Disney Animated Films that Deserve a Live Action Movie


The Top Ten

1 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This would be awesome! - CommanderLudwig

Underrated but it's amazing - touchdown_ronik

2 Mulan

They're making one, hopefully its good - VideoGamefan5

3 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Not much people love this movie but a live action would work good

Just change the villain and make it about the villain and even though I find it the most underrated Disney animated movie of all time, this is a true work of art and their 3rd best movie since 2000 - lolsy

4 Aladdin

There's coming one but is a prequel, the hunchback of Notre Dame have a live action but is not made by Disney and Mulan is getting one

5 Lilo & Stitch V 1 Comment
6 The Little Mermaid V 1 Comment
7 The Sword in the Stone
8 Tangled

We all know that Tangled would never get a sequel but a live action may be.

Lol, wrong. It did get a sequel. Tangled: Before Ever After. Look it up. - eventer51314

9 Pocahontas V 1 Comment
10 Treasure Planet

The Newcomers

? Fantasia

I want Night on Bald Mountain to happen. - asantalo

The Contenders

11 The Black Cauldron
12 Big Hero 6 V 1 Comment
13 The Great Mouse Detective
14 Moana
15 The Princess and the Frog
16 Toy Story
17 The Incredibles

This would suck, big time

18 Disney's a Christmas Carol
19 Bambi

The irony in this idea is that all the animals would be CGI meaning what you would end up with is more or less a CGI motion capture film.

20 Finding Nemo

Though Finding Nemo in my opinion is the best movie of all time, I think it's a bad idea to make I live action remake

I really don't like the idea... - VideoGamefan5

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