Best Disney Channel Original Movie & Show Songs


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1 Nobody's Perfect - Hannah Montana

This should be down underneath

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2 Determinate - Lemonade Mouth

This is like the best inspirational song ever from Disney. Deserves to be in top 3!

3 Cruisin For A Bruisin - Teen Beach Movie


4 Better In Stereo - Liv And Maddie

Not gonna lie, when this first came out. I thought it was ridiculously catchy, and it is! It first premiered with a six second tune of it, and I just listened to that over and over lol! - keycha1n

I don't know why but this song is catchy. - cosmo

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5 Don't Look Down - Austin And Ally

Hands down best A&A song. I mean so good. I love the costumes I love the lyrics I think it's very well done

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6 Face To Face - Jessie & Austin

Kinda good

7 Rockstar - Hannah Montana
8 Breakthrough - Lemonade Mouth
9 This Is Me - Camp Rock
10 What Time Is It - High School Musical 2

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11 What a Girl Is - Liv and Maddie

I have no words for this except from awesome. It tells girls don't dress up beautiful because of a boy. This song shouts out GIRLS ARE awesome.

This song is amazing. Listen to the full version it is amazing.

12 I'll Always Remember You - Hannah Montana
13 Keep It Undercover - K.C Undercover

Love it

14 Be Our Guest - Descendants
15 Evil Like Me - Descendants

Probably the only good song in that movie, even though the songs weren't needed. I like Kristin Chenoweth. - Anonymousxcxc

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16 True Friend - Hannah Montana
17 Like Me - Teen Beach Movie
18 Wherever I Go - Hannah Montana
19 Hey Jessie - Jessie

HATE this

20 Count Me In - Liv and Maddie
21 Rotten to the Core - Descendants

LOVE it!

22 That's How We Do - Teen Beach 2
23 Set It Off - Descendants
24 Good is the New Bad - Descendants
25 Time of Our Lives - Olivia Holt
26 If Only - Descendants
27 Did I Mention - Descendants
28 Everything is Not What It Seems - Selena Gomez
29 Finally Me - Laura Marano
30 Steal Your Heart - Austin
31 Illusion - Ross Lynch

Best song ever

32 Whenever - Best Friends Whenever
33 This is What Dreams Are Made of - Lizzie McGuire Movie
34 Wildside - Adventures in Babysitting

This is the best disney song ever

35 Start of Something New - Gabriella & Troy

I love this song, especially with the romantic feel.

36 Ways to Be Wicked - Descendants
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