Avery Jennings (Dog With a Blog)


She is so annoying! She has to be perfect! She has to be right! She thinks she is a "big shot", no she is just an idiot that has to rely on her friends and her family to treat her like a princess. She NEVER thinks about a anybody, but herself. "Oh... Does Dustin like me? " And "Why doesn't Nikki like me anymore? " even though Tyler had a MUCH BIGGER problem! She blabs about everything and she thinks she is nice and perfect well I would rather drink out of the toilet than listen to her. In the newest episode she was worried that people wouldn't like her even though Tyler could get fired! She was so UPSET that Chloe was playing with Ellen that she started to be mean to her even at the end she said no for Ellen to "hang out with her." She cares ONLY about herself. And she might sing fine, but she always has to ask her family for their "approval"! She has no self esteem! I HATE HER!

Avery Jennings is always the jealous one and she tends to be stupid noises and acts like a psycho around boys. She doesn't seem to care about her family but she cares about her crushes and gets really pissed at her friends for not wearing her designs. Her fashion designs are the same thing over and again. She does those crazy faces and does annoying sound effects like chicka ba when she think she found the case who ruined her dress. Avery Jennings is a horrible friend, family member, and the most hated out of all the series.

It's one thing if a character is just snnoying to a few people, but this girl is so annoying, she must have been made annoying on purpose. She is bossy and a total wet blanket (example: told little sister that she couldn't laugh, talk, or even smile in her room). She is a total perfectionist and is always being a total jerk to Tyler about every five minutes (example: in the Christmas episode she told him she was making a list of reasons she hates him), and she blames others for her actions (example: in the episode where Chloe went missing, she bailed on
Stan to go get an autograph from some author dude. When she came back Chloe was missing. she blamed the dog. )

For me she is the worst actor on this show. I do remember this character from Sonny With A Chance and her acting in that role was much more believable. However, she is not the only bad actor on this show. Most of the main cast is terrible, the only character that is any good at acting is, in fact the dog Stan.

About the most annoying person ever. Dog with a blog is bad enough but with her added to it makes it worse. And bennett, Ellen, Tyler, and avery again. I only like chloe and Stan. The way she dresses and acts. Bennett-annoying and bad actor, same with ellen and tyler- of course the dumb charecter. There is always one. CUT YOUR HAIR YOU FREAKY GIRL

I actually like this show very much, but I can't stand Avery. I'll give you some examples. She blew off her family for a boy she liked, she blew off her best friend Lindsay multiple times, she insults Carl in front of his face, she insults Tyler all the time, she ratted out Tyler even after she promised him she wouldn't, and the list goes on

Avery is the WORST! Not everything is about her and she embarrasses herself and her friends by making up lies. If Avery is such a blabber mouth as she blabs The secret Tyler is working at the food truck, why doesn't she just blab Stan's secret and get this show over with

Annoying Annoying Annoying! She always thinks she's the best. She just makes the whole show suck. I think that when she was on Good Luck Charlie and Sonny With A Chance she was more believable. She is just being stupid and sarcastic.

All the characters are stereotypes and unrealistic, how can 3 kids, one with blonde hair, one with red hair and one with black hair all be in one family with parents with different coloured hair? And how can a dog talk In the first place? Rip-off of Martha speaks - SheepBuggy

The thing that irritate me the most is how they portray her as perfect and flawless and then if she does by any chance get a small flaw. She it act like it World War 3.

UGH. I hate Avery. She thinks she's SO perfect. She just bosses people around and is so annoying. If any character on this show could be taken off, she would be the one.G. hannelius is a good actress but she doesn't do the best job on Dog With A Blog. On Good Luck Charllie, her role was believable. Now she just acts like she's being sarcastic.

I think she is very selfish. Like the time the family voted on vaca. Dad wanted camping, avery wanted space museum (all because Wes was going to be there) that ment Stan would end up in a kennel. The vote was left to chloe. Stan talked her into camping. Avery found out and yelled at Stan for being selfish.
Another time was when avery ran a campaign and she asked her friend to run against her. Once her friend got more attention she asked her friend to drop out.. Their is so much more. I have never seen such a selfish person. I know she is a character but it's over the top. Bad example for children. I love Disney but they need to have happy family shows, and not meseed up disfunctional families

This character is just so annoying and selfish. Why can't Disney have characters that actually are nice.

I actually like Avery but her voice is kinda annoying and she is mean to Tyler and can be bossy

Kay I can't stand him but don't say that

She's so whiny! Punch her in the teeth to shut up!

She's annoying, sadly people like her are real.

Her character was just annoying.

I loathe her! She is a stupid gg who can't keep her mouth shut about wes! - garnet01

When I saw her name, I was MAD. Avery is sweet and loving. she deserves no place on this list.

I don't like Avery... at all. She is rude, annoying, and think she knows everything...

I think you guys areall wrong averys charater is based on a girl that is very talkite, is a great student, and cand be a tad bit annoying but if you guys think that I'm wrong fine then don't watch that show but don't say things like that either.

Why does Avery have to have a new skill every episode, seriously. 😒. She's an artist, a singer, straight A's, fashionista and politician. And she freaks out because Max didn't where her clothes. News Flash: Not everbody has to like your clothes!