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41 Brandy (Brandy & Mrs. Whiskers)

She used and abused Mr. Whiskers and always thought she was a goddess compared to everyone else, she was disgusting and she couldn't sing to save her life.

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42 Cece Jones (Shake it Up)

She just will not stop getting Rocky into trouble and keeps on with the nag, nag, nag, brag, brag, brag, "I'm so perfect," "everyone loves me," "Their just jealous." She also keeps on stealing the spotlight from Rocky. I mean, she got to sing on "Shake it Up Chicago," and she isn't even a good singer.

So selfish, stupid, and just plain unlovable.

Got mad when Rocky finally stood up to her and then later talked her into more trouble. Seriously, why is Rocky friends with her? She's annoying, over-controlling, she can't sing, and she sure as hell can't dance. She wanted her mother to stop dating someone she loved just because she didn't like the few changes he brought with him. She should have let her mother, who sacrifices a lot for her and her ungrateful brother, have a little happiness.

Cece is a prostitute

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43 Zack Martin (The Suite Life)

I know that this guy means well. But I'll choose him over Cody because of how he differs from that brother of his. He reminds me of Gabe Duncan.

If I'm Cody, I'd reject Zack because of his antics. Besides, I can relate more to people like Cody, although I'm more mature, disciplined, and conservative than him.

And seriously, what's wrong with the brother of Zack being a nerd? There's nothing wrong with being one. The people who hate nerds are closed-minded bullies.

For their information of all nerd haters, nerds weren't put on Earth to stroke the fragile egoes of them (the anti-nerd people). Instead, they were put on this planet to help non-nerds with life. One example is becoming smarter and more open-minded.

If all anti-nerd folks got to actually know nerds, they might see that they're great people.

He uses Cody, he treats him like dirt, he always acts like he's so smooth with ladies when in reality he disgust a lot of them. He doesn't deserve Cody. Cody needs to learn to stand up for himself and cut Zack loose, he's better off without him.

44 Brittney (Star vs the Forces of Evil)

A mean brat who doesn't realize that Star actually made her party enjoyable (even though that episode was a stupid one). - Anonymousxcxc

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45 Harley Diaz (Stuck in the Middle)

I HATE her. She is a stuck-up selfless annoying rude girl I can not STAND this show!

Ugh. Don't get me started on her. Daphne and Rachel are worse though. - Anonymousxcxc

No! Remove her from the list RIGHT NOW! Anyone but her!

I like everyone but Rachel she always is on electronics.Ugh.Lori Loud should replace her but she is good

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46 Bea Goldfishberg (Fish Hooks)

How about Bea Quiet? - Gamecubesarecool193

Thank you so much for pointing out those things about that bitch and slut! I never liked her mainly due to her scream. If I ever meet voice actress, I'd like been mean to her.

The guy who created Fish Hooks seems to have a mental problem. Hell, I wish that there's a law against what he did.

Although I wouldn't bully her voice actress I do agree she is annoying. I can't stand her, her voice sounds like she's screaming every 3 seconds. - Gamecubesarecool193

The actress who voice Bea is Chelsea Staub, the same actress who plays Stella in Jonas. I agree that she's a very bad voice-actress.

She has a crush on a fish version of Justin Beiber. GROSS! And her voice sucks!

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47 Teddy Duncan (Good Luck Charlie) Teddy Duncan (Good Luck Charlie) Teddy R. Duncan (Bridgit Mendler), Charlie's only sister, is the second-oldest Duncan sibling. Feeling that she will not be around as much when Charlie is grown, she produces and directs video diaries for her, hoping they will give her advice that will help her be successful as a teenager. She produces ...read more.

I wouldn't say she is a spoiled brat. But I agree that she's the peppy teenage girl stereotype, which I don't really like, although I like Emma from Jessie.

Teddy is a spoiled brat who acts like she can do anything she wants. She's also way too peppy and obsessed with boys.

48 Sofia (Sofia The First) Sofia (Sofia The First)

She is so oblivious to the world around her and her crappy mom needs to DIE IN A FIRE

Too annoying

I don't like her at all. - Anonymousxcxc

Why? That is very mean!

