Best Disney Descendants Wicked World (Animated Short) Characters

The Top Ten

1 Evie (Daughter of Evil Queen)

Evie is best any day!

2 Mal (Daughter of Maleficent)
3 Audrey (Daughter of Aurora)
4 Jane (Daughter of Fairy God Mother)
5 Freddie (Daughter of Dr. Faciler)
6 Lonnie (Daughter of Mulan)
7 Ben (Son of Belle)
8 Carlos (Son of Cruella de Vil)
9 Jay (Son of Jafar)
10 Allie (Daughter Of Alice)

The Contenders

11 Jordan (Daughter of the Genie)
12 Doug (Son of Dopey)
13 Chad (Son of Cinderella)
14 Ruby (Daughter Of Rapunzel)
15 Esme (Daughter of Esmeralda)
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