Best Disney Animated Couples

The Top Ten Best Disney Animated Couples

1 Eugene and Rapunzel

Rapunzel brings out the good in Eugene and that is what you want to see in a couple. Also the amazing singing voices just make you want them to be a couple.

Not really the best couple, slot of other relationships from throughout the movies like kristoff and anna.

First of all, unlike other Disney couples, this couple's relationship actually develops in the movie, unlike other couples. Most other couples just -BOOM- fall in love, without any development at all. ITS BORING. AND UNREALISTIC. Meanwhile, this actually develops and explains how they fall in love. It's SO SHIP-WORTHY!

It almost seemed impossible that Disney could create a couple that could have an amazing chemistry ever since Aladdin. But still these two never stop to make my heart melt. They are so perfect!

2 Aladdin and Jasmine

Magic carpet ride...

They are adorable

3 Aurora and Philip

This ccouple is true beauty and relationship goals. This guy fought a dragon for this girl, whom he didn't even know was a princess!


4 Eric and Ariel

Come on guys! Ariel just left her home, gave up her talent to be part of Eric's world! What could be more romantic than that!

5 Chernabog and Maleficent

This is the best, obvious, and more sensible couple compared to other Disney villains. Chernabog and Maleficent have a lot of things in common more than others Disney Villains: They ruled and bossed other villains, they create dark magic, they’re demons, they have horns on their heads, they use flames for their powers, they can fly (if Maleficent was a dragon), they are extremely powerful, and they the most evil beings in the Disney Universe. Heck they can become the same size, if Maleficent changes into a Dragon. They’ve been working together in Kingdom Keepers, they fell in love in House of Villains, they use other villains to help them kill Mickey in Fantasmic. They are a unstoppable force. That’s what makes these 2 a perfect Disney Villain Couple.

6 The Beast (Adam) and Belle

These guys are so realistic! No love at first sight, but they get to know each other. They both save each other's lives, and are just plain adorable.

Great couple, but the "take that frozen" comment and others like it aren't necessary

7 Cinderella and Charming

True love at first sight

8 Kristoff and Anna

They are SO cute together

I hate this couple. This should be bottom. Chernabog and Maleficent are better.

Let me just point this out...I REALLY wanted Anna to end up with hans, but of course the script was changed because of a damn song. Kristoff is not bad, he's just a bit, boring. There...have a nice day guys!

9 Fix-It Felix and Sergeant Calhoun

Hate that they were reduced to little more than glorified cameos in the sequel

Oh my gosh, this is the most perfect couple in the history of couples. The character development is perfect: Felix, a passive, kind person, immediately falls in love with Calhoun, an aggressive, strict sergeant. Calhoun slowly falling in love with Felix is one of the best character arcs in animated movie history, and it shows.

Finally, one that's NOT between a prince and a princess.

i ship it

10 Snow White and Florian

Disney's first animated fairytale movie.

The Contenders

11 Tiana and Naveen
12 Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)

This is the best Cartoon Couple. Let’s elevate it on this list too.

Very cute couple.

13 Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable
14 Phineas and Isabella
15 Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps

I seriously hope these two remain as just friends. (unless Nick turns into a rabbit in the end, or Judy into a vixen, which is not gonna happen, sadly) Even if I can accept interspecies fictional couples, we really don't want to see predator-prey romance between a fox and a rabbit because foxes eat rabbits. I feel that Zootopia have pleased the bad side of the Sonic fandom (or in some cases, the Sonic crossover fandom). If Nick and Judy end up getting married and having kids together, then people want to see Cream the Rabbit do the same with Tails or even Fox McCloud from Star Fox, and I hope that never happens... (Cream is neither Tails' or Fox's love interest, to be honest, especially since Fox already has Krystal and that both Cream and Tails are just kids so your filthy fantasies will never come true)

I absolutely loved Nick and Judy. I don't ship them I just want to think of them as friends. That's all.

My sister drew a crapload of pictures of them! She wants them to actually fall in love and get married! BAH!

Love this couple

16 Simba and Nala

Hate the movie and these two characters but I rather see these two as a couple instead of pairing Simba with Jenna (from Balto) and Nala with Balto himself, that's for sure (Hates Xover couples)

I love this couple x3

17 Esmeralda and Phoebus
18 Tarzan and Jane
19 Jack Skellington And Sally
20 Hercules and Megara

Oh yeaH

21 Fear and Disgust

Hey, fear and disgust are often felt at the same time, so it's only natural to ship personifications thereof


22 Mulan and Shang (Mulan)

so cute.

23 Nancy Tremaine and Prince Edward

I should have added, & since Giselle & Prince Edward fell out of love by the end, it would have been redundant to have listed her with him.

I would have put down Giselle & Robert, but, Robert was the only one from 'Enchanted''s love rectangle that wasn't shown animated.

24 Peter Pan and Tinker Bell
25 Peter Pan and Wendy

so cute!

26 Kovu and Kiara (Lion King 2)

Pretty much my otp.

27 Ferb and Vanessa
28 Pocahontas and John Smith
29 Moana and Maui
30 Pongo and Perdita
31 Slinky and Rex
32 Dipper and Pacifica (Gravity Falls)

They're so cute and perfect together!

33 Hiro and Baymax

No I prefer shipping hiro and karmi she may be rude to him but she just hasn't found out his identity... yet.😊

i bet when she does, she'd be seducing hiro in no time! 👌💋😍

34 Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean)
35 Snow White and the Prince (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
36 Jake and Rose (American Dragon Jake Long)

I love star crossed lovers and their love story is best in Disney animated series.

These guys by far are the cutest couple they have such chemistry together and there’s no limit to the things they will do just to be together

37 Kion and Jasiri (The Lion Guard)
38 Fear and Joy
39 Woody and Bo Peep
40 Woody and Buzz
41 Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley
42 Mike and Sulley
43 Hiro and Tadashi
44 Jessie and Bullseye
45 Woody and Jessie
46 Jack Skellington and Zero
47 Tuck and Roll
48 King Triton and Vanessa
49 Scamp and Angel (Lady and the Tramp 2)
50 Dipper and Wendy (Gravity Falls)
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