Most Disgusting Cartoon Moments

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1 Squidwards Toenail

I knew this would be number 1

I was paralyzed

I hate to picture that in my head it makes me shivver - trender2004

I loved this episode - PatrickStar

2 Spongebob Reveals His Splinter to Mr. Krabs

Yup - trender2004


3 Quagmire Controlling Peter's Dongle

What is a dongle?

4 Bart's Penis is Shown

I find that more hilarious/shocking than gross

From The Simpsons Movie.

Not disgusting really(no homo)its just because its like a shape with no detail and not really anything to disgust over - trender2004

5 Ed Sucks Filth In Gutter Drain
6 Ren Plucks a Caterpillar's Limbs and Then Puts a Frog Out of It's Misery.

Actually he refuses to put the frog out of his misery because the frog really wants to die due to all the pain Ren has inflicted on him as Ren actually wants him to suffer even more as if hasn't already suffred enough pain already. - egnomac

Whoever wrote that horrible episode was seriously high! - KalloFox34

7 Craig the Snake Goes Inside Out
8 Hector Makes Sanjay Eat His Belly Button Lint

Eww Nasty!

9 Spongebob's Splinter Gets Infected

Just... No... - Haumea

10 Nelson Eats a Smoked Frog

The Contenders

11 Stewie Impregnates Himself with Brian's DNA
12 Stimpy Talks About Gauging
13 Spongebobs Face In the Creepy Town

Seeing this as a kid gave me nightmares for weeks. - SovietZephyr

14 Cat Goes Inside Out Into Dog's Mouth
15 The DHMIS Teams' Faces Being Melted Off
16 Homer's Face Melting

Now how about a hug?

17 Heather's Breasts Get Revealed

I hate that show - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

They censored it. - Catacorn

No they blurred it. - trender2004

That was hot. - KalloFox34

18 George Liquor Squeezing Ren's Butt
19 Buhdeuce Gets Inflated and Goes Around Town by Farting

What has the world come to...?

20 Mr. Krabs Laughs When He Finds Out That Plankton is Trying to Commit Suicide

Krabs is the most disgusting of all cartoon characters - bobbythebrony

Krabs sucks - Goatworlds

Not disgusting, but horrible and mean-spirited nonetheless. - KalloFox34

21 Stewie Shooting Lois
22 Parker Fries His Hand and Eats It

From the Mr.Meaty episode "Crispy Hand"
In this episode, Josh tours a goth girl through the kitchen and showed her all the meaty stuff, including "Parker's Snacks". The next scene shows the girl accidentally frying her hand. Parker fries his hand too, and together they enjoy their "Crunchy Snacks".

23 Chris McLean pretends to be impaled (Total Drama)

This made me paralyzed in horror, he falls down and gets impaled on a light lamp, and he started squirting blood everywhere! Even If he faked and showed ir was a cinema trick, I was on Pure shock, still my number 1 most disgusting moment on cartoons.

24 Bleeding Gums Murphy Shows Lisa his Gums
25 Fanboy Covered In Garbage
26 Skips Turns Into Dust
27 Benson Throws Up His Gumballs
28 Chum Chum Farts Into The Store
29 Chowder Blows Snot Bubbles
30 Peter Trying to Marry Chris
31 Spongebob Zapping Squidward with Mermaid Man's Belt, Making Him Do Weird Things Like Get Cut In Half with Scissors or Turn Inside Out
32 Ren Pulling The Nerves Out of His Gums
33 Lisa Rejects a Cat Because It Had An Infected Eye
34 Spongebob's Face Gets Scraped Off by a Door
35 Stimpy Entering His Bellybutton and Shrinking
36 Ren Splitting In Half
37 Parker Gets a Tapeworm After Eating a Raw Burger
38 Ren Beats the Crap Out of George Liquor With an Oar
39 Patrick Rips His Skin Off
40 Ren Gets His Blood Sucked Up by Mosquitoes
41 Gordon Splits In Half
42 Bambi's Zombie Mom
43 Pearl spreads her legs (Steven Universe)
44 A Bird In The Hoof - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
45 Alden's towel falls down - Braceface
46 Ren chainsaws a log on Stimpy's butt
47 Stewie Reveals Brian's Herpes
48 Beavis and Butt-Head Get Drugged Up
49 Squidward Rips Out His Eyebrow
50 Gumball Reveals a Toenail Hidden Under His Skin
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