Most Disgusting Things Found In Fast Food

Prepare to gag. These are the most disgusting things found in fast food.

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1 A Chicken Head

Reasons why I no longer eat fast food. Oh yeah, and I don't want to die of heart disease before I'm 30 - SirSheep

I wonder what the workers' explanation was... - Misfire

In 2000, Katherine Ortega bought a large order of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s, so she can feed her kids. She then discovered a full batter Chicken head in the box. It was the full thing. It even included the beak. - RadioHead03

2 A Syringe

In 2001, Angelina Cruz went to Burger King in Queens to get a Breakfast sandwich. When she was chewing, she felt something hard hit her cheek, and spit the bite out. What was in her half eaten sandwich was a needle tip from the syringe. Unfortunately Cruz was terrified of the prospect of catching a disease from the medical waste. So the damage was already done. - RadioHead03

This would scare me more than almost anything else just because of what it could be carrying - SirSheep

3 A Finger

Someone at Perkin's ordered some Mac and cheese in 2011, and found a finger in it, in Olean. The Perkins nearly shut down because of that. - MandythePirate

Ew, disgusting! ~ Userguy44

A woman found a severed finger in her Wendy’s chilli - IceBearRules

Unfortunately in 2005, a Las Vegas lady went to Wendy’s, and ordered some chili. To her horror, she found a human finger in her Chili. But nobody in the Kitchen was missing a finger, so how did that finger get in that Chili? Well six weeks later, they found out that the finger belonged to a man who had an accident at his work. But wait, plot twist! It turns out the lady’s husband was given the finger, so the couple could cook up a nice lawsuit towards Wendy’s. Needless to say the couple were charged with attempted grand larceny. - RadioHead03

4 Fried Mice

Disgusting! - Misfire

In 2003, a Popeyes in Baltimore was shut down for health violations. The reason? Too many mice. While Tony Hill was eating his chicken, he discovered a tiny mouse had fallen into that deep fryer, and was crisped. Thankfully, Tony didn’t bite down on the chicken. - RadioHead03

5 Bullets

In 2004, a woman went to Costco and ordered a hot dog. She bit on something hard. And pulled out a 9mm bullet. To make the situation worse, she was having abdominal pains, and when she went to the hospital, they discovered that she swallowed another bullet inside the Hot Dog. - RadioHead03

6 Human Skin

In 2005, David Scheiding went to an Arby’s in Ohio, and ordered a chicken sandwich. After a few bites, David noticed something unusual about the meat while he was chewing. He reached inside, and pulled out a scrap of bloody human skin. He complained to the manager. The manager admitted that he cut himself while shredding lettuce, and didn’t notice that a chunk of his thumb was in the green lettuce. - RadioHead03

7 A Chicken Heart

A man went to a KFC in Australia, and ordered a chicken meal. To his surprise, he found a breaded chicken heart in his meal. He took a picture of it, and complained to the news, and KFC. - RadioHead03

I just assumed that all chicken nuggets are at least in part composed of chicken hearts.

8 Painkillers

In 2010, a Burger King employee was arrested because he was putting painkillers in people’s sandwiches. A customer noticed this when she ordered a chicken sandwich, and bit on something hard. She spat it out, and it was a blue pill. She took it to a fire station, and they identified it as a powerful painkiller hydrocodone. And another customer found another painkiller in his fish sandwich. Needless to say, the Burger King Employee was arrested, and sentenced to 5 years in jail. - RadioHead03

9 A Band-Aid

I am stuck on Band-Aid brand, and Band-Aid brand is stuck in my pizza? Well it happened at a Pizza Hut in New York where Ken Wieczerza ordered a large supreme pizza. Well, Ken couldn’t finish the entire pizza so he saved some slices for leftovers. When he grabbed a cold slice and bit in a bite when he noticed a strange feeling in his mouth. It turns out a bloody blue Band-Aid was baked into the crust. - RadioHead03

10 A Nail

One of the youtubers I watch went to a restaurant to review the food their with his brother. They were talking about how the food wasn't that bad. Then his brother starting gagging and it turns out he had almost eaten a nail. They left immediately without paying money. All I could think was that I was glad it wasn't me!
(the youtuber was Brennan Taylor by the way)

I wouldn't have continued eating that if I were him. - Misfire

Ouch! That would bleed! - BorisRule

In 2010, a Swedish Man went to a McDonald’s and ordered a burger. When he was eating his burger, he felt something sharp in his mouth. Not realizing what it was, he took another bite and felt more pain. He reached in his mouth, and found a 3/4th inch nail that became lodged Into his tooth and gum. He threw up, and he decided to boycott the fast food giant. - RadioHead03

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11 Maggots
12 Pubic Hair
13 A Condom

Gross! especially if it's used. - andrewteel

14 Cockroach
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