Most Disgusting Cartoon Moments


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1 Squidwards Toenail

I was paralyzed

I hate to picture that in my head it makes me shivver - trender2004

I loved this episode - PatrickStar

Oh God

2 Bart's Penis is Shown

Not disgusting really(no homo)its just because its like a shape with no detail and not really anything to disgust over - trender2004

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3 Quagmire Controlling Peter's Dongle

What is a dongle?

4 Spongebob Reveals His Splinter to Mr. Krabs

Yup - trender2004


5 Craig the Snake Goes Inside Out

I thought he ripped his skin off. - Ededdneddyfan55

6 Hector Makes Sanjay Eat His Belly Button Lint

Eww Nasty!

7 Cat Goes Inside Out Into Dog's Mouth
8 The DHMIS Teams' Faces Being Melted Off
9 Stimpy Talks About Gauging
10 Ed Sucks Filth In Gutter Drain

From "Floss Yer Ed" - Ededdneddyfan55

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11 Spongebobs Face In the Creepy Town

Seeing this as a kid gave me nightmares for weeks. - SovietZephyr

12 Heather's Breasts Get Revealed

I hate that show - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

They censored it. - Catacorn

No they blurred it. - trender2004

13 Mr. Krabs Laughs When He Finds Out That Plankton is Trying to Commit Suicide

Krabs is the most disgusting of all cartoon characters - bobbythebrony

Krabs sucks - Goatworlds

14 Bleeding Gums Murphy Shows Lisa his Gums
15 Chum Chum Farts Into The Store
16 Parker Fries His Hand and Eats It

From the Mr.Meaty episode "Crispy Hand"
In this episode, Josh tours a goth girl through the kitchen and showed her all the meaty stuff, including "Parker's Snacks". The next scene shows the girl accidentally frying her hand. Parker fries his hand too, and together they enjoy their "Crunchy Snacks".

17 Buhdeuce Gets Inflated and Goes Around Town by Farting
18 Spongebob's Splinter Gets Infected

Just... No... - Haumea

19 Nelson Eats a Smoked Frog
20 Stewie Shooting Lois
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1. Quagmire Controlling Peter's Dongle
2. Squidwards Toenail
3. Bart's Penis is Shown
1. Spongebob Reveals His Splinter to Mr. Krabs
2. Quagmire Controlling Peter's Dongle
3. Ed Sucks Filth In Gutter Drain
1. Bart's Penis is Shown
2. Hector Makes Sanjay Eat His Belly Button Lint
3. Cat Goes Inside Out Into Dog's Mouth



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