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49 Miss Muriel Finster (Recess)

Yeah. Just to say, some people like swinger girl more than Gus and spinelli

Does anyone remember this show? I do because they still show reruns in Canada, but Miss Muriel Finster is just a ugly, mean, relentless old hag. Also, Randall gets an honorable mention because he's almost as annoying. - booklover1

50 The Ashleys (Recess)

Rude, mean and arrogant bitches.

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51 Olaf (Frozen) Olaf (Frozen) Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. V 1 Comment
52 Maddie Rooney (Liv and Maddie) Maddie Rooney (Liv and Maddie)
53 Mandi (Mean-Girls 2)

After seeing her torture poor Abby in school, that alone made my pretty upset however, when she messed with Joe's dad's car I was BEYOND ANGRY, when Joe told her off it was heaven to my ears, I wanted to rip her hair out or claw her face, she is just EVIL!

She's a spoiled brat who thinks just because she's rich she can have whatever she wants or do whatever to whoever AND GETS AWAY WITH IT! I mean everyone knows she's horrible, but no one ever tries to do anything about it. She doesn't even treat her so-called friends right.

Your almost like reiginas stupid friends how can tell the weather with her boobs, that supposed to be the point, why do you think they call it MEAN GIRLS 2

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54 Justin Russo (Wizards of Waverly Place) Justin Russo (Wizards of Waverly Place) Justin Russo is a singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist from Upstate New York. Russo began his career as a musician at the age of 18 by joining his older brother's band Hopewell, which focused mainly on psychedelic rock balladry and lengthy "shoegazing" soundscapes.

I hated him. Alex always apologized when she did something to him, but he never apologized to her and their parents obviously favor him. He never gets in trouble, despite his treatment of Alex. I wish someone had done something to him.

In one episode he ruins Alex's life how is he not mentioned

I loved WOWP, but Justin is the worst character in the show

55 Gus Griswald (Recess)

Understandable when you put him in positions of power

Never in my entire life have I felt so angry enough to wanna punch my television set. Gus truly is a DICK!

I hate Gus! Gimp.

56 Mr Whiskers (From Brandy and Mr Whiskers )
57 Woody Fink (The Suite Life On Deck)

He's pretty much a buffoonish dope who has bad gas. I don't know why Cody wants to room with him

58 Ashley Spinelli (Recess)

I also made a mistake by forgetting to put "twice" between "Adventures" and "in" in the second paragraph that I put in this list. My apologies.

She's not a tomboy, she's a PSYCHO. Big difference

I know... Women like that make me sick. When will they understand that men are better than women in terms of being tough. Keep your PMS in you and stay in the kitchen, women!

I've hated that bitch ever since I was in high school. Seriously, she has anger managmenet issues. Now I know that feminism's important But her way of being a feminist makes her too aggressive for her own good. Hell, she reminds me of these other bitches because of their personalities:

1. Toph of Avatar: The Last Airbender

2. Cera of The Land Before Time

3. Jade Chan of Jackie Chan Adventures

4. Helga G. Pataki of Hey Arnold!

5. Jade Chan of Jackie Chan Adventures

What also sickens me is that there are gals who suck up to her as if they're lesbians. For example, I had a classmate in the last school that I attended who sounded like an ass kisser of her as well as too other bitches. Sounds to me like she was paranoid about male chauvinists. But I'm glad that I turned against her, especially, since she was being worse than annoying to me. If I ever see again, I'd likely be nasty to her and make sure that no ones stops me.

Now, back to ...more

59 Parker Rooney (Liv and Maddie)

Parker is a terrible character. He's mean to Joey all the time and he also ruins his brother's role. In a way Parker is actually kind of unneeded in the show. - Anonymousxcxc

I do not like this character.

60 Ty Blue (Shake it Up)

He thinks he's such an amazing rapper. Stick with dancing.

He thinks he's the coolest guy ever, making him extremely annoying.

Who ever that talked bad about Ty's rapping you just hatin because you can't rap so shut up

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