Top 10 Disney World Height Requirements

This is a list of certain rides at Disney with height requirements.

The Top Ten

1 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (Disneyland Paris) 55"

It's a roller coaster with sharp turns, sudden drops, and 1 loop, it has the highest height requirement, 55" - Gregory

2 Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain (Disneyland Paris) 52"

It's the most intense version of Space Mountain, it used to be Space Mountain From the Earth to the Moon, and then Disney turned it into Mission 2, and then again, into Hyperspace Mountain Rebel Mission (which is honestly just stupid).
It's the fastest Space Mountain and the only one with a launch and inversions.
The minimum height requirement was once 52"
Now it’s at 48”. - Gregory

3 Autopia (Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Disney Paris) 52"

It's a stupid ride where you drive to "test your driving skills", and you only go 7 mph, and the tracks are guided, so you bump into the guides, and also, others will bump into you.
The minimum height requirement is 52", to drive, though it's 32" to ride.
Ironic - Gregory

4 Summit Plummet (Disney's Blizzard Beach) 48"

It's the flagship attraction at Blizzard Beach and one of the tallest and fastest water slides in the world.
You go anywhere from 50 to 60 mph depending on your weight, but thrilling nonetheless and something you'll never forget.
The minimum height requirement is 48" - Gregory

5 Rock N' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disneyland Paris) 48"

It's the most intense roller coaster we have at Disney World, and one of the most intense at Disneyland Paris, and it has a launch where you go up to 57 mph in 2.8 seconds, and it has 2 loops and 1 corkscrew.
The minimum height requirement is 48" - Gregory

6 California Screamin' (Disneyland) 48"

It's the biggest and fastest ride at Disneyland CA, and the only one there with a launch and loop, you go 55 mph in 4 seconds.
The minimum height requirement is 48" - Gregory

7 Slush Gusher (Disney's Blizzard Beach) 48"

It's one of the water slides at Blizzard Beach, and it's 90 feet with 2 dips.
The minimum height requirement is 48" - Gregory

8 Crush N' Gusher (Disney's Typhoon Lagoon) 48"

It's a series of water coasters and the 1st in Florida, there are 3 different types with their own turns and thrill levels, but each will provide an experience and you'll land in the pool.
the minimum height requirement is 48" - Gregory

9 Primeval Whirl (Disney's Animal Kingdom) 48"

It's a Wild Mouse coaster at Animal Kingdom, and it includes sharp turns and a few drops, and you spin at the same time.
The minimum height requirement for this one is 48" - Gregory

10 Spooky Doo Doo Beezopity Coaster (Disneyland) 69”

This is not a real ride.

The Contenders

11 RC Racer (Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland) 47"

It's a Shuttle coaster, so you go backward as well as go forward, kinda like Everest, and it's meant to replicate the RC Racer toy set, and the minimum height requirement is 47" - Gregory

12 Splash Mountain (Disneyland, Magic Kingdom) 40" Splash Mountain is a log flume at Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort, based on the characters, stories, and songs from the 1946 Disney film Song of the South.

It's a classic log flume ride, that tells the story of the Song of the South, and there are 5 drops, including the last one, which is 50", where you go down at a 45 degree angle at 40 mph.
The track length at the Disneyland version is 2640', 2600' for Magic Kingdom, and 2840' for Tokyo Disneyland.
The minimum height requirement is 40"(though for Tokyo's, is 35"). - Gregory

13 Expedition Everest (Disney's Animal Kingdom) 44"

A big roller coaster that tells the story of an expedition on Mt. Everest, and coming face to face with a Yeti, who is on the loose ripping up tracks.
It's 199.5' tall, and one part of it goes backwards in the dark, and then you come back out, in an 80' drop and back in and out till you see the Yeti for the final time.
The minimum height requirement is 44", though there's controversy in that.
Many people who had just met the minimum height requirement still find it to be too intense and scary. - Gregory

14 Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) 44"

