Top 10 Best Disney Violetta Characters

The Top Ten
1 Ludmila Ferro
2 Jade
3 Violetta

This girl changed my life I couldn't speak Spanish and when I started watching this show I could speak a language I couldn't speak before

She is like my BFF!

I love this girl!

4 Mattias
5 Naty

Shes just my favourite

Naty is great!

6 Federico

come back home

violetta ludmila ferro jade mattias naty Diego Pablo Gregorio Priscilla Camilla Angie Lara Francesca Leon maxi Tomas Alex Herman Marco Federico you her my boys friends and his girls friends rabia I have baby s

Federico is so nice!

7 Pablo
8 Diego
9 Gregorio
10 Camila
The Contenders
11 Angie

Angie is the best!

12 Priscilla

I hate her but she is so interesting

13 Francesca

Francesca is the best!

14 Lara
15 Maxi
16 Leon
17 Olga
18 Tomas

Violetta should've fallen in love with Tomas and Tomas should have never left for Spain! I am so sad that he is not in season 2 and 3. I love Tomas!

19 Alex

Don't call him Alex he is a liar called clement

20 Marco
21 Herman
22 Ramallo
23 Beto
24 Broduey
25 Andre
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