Disney Animated Films that Deserve a Live Action Movie


The Top Ten

1 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I'd love to see one. - Misfire

This would be awesome! - CommanderLudwig

Underrated but it's amazing - touchdown_ronik

2 Mulan

They're making one, and I have a very bad feeling about it. I heard that they won't be including the songs, Li Shang, Mushu, and Shan Yu. Instead of Shan Yu as the villain, they'll be adding a witch instead... it seems they're changing the whole movie... - Misfire

They're making one, hopefully its good - VideoGamefan5

3 Aladdin

Damn NO! this does not need a sequel.What it needs is Will Smith to literally quit his role in Alladin and go into some barney movie.

There's coming one but is a prequel, the hunchback of Notre Dame have a live action but is not made by Disney and Mulan is getting one

4 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Not much people love this movie but a live action would work good

Just change the villain and make it about the villain and even though I find it the most underrated Disney animated movie of all time, this is a true work of art and their 3rd best movie since 2000

5 The Little Mermaid

Natalia Dyer should be a perfect Ariel. - asantalo

Is hard to get approved

6 Fantasia

I want Night on Bald Mountain to happen. - asantalo

7 Lilo & Stitch

I think this is a bad work!

8 Tangled

We all know that Tangled would never get a sequel but a live action may be.

Lol, wrong. It did get a sequel. Tangled: Before Ever After. Look it up.

9 Pocahontas

I like it

10 Elsa Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

The Contenders

11 The Sword in the Stone
12 Moana
13 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
14 The Princess and the Frog
15 Toy Story
16 The Incredibles

This would suck, big time

17 Bambi

The irony in this idea is that all the animals would be CGI meaning what you would end up with is more or less a CGI motion capture film.

18 Lady and the Tramp

That would be interesting to say the least. - 3DG20

19 Finding Nemo

Though Finding Nemo in my opinion is the best movie of all time, I think it's a bad idea to make I live action remake

I really don't like the idea... - VideoGamefan5

20 Treasure Planet
21 Frozen
22 Monsters Inc
23 Up
24 Ratatouille

The original movie is amazing, but a remake wouldn't be too good, mostly because the cgi rats will make everyone puke - VideoGamefan5

25 Nightmare Before Christmas
26 Wall-E
27 Disney's a Christmas Carol
28 Big Hero 6

This would be so awesome.

29 Wreck-It Ralph
30 Inside Out

How would this work - VideoGamefan5

31 The Fox and the Hound
32 The Lion King

Its getting one, one remake WE DON'T NEEED - VideoGamefan5

33 The Rescuers
34 Oliver & Company
35 The Aristocats
36 The Black Cauldron
37 The Great Mouse Detective
38 Cars

Lol, basically just a kid friendly clone of the fast and the furious - VideoGamefan5

39 Hercules (1997)
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