Men

Should be number one. it feels like its illegal to be a straight white man in this modern age

Men rule the World - germshep24

17 Arabs
18 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

what now? - JustAnAccount

19 Autistic People

Seriously. I have to sit behind everyone and hope not to be noticed, or just try my best to act "normal" for as long as possible. - Cyri

this is bs

20 Elderly
21 Ugly People

It’s horrible that in Asia ( China, Japan, Korea) you need to be good looking because if not, it will be really difficult to find a good job, the surgery is really expensive forcing man to also wear makeup or some facial surgery. In Mexico it’s hard to enter to some places if you are not good looking as well, finding a job it’s easier than in Asia but it still influences a lot.

22 Catholics

Yeah definitely I am Catholic but also autistic

I have been told by friends that my bible was bad and that catholics were evil. I remember others whisoeribg "he's catholic." I'm not joking AT ALL.

23 Gamers

The media and boomers the world over hate gamers and try only to keep them held down.

Most opressed put it at #1

More oppressed than all other groups

Truly the most oppressed group

24 Indians

Why isn't this higher? American Indians have an absolutely terrible history of discrimination, mass genocide, slavery and Government extortion. Even today, American Indians have one of the highest rates of poverty in the United States. Their issues are almost never focused on by anyone.

They have suffered so much.

25 Latinos
26 Whites

Yep and if you white with black babies your kids to one day will be racist towards you cause black people hate us so much they will go to great extents to destroy you like telling you they love you get you pregnant amd then turn your kids against you wish there was a nice way to tell young nieve white girls not to make this they worst regret I wish I never would of dated outside my race if my kids were more like me then they would live me instead I gave birth to 6 disrespectful hateful children and have suffered racism from lots of black women and indian women I know they just jealous but to turn a womans children against them well that's the lowest

It sounds like you just got into an abusive relationship not that Black people hate you because your white. - germshep24

Now that I think about it, they do seem to be more discriminated, at least more than they were. White people aren't allowed to be proud of their race (though black people and really anyone else are) without being called a Nazi. Primarily white nations are expected to harbor tons of immigrants, which they have been doing to such an extent it's become a crisis in Europe. It's all about "Black Lives Matter" not "White Lives Matter" because white lives DON'T matter - JustAnAccount

It isn't called Black Lives Matter because black people are all that matters, what they are saying is Black Lives Also Matter, but Black Lives Also Matters isn't catchy - germshep24

To be honest it does seem they're being discriminated more and more. White people aren't allowed to be proud of their race, unlike people of any other race. You can be proud of being black, but god forbid white. Also, it's perfectly okay to be racist toward white people, calling them "colonizers"! I just came back from watching Black Panther by the way - JustAnAccount

Anybody who thinks white people are oppressed in the west doesn't know the first thing about oppression, I say this as a white person. - elliotbd

27 Atheists

We live in a religiously controlled World for the most part - germshep24

Still not allowed as Boy Scouts

Not allowed public office in 9 states.

28 People With Dwarfism
29 Furries

Get this off the list. They are pedos and gays who dress up acting like animals. Get a life. Dressing up as a superhero is better than this. - CartoonCriticizer

They're just poor people who aren't right in the head (sorry, it's the truth. You're human, not a dog) - JustAnAccount

30 Satanists

Everyone thinks Satanism means devil worship. However, nearly all Satanists are what is known as LaVeyan Satanists, who don't believe in Satan as an actual being, but as a symbol for individualism.

Maybe misunderstood? - JustAnAccount

31 People With Red Hair, Freckles, and Bright Skin

Lol I have a friend with all of those and she's pretty popular

32 Collingwood Supporters
33 Midgets



34 Heavy Metal Artists

People think they are violent

35 Romani People

The worst thing about the discrimination of this group is that no one ever speaks out for them. The racism shown to this group is greater than all that have been stated. these people find it almost impossible to be accepted in their own nation and are complete outcasts, pushed out from society

In EU it's the most discriminated group actually...

36 Slaves

Not fiar

Uh...yeah..they are considered property so - JustAnAccount

37 Drug Dealers

is sad

38 Italian Americans
39 Minors

Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? I have, I've been protested and demonstrated against.

Look on the comments section of YouTube. Then you will see a lot of discriminated kids.

40 Kurdish

Yup, everyone hates Kurds (it might have something to do with terrorism) - JustAnAccount

41 Pagans

I don't know what these are.

42 Heathens
43 Taliban

These people are misunderstood, they just want to be in your country and spread your ashes across the land.

44 Blondes

I'm sure that me being naturally blonde isn't the reason some might view me as stupid, I think it's more to do with the fact I have no academic prowess whatsoever. Ha! - Britgirl

45 Left-Handed People

Yeah, left handed people are so bad. They have an opinion on what their most efficient hand is. They all should die, including me.

From tools to corporal punishment, using your left hand is highly discouraged and people who are left-handed are widely discriminated. It has always been overlooked.

My former volleyball coach would always give me dirty looks for being a lefty.

The most prime example of a minority being oppressed - JustAnAccount

46 Color-Blind People

It's very hard for color-blind people to get a job.

47 Visually-Impaired

This is really dumb lol

48 Artists
49 Young People

What's worse being young or living in an old person home where you have to use a wheelchair and need somebody to help you use the toilet and also be dying of cancer.
I'm 16 but this just annoys me that this is even here, you guys don't realise how lucky we have it to be young. - elliotbd

Their opinions are not voiced enough because their reputation is not sound.

50 Witches

Queens of darknesss yes

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