Top Ten Disney Jr. Characters We Wanna Punch In the Face


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1 Nina (Nina Needs to Go) Nina (Nina Needs to Go)

This girl needs to learn to control her bladder. - Minecraftcrazy530

She always says it will never happen again but it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

My sis loves this show! So annoying

What on earth do you have diarrhea!

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2 Amber (Sofia the First) Amber (Sofia the First)

She needs to be number 1 she is rude and snobbish. What is wrong with you people why did you vote 10 characters a head of the one that deserves to be punched the most? - ChaunceyButler

At least she was better off sister-less in canon until Roland and Miranda became a step-couple who got married which means she and Sofia turned into stepsisters in canon.

Why isn't this #1? It's beyond obvious. Either tied with Sofia or by herself. In some ways, I think Amber deserves to be #1 by herself. She really stands out on this list.

I wish I saw the 2D cel more hand drawn, more classical version of Amber in canon.

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3 Jake (Jake and the Neverland Pirates) Jake (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

If I would be mewtwo I would use psychic powers and force him to poke his eyes out with this weak sword

I'll take that wooden sword of his and then shove it up his ass!

Can I be Mew and use overheat on him?

4 Doc (Doc McStuffins) Doc (Doc McStuffins)

This show makes my MOM'S stomach hurt!

It should've been Chilly on this spot instead.

5 Henry (Henry Hugglemonster) Henry (Henry Hugglemonster) V 1 Comment
6 Callie (Sheriff Callie's Wild West) Callie (Sheriff Callie's Wild West)

She is always such a smartass

7 Sofia (Sofia the First) Sofia (Sofia the First)

I hate Sofia the first! But the worst part is that I have the same name as here and I look EXACTLY like her except her blue eyes. When some one calls me "Sofia the first " because they think I like her she is not the only one who I want to punch in there puny face!

No ne can be that perfect. She is such a goody two shoes it's a wonder she didn't get picked on.

At least she was better off sister-less in canon until Miranda and Roland became a step-couple who got married which means she and Amber turned into stepsisters in canon.

Craig, when are you going to reveal Sofia's birth father and James and Amber's birth mother?

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8 Mickey (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) Mickey (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Thumbs up if you would only punch Mickey in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and in no other show

You got it! The message I always copy.

Only THAT Version of Him...

I hate mickey mouse!

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9 Manny (Handy Manny) Manny (Handy Manny)

He looks like he has the default face in ROBLOX

Punch Manny right in his Manny parts!

He looks like Mario and Lumpy had a baby.

I know I have the default face in ROBLOX I reccomend Pokemon legends on ROBLOX

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10 Oso (Special Agent Oso) Oso (Special Agent Oso)

He's not a spy. Spies don't go and help kids brush their teeth or make party hats. They risk their lives to help their country. Who would even recruit a yellow and green fat bear? Slow and sticks out. I wanna kill him, not just punch him.

That's not the worst, when he asks how to do things, the KIDS who didn't know what to do with it, replies with the answer. UGH - MUSHROOM

This bear should be protecting people and his nation, not helping dim-witted kids do the simplest things.

I kinda remember him from my childhood

My fave T.V. show

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11 Miles (Miles From TomorrowLand) Miles (Miles From TomorrowLand)

I hate this annoying stupid kid. He has a terrible life a terrible family a terrible pet and terrible friends. Oh wait.. He has no friends

I like the show but I think its more because his sister Loretta facinates me. I also find his friends more entertianing then miles. - majormanafemale

12 Kion (The Lion Guard) Kion (The Lion Guard) A lion cub who's the son of Simba and Nala, Mufasa's grandson, Kiara's younger brother, the prince of the Pride Lands, and the leader of the Lion Guard. He's the group's fiercest member. Kion serves as the main protagonist of the series.

I refuse to believe that kion or the lion guard is canon, I just think it's a terrible idea

Should be higher on the list because The Lion Guard is a bad show and should be cancelled immediately! Plus, Kion is not a good character at all.

He and his "guard" deserve a punch in the face. His show sucks.

He isn’t even an official son of Simba! He’s just a yellow fur ball ( Yes, a Scar quote 👿 ) With hope he’ll be a king but I bet you he’s gonna end up like Scar.

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13 Annie (Little Einsteins) Annie (Little Einsteins)

My cousin has a crush on her.

She is smallest so she would tell her mum and she would call the police

YEAH, but let's not.

drop her from the empire state building. Dumb bitch deserves it for being a annoying.

14 Tick Tock Croc (Jake and The Neverland Pirates) Tick Tock Croc (Jake and The Neverland Pirates)

Don't Punch him! Or else he will eat you alive!

Better, get him to eat the rest of the cast.

The only likable character

I actually don't wanna punch him because he is so brave that he swallowed a clock and tries to eat the capitain of the most evil people in the animated series

15 Thurston (The Lion Guard)
16 Cubby (Jake and the Neverland Pirates) Cubby (Jake and the Neverland Pirates) V 2 Comments
17 Chuggington (Chuggington) Chuggington (Chuggington) Chuggington is a British children's computer-animated television series produced by Ludorum plc. It is broadcast on the BBC children's channel CBeebies and other channels internationally, including in the United States on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

Sadly we can't because he's a train but I hate him. - Discord1

Um chuggington is not actually a charactrer. It's the name of the show. but koko wilson and brewster need to get punched - cartoonfan101

We can't because he is steel and it hurts but we could take a truck and ram him :3

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18 Bunga (The Lion Guard) Bunga (The Lion Guard)

I hate this little snot with a passion. Not only he deserves to be punched in the face, but he deserves to be eaten, too.

Finally someone agrees with me on Bunga. He is so annoying, and mean, too. I'm going to FALCON PUNCH him in the face.

He is so annoying.

He is The Lion King/Guard's answer to Scrappy Doo, believe it or not. Yes, he is that horrible. Definitely needs to be higher on this list!

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19 Boomer (Kate & Mim-Mim) Boomer (Kate & Mim-Mim)

One time he burped when he turned to a giant I went and mute the commercial because of that idiot Boomer. - ShopkinsLover

While I enjoy show in so dumb its entertiang way. I can't blaming anyone for wanting to take swing at Boomer. - majormanafemale


Don't even get me STARTED how annoying he is! Reason 1: Boomer Is a blue unknown creature who likes to break the rules. Reason 2: Anything could happen to him to put it to Kate. Reason 3: He gets to pick a yucka-bush when tack gets ready with his smell strongerizer. Plus, Yucka-boomer can play smelly-tag and yucka-tag THE FIESTY 5!

20 Izzy (Jake and the Neverland Pirates) Izzy (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

Jake x Izzy, imagine them when they are older. Jake is going to beat up Izzy like Chris Brown did to Rihanna. - TeenTitansGoSucks

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