It's an indoor roller coaster in the dark and the 1st and oldest roller coaster in Florida, and the world's 1st to be computer operated.
It's space themed, and you'll be surprised to find out that it only goes at a wimpy top speed of 28 mph.
However, the darkness and special effects involved, along with your senses, make it seem much faster and wilder.
The minimum height requirement is 44" - Gregory

15 Crush's Coaster (Disneyland Paris) 42"

This may be based off a kids movie, but the ride is actually not as wimpy as you might first think(spoiler:)(another indoor roller coaster), and it's supposed to simulate the East Australian Current(and you spin at the same time).
The minimum height requirement is 42", so it's only for a fair amount of little ones(though they might find it rather intense). - Gregory

16 Roaring Rapids (Shanghai Disneyland) 42"

It's a white-water raft through the rapids, and there is the monster Q’aráq, you go through a whirlpool and past simulated volcanic geysers and vents, and then ride ends with a drop, and you will get wet and you may get Soaked.
The minimum height requirement is 42" - Gregory

17 Test Track (Epcot) 40"

A ride where you create and ride your own car and go through testing, and includes sharp turns and stops, along with a high speed acceleration during the finale along with banked turns.
The top speed is 64.9 mph, making it the fastest ride on Disney property.
The minimum height requirement is 40" - Gregory

18 Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (Hong Kong Disneyland) 44"

It's similar to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and like a miniature version of Expedition Everest, it goes backwards in one part, and it has a 35 mph launch near the end of the ride out of the mountain.
The minimum height requirement is 46" - Gregory

19 Avatar Flight of Passage (Disney's Animal Kingdom) 44"

It's a flight simulator that simulates flying a banshee over Pandora.
The ride is very realistic and may be too intense for those afraid of heights or the feeling of falling.
The ride is notorious for having seating restraints that prohibit guests of certain body shapes or sizes from riding, which is one of the reasons why there's a test vehicle outside the attraction.
The minimum height requirement is 44" - Gregory

20 Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris) 40"

It's the famous Star Wars ride, it once closed for the new version, which shows more adventure and different stories.
The ride is rough and not for those with health problems.
The minimum height requirement is 40" - Gregory

21 Mission: SPACE - Green/Earth (Epcot) 40" Mission: Space is a centrifugal motion simulator thrill ride at Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

It's the mild version of the ride, so there's no spinning and it doesn't give you g-forces like the orange one, and now it's called Earth, and it now has a minimum height requirement of 40"(thanks to the new booster seats), so it's much more family friendly.
The orange version, on the other hand, is not family friendly, as it simulates realistic spaceflight, and is only for those in perfect health with no issues or history of them.
It claimed 194 to the paramedics and 2 people died, and none of that happened with the green one.
If you can handle orange/Mars, then you can handle anything. - Gregory

22 Kali River Rapids (Disney's Animal Kingdom) 38"

It's a white-water raft through the rapids, the story is about deforestation, and there's a 30' drop, and you will get wet and you may get Soaked.
The minimum height requirement is 38" - Gregory

23 The Barnstormer (Magic Kingdom) 35"

It's a junior coaster, and a perfect introduction for kids at Disney World on roller coasters.
The story used to be that goofy tested out his new plane, but he flew out of control and crashed into a barn, this was when Toontown Fair was around.
Disney took away Toontown Fair for the new Fantasyland expansion called Storybook Circus, which surprisingly fits with Dumbo.
Now the story is that Goofy is performing aerobatic stunts, which involves crashing into a billboard.
The minimum height requirement is 35" - Gregory

24 Gadget's Go Coaster (Disneyland) 35"

It's a junior coaster, and a perfect introduction for kids at Disneyland on roller coasters.
The ride is based (not on Inspector Gadget, but) on Gadget Hackwrench from Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.
At least Toontown's still around at Disneyland.
The minimum height requirement is 35" - Gregory

25 Matterhorn Bobsleds (Disneyland) 42"

It used to be 35" but they raised it after adding new ride vehicles

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