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101 Wendy Corduroy (Gravity Falls) Wendy Corduroy (Gravity Falls)

Wendy is barely in any of the episodes. Quit using bad words, you just want to sound cool. News flash! Wendy isn't perfect. And neither are you, or me, or your mom, or Stanley the turtle, my dog, or anyone else who's ever lived (except Jesus). She a cartoon, for Pete's sake. She is honest and nice to Dipper, despite whatever random stuff the poor kid says out of utter nervousness he has whenever she is near.

Wendy's awesome, Dippy Fresh (who only had three lines and was mentioned/seen twice) is the one that should be hated.

Sure, she rejected Dipper, but she's still nice to him! - Fandom_Lover

Dippyfresh does not deserve hate for 3 lines.

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102 Sharpay Evans (High School Musical) Sharpay Evans (High School Musical)

She thinks that she's all that. She thinks that everyone is her slave and she is God or something. She even said it herself in the song "Fabulous". You are just like the rest of us you ain't any better. Seriously who do you think you are?

Ashley Tisdale is cool but her character in High School Musical was so annoying. The typical popular highschool cheerleader type. She thinks she's the prettiest girl ever and she bullies everyone, so she's a bad role model.

She is so retarded because she sucks what a ass

I hate Sharpay. And seriously what kind of a name is Sharpay? - Anonymousxcxc

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103 Lexi (A.N.T Farm)

Paisley is not you friend you just treat her like a slave. Don't you feel bad for her when Paisley broke her arm? You just want attention. You don't have feelings.

She is such an Attention Hore, She acts like Paisley is her servant, and worst of all Shes a bully towards the A.N. ts!

1) In one episode, she kept trying to 1 up Paisley, when Paisley was actually hurt, she just made fake broken limbs.

2) In Almost every episode she makes Paisly go along with everything she does!

3) Bullying is bad right? Well Lexi never heard of that. In the episode were Paisley Broke her arms, When Lexi was faking it, She made Paisley Carry her backpack, which ended up getting her MORE hurt.

Stuck-up obnoxious self-centered little brat. Paisley is so nice to her and she just treats her like a slave didn't even care when she broke her bones

104 Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls) Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls) Dipper Pines is the main character in Gravity Falls which the show aired from 2012 to 2016. She is the sister of Mable Pines

I like Dipper. He's my favorite girlfriend character, but the only thing I don't like about him is that he looks into things too much.
In the time traveling episode with Waddles, there was a simple solution that couldn't have failed for the game Dipper wanted to win: tell Wendy to duck under the table before he throws the baseball.

He didn't even apologize to Wendy after hitting her with the baseball so many times that were the same times.

Hey! I like Dipper!

Such an idiot. He always gets everybody into trouble and thinks he knows everything

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105 P.J. Duncan (Good Luck Charlie)

Why is there always a stupid person in every show? UGH. so annoying. Why can't they all be smart?

Retarded. He is a grown up and likes a kiddie band for 2 year olds

Why is he good at music if he's a complete idiot

106 Delia Delfano (I Didn't Do It)

God this character is super annoying and clueless, she's like a barking chihuahua dog that you just want to slap to the side! I don't even see what's the point of this show it's not funny.

107 Randall J. Weems (Recess)

Stupid Snitch -. -

108 Lil Gideon (Gravity Falls)

This is the only one! In fact, for Mabel's sake, may I use my scorpion spear throw/falcon punch uppercut combo on him?

109 Pacifica Northwest (Gravity Falls) Pacifica Northwest (Gravity Falls)

She sucks badly until 'northwest mansion noir'

Already on the list. (Sigh! )

I want to slap that b**ch until her skin turns red and then she'll get the fireball. - EleenFirePrincess

110 Dez Wade (Austin & Ally)

Dez may be a little annoying at times, but overall he's alright. But of course the comic relief has to be at least a little stupid, or else it won't be as funny. I honestly don't know why he is on this list. But I must admit that if a different person played him this show would've been gone by now.

Why isn't this guy higher on the list? He isn't comic relief he is just a foil for his friend's plans.

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111 Sharko (Zig and Sharko)

Seriously? Nothing about him being perfect for this list? Oh well. Let me start it then.

He's a typical "Jock" type, he loves showing off, sure, he's protecting Marina and all but there are quite a few times where Zig is just chillin and STILL this douche beats him up.

He's not just a buffed up idiot, he's also a damned bully.

112 Dawn Buckets (Kirby Buckets)

She's like the Taylor Hathaway of this show (I only saw like three minutes of this show and it sucks). Also Taylor Hathaway is a bleach. - Anonymousxcxc

Oh don't get me started jerk rhymes with mitch mean to her bro luckily she gets what she deserves like worlds most annoying teen hahaahahaah

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113 Bob (Lab Rats)

Bob is so annoying, why is his character around there's no need for another dumb character, we already have Adam for that. - Anonymousxcxc

Just, no. (Shakes head in disappointment).

114 Eli (Kirby Buckets)
115 Mia (Girl Meets World)

It's Maya and she is not annoying.

116 Milo (Fish Hook)

I can't stand Milo. His obsession with hot dogs is creepy and he always finds a way to ruin everything! Stupid fish!

117 Oscar (Fish Hooks)
118 Ash Tyler (I'm in the Band)
119 Rocky (Shake It Up)

Yes, rocks was ok but as the show progressed she kept getting stupider and more like Cece. She also always complained about how Cece was a bad friend to her, well rocky could have just stopped being her friend and left it at that, you can't blame Cece for everything take some control! Also yes I agree Cece was onnoying and concededed but if rocky knew that she was bad for her than why'd she have to stay with her exactly?

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120 Ms. Chicarelli (Kick Buttowski)
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