Disney Animated Films that Deserve a Live Action Movie


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21 Finding Nemo

Though Finding Nemo in my opinion is the best movie of all time, I think it's a bad idea to make I live action remake

I really don't like the idea... - VideoGamefan5

22 Frozen

I still think Disney should've tried harder to do a movie about 'The Snow Queen.' My biggest main complaint about Frozen is that Elsa the Snow Princess/Queen didn't/doesn't always get to use her ice magic powers all the time enough at all. The "Let It Go" sequence was the highlight for me. I wanted to see Elsa do something, anything and everything much more spectacular than ever all the time in canon, but she never did at all and it's all thanks to all of those cruel, lazy creators of Frozen who got away with disappointing all of us.

Or better yet, Elsa The Snow Queen should've been the title instead of Frozen!

The Snow Queen was supposed to be actually about THE Snow Queen which it really wasn't at all. Worst of all, poor Elsa's more of a plot device than an actual character when Elsa should've been properly portrayed to be an actual character instead of only just a plot device (glaring at all the creators, writers, directors and filmmakers of Frozen in pure indignation, fury, rage and anger) Those creators, directors, filmmakers and writers of Frozen could've at least had Olaf being created in Aren-delle/Elsa's ice palace and become one of her other childhood friends during the past thirteenth year/her isolation; maybe he could've at least been fairly portrayed to be the one to make her realize that she can actually control her powers if she really puts her mind to it but no, instead they just had to be too lazy to ever do that themselves anyway. A bit of history of Frozen I learned that Princess/Queen Elsa is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s Danish fairy tale "The Snow ...more

23 Monsters Inc
24 Up
25 Ratatouille

The original movie is amazing, but a remake wouldn't be too good, mostly because the cgi rats will make everyone puke - VideoGamefan5

26 Nightmare Before Christmas
27 Wall-E
28 Wreck-It Ralph
29 Inside Out

How would this work - VideoGamefan5

30 The Fox and the Hound
31 The Lion King

Its getting one, one remake WE DON'T NEEED - VideoGamefan5

32 The Rescuers
33 Lady and the Tramp
34 Oliver & Company
35 The Aristocats
36 Cars

Lol, basically just a kid friendly clone of the fast and the furious - VideoGamefan5

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