Top 10 Best Disney "I Want" Songs

I should've made this list a long time ago! An "I want" song is a song in which a character expresses their desires through music. And Disney has quite a lot of those songs so let's discuss them!

The Top Ten

1 Go the Distance - Hercules

Go the Distance is the best Disney song of all time! But the sad part is it's from one of the worst Disney movies ever. This is outstanding writing from Alan Menken! In the movie, Hercules sets out to find out where he truly belongs! He wants to find his destiny! And his destiny is to be a true hero! He's singing about his personal issues and goes to resolve them! Such a powerful song! And a very inspirational one! It's too bad they didn't put this much effort into THE REST OF THE MOVIE! I still think the ending of this movie is the worst ending to any movie ever! Go the Distance is one of the very few good things about Hercules! It doesn't make the movie good, but it is still the best song in Disney history! - MegaSoulhero

A song for dreamers and outcasts.

Also, @MegaSoulhero, literally every sentence of yours ends with an exclamatory mark. Chilll. lol - ShuhBanggg

2 Reflection - Mulan

Mulan is hot! With that said, this is a very powerful song! At this point in the movie, Mulan wants to find out who she is on the inside! Not who everyone else wants her to be! Lea Salonga's vocal performance really make us understand Mulan's struggles! It's a short song but it's still enough for us to care about Mulan and what she's feeling! The way they have Mulan looking at her reflection makes this an even stronger moment! Of course, if I looked as beautiful as Mulan, I would look at my reflection all day! Definitely the hottest Disney princess! - MegaSoulhero

Mulan has a powerful, phenomenal soundtrack. True To Your Heart is the epitome of Disney songs for me.

3 Out There - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I think it goes without saying that the Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the best Disney films ever! It's about a weird looking guy who lost his mother as a kid and is taken under the care of the antagonist, Judge Frollo, and is forced to stay in the bell tower with nothing but annoying gargoyles to talk to. He then sings a song about how he wants to leave the bell tower and roam the town. Out of all the songs on this list, this is probably the most emotional one! Quasimodo was tired of being abused by Frollo for his entire life. In this song, he states that as long as he gets to spend one day out there, he would be happy! I totally don't blame him! He really deserves to go out into town for at least one day! He deserves to be happy! The instrumental background as well as Quasi's emotions while he's singing really emphasizes how much he wants this! Such a very dramatic movie! - MegaSoulhero

Well I mean the guy who starred in Amadaeus sang this so Quasimodo's voice does sound very nice. - Anonymousxcxc

4 How Far I'll Go - Moana

Yes I love this one - Ilovedolphins4b

How Far I'll Go is the more recent Disney "I want" song! Moana wants to go sailing on the sea but her father doesn't let anyone leave the island. Almost reminds me of the Little Mermaid! There are a ton of clich├ęs in this film, and of course the "I want" song is one of them. But it's actually a really good song! It makes sense that Moana wants to go out into the ocean! She's been on that island her entire life and wants to discover more! I can't wait for Auli'i Cravalho to perform this song at the Oscars on Sunday! I doubt it will win an Oscar since it's up against City of Stars and Audition from La La Land. Such an awesome movie! How Far I'll Go is still a fantastic song! Just not Oscar-worthy! - MegaSoulhero

I love this song!

I've been staring at the edge of the water, long as I can remember never really knowing why!

5 Belle - Beauty and the Beast

The hills are alive with the sound of music! Oops. Wrong song. The song "Belle" pretty much introduces us to the main character, Belle. She is an independent, beautiful girl who lives in a little town and spends her time reading books. In this song, she claims that she wants more than this provincial life. And we're gonna have to hear Emma Watson sing this song in the live action film. Actually, if you went to California Adventure recently, you probably saw this entire musical number from the live action film. Emma is an ok singer but a pretty bland actress. I also find it ironic that they cast her in a movie called BEAUTY and the Beast! This song is honestly much better in the animated film! Paige O'Hara has much better voice! - MegaSoulhero

First thing that popped into my head when I read the title of the list. - Elric-san

6 Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid

This is a good song but I also find it to be a little overrated. That's because Ariel is singing about how she has all this awesome stuff and how she lives an awesome life, but that's not enough for her! At least the meaning of this song is better than I Just Can't Wait to be King since Simba is basically singing about wanting his dad to die! I can't hate Part of Your World though since it has a nice and relaxing tune and Ariel has a very powerful singing voice! However, Ariel's voice is what got her into trouble in the first place! Yeah, I have a really hard time saying nice things about Ariel. - MegaSoulhero


7 I Just Can't Wait to Be King - The Lion King

This song is catchy I don't care what anyone else says

This song was my childhood. I remember that me, my sister and my dad would all sing the lyrics to the song with each of us having a different line. I was always Simba.

