Disneycember #2 Fantasia

The next big hit from Walt Disney... what do you get with classic melodies combined with great animation that my friend is Fantasia, and what is it exactly about this phenomenon that's got us revisiting it time to time, and always loving every second of it, and yet have an unexpected tie-in game which seemed strange in the 4th gen era of consoles how could we have gone from here.

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Film: Now my way of looking back at movies are a bit different from experts this is looking at it from a casual stand point so this would technically be the first one I select, and as it starts what was mind blowing for its time is this was early 40's, and while color was not established yet the animation still looks fairly well for its time unlike other early works. You see a rendition of cutting away to the conductor, and his orchestra along with the animation piece being performed int he combo is quite the breath of fresh air. My favorites are The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Dance of the Hours, and yes the infamous Night on Bald Mountain finish. While there is one piece where many question if Walt Disney is racist i'm not gonna question that, but hey you dare to see The Pastoral Symphony proceed with caution. Imagine if this was redone now and in a virtual Broadway like setting that would be cool to see happen. Great selection of pieces mix in with classical inspired tones equals to one of the best Disney films that I have ever seen in my life and for being the 3rd made Disney films it still has the charm over films like Snow White or Pinocchio. If there was a movie Walt Disney wanted to be remembered by this would be his golden achievement despite some controversy in the climax portion. While were at it I guess we can briefly talk about its sequel which isn't nearly as incredible just by the beginning along bringing in household celebrities that was a turn off, and while the pieces were not that bad just something about it made it forgettable overtime.

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Video Games: There are three different types of video games where Fantasia elements can be found in an Atari 2600 title, and in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. In the Atari 2600 game where its based on The Sorcerer's Apprentice segment the goal is to ''collect falling stars and comets which will prevent the marching brooms from flooding Yen Sid's cavern like in the film itself.'' The problem though is look at its gameplay I mean just look at it your shooting in all sorts of angle hoping to have good reflexes. Its a fine game, but very boring honestly to revisit. Skip ahead to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and while there are some elements found in Fantasia only a small portion in the first game when you fight Chernabog from Night At Bald Mountain which is pretty difficult I must say once you get that far into the game. In Kingdom Hearts II Sorcerer master Yen Sid is seen frequently in the midst of the story element. Now we have come to the main attraction the Sega Genesis had an actual game dedicated to the film Fantasia exclusively. Well at least the music is accurate in 16 bits without the constant looping over and over. To put it in essence to be honest the game itself is frustrating just hard to beat after getting midway through because the controls are not precise. Every time you beat a level guess what the different song variation even though its jump loops is that much of a reward for such a dull game thus far. Would I say play it out of curiosity no go watch the film instead. You want feel any joy playing this not remotely and now our feature presentation concludes.


Fantasia is the best Walt Disney Animated Movie - iliekpiez