Amaze balls

8 A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Cinderella

There are VERY few songs in Cinderella! That I can think of. The most memorable one would have to be... Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! But a close second would have to be A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes! This works out as a very great "I want" song! It has one of the best Disney song lyrics! "No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true." She's basically saying that we shouldn't give up on our dreams! Cinderella doesn't state exactly what she wants in this song, but I think we all know that she wants to stop being a slave to her stepsisters and live a royal life! Which ends up happening at the end of the film! So dreams really do come true! - MegaSoulhero

9 Just Around the Riverbend - Pocahontas

Pocahontas has such an amazing soundtrack! Just Around the Riverbend may not be the best song in the movie, but it is an excellent "I want" song! Not just lyrically, but visually too! This song gives us a feel of what Pocahantas's character is all about! She really likes to go on adventures! She wants to find which path her life will take her to! Just like the other songs in the movie, this one is amazing! It's the kind of song that tricks you into thinking it will be a good movie! But then you have to deal with a bunch of boring scenes, a couple that has a lack of chemistry, and the main character learning English from THE WIND! - MegaSoulhero

10 I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book

The Newcomers

? Touch the Sky - Brave

A song about Merida's desire to be a free spirit outside the confines of princess life. - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

? Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty

Aurora sings about her desire for true love - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

The Contenders

11 When You Wish Upon a Star - Pinocchio

Disney's Anthem! - Andyman234

12 Almost There - The Princess and the Frog

Jazzy, Fun, and well sung, plus it's about a woman working hard for what she wants and almost getting it. Even if it's not what she really wants in the end, it makes us want it for her. This song is inspiring and fun. It rocks.

Besides Zootopia, my favorite Disney movie. and a great song to boot

13 When Will My Life Begin - Tangled

Tangled is tied with Frozen as my 11th favorite Disney film! However, unlike Frozen, the songs in Tangled are pretty forgettable! The only ones that really stand out are I See the Light and the "I want" song, When Will My Life Begin! Rapunzel has been living in a tower literally her entire life so she wants to be able to go outside! But her "mother" won't let her because she claims it's too dangerous. She's not wrong considering who our president is, but Gothel just wants Rapunzel to stay in the tower for her own selfish reasons. I feel like most of us can relate to Rapunzel during this song! There have been times when our parents don't let us go outside even though we really want to. I also really like the reprise of this song! Tangled is a great movie and this song is underrated! - MegaSoulhero

This song was awesome! In this the lyrics were graet and rhymed. It was meaning and the tune was cheerful and good. Her adapting ability and turning her boring hours into interesting ones are best. At the last, she turns worried, that will her mother let her out of the tower or not.

14 For the First Time in Forever - Frozen

Who cares!? I like this movie! Anna and Elsa haven't seen each other for many years despite living in the same castle together! But that all changed when coronation day came along! Out of excitement, Anna sings about how the gates are finally opening! She even realizes that she can finally meet her true love! This is something that Anna has wanted for a long time! This song has a lot of energy to it! I don't know why people hate it! Kristen Bell is a surprisingly good singer! I even got to see her perform this live at the D23 Expo in 2015! The tone of this song is very appropriate since it shows that Anna is finally getting what she's been waiting for! I don't know why people consider Frozen to be the worst Disney movie ever considering Mulan 2 and Home on the Range exist. But I'm not the kind of guy to judge opinions! - MegaSoulhero

One thing I can't agree with is that Kristin Bell is a good singer. It's not my most hated song of all time, but Princess Anna does not really deserve a true love, even though she is better than the average Frozen character due to her heroism. And yes, some straight-to-video Disney sequels (especially Beauty & the Beast: Belle's Magical World tied with The Hunchback of Notre Dame II), Home on the Range, some Disney Channel original movies (especially Teen Beach Movie), Mr. Magoo and Chicken Little make Frozen (which I have a mixed, albeit unfavorable review on Frozen) look like Fantasia! I saw your comparison towards Cars 2 and Norm of the North. IRYO too, and I like Cars 2. For me, Cars 2's predecessor is the weakest Pixar movie. I give Cars 2 a 7/10 (a 9 for the animation, a 9 for the sound, a 5 for the story and a 5 for the characters). So please tell me (in an in-depth way) why you hate the animation of Cars 2 so much. - The Ultimate Daredevil, respecting MegaSoulhero's opinion on ...more

15 Let It Go - Frozen

This song should be number one this is the best song ever

I don't care what anyone says! Let it Go rocks! It is so catchy! It is inspirational and gives me a great feeling! I love how you can find out about Elsa's real feelings!

love it - Andyman234

Elsa should get a rock thrown at her head.

Wonder if CAPS GIRL is still around? - mattstat716

16 I Want It All - Ashley Tisdale

This is an amazing song from a Disney channel movie. Best I want song ever


17 I'm Wishing - Snow White

The very 1st I want song ever - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

18 Strangers Like Me - Tarzan

A song about Tarzan's desire to understand the human world he's been isolated from until now - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

19 Do You Wanna Build a Snow Man? - Frozen
20 Jack's Lament - The Nightmare Before Christmas
21 If Only - Decendents
22 One Jump Ahead - Aladdin

Specifically the reprise about his desire for society to look past his social class and see his true self - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

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