Disneycember #4 Darkwing Duck

The Disney afternoon is the home to some of the best animated shows of all time DuckTales, Gargoyles, TaleSpin, and of course Darkwing Duck. Being apart of one of the greatest kid blocks of its time it had a great premise, and has since yet to be rebooted, but since DuckTales went well could it happen in the future is the question? Like many other licenses they had three different version based on the animated series. The legacy build from a character from another truly Disney back than had some rad ideas that were pretty awesome to see be of quality in the early 90's compared to the other kid channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network which didn't have original content until the mid to late 90's. Time to get dangerous ladies and gentleman!

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Animated Series: ''Cloud of smoke and he appears The master of surprise Who's that cunning mind behind The shadowy disguise? Nobody knows for sure But bad guys are out of luck 'Cause here comes Darkwing Duck Look out!'' Indeed this very dark Disney superhero takes a whole spin of his own coming out of DuckTales as a side character. Our Main protagonist is voiced by the man who shall be only known as Jim since his last name gives bad vibes to those that read it in odd flags. One of those cartoon where it felt awesome to come home from school watching something of good quality each and every episode. The whole setting of the show can be taken from various golden age comics which would be DC of course. It got little respect however in terms of only bringing in two nominated awards in 92'. In a way the critics back than were hard on it, while others decades later love it in high regards how much a decade can change.

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Video Game Versions: Like many other Disney Afternoon cartoons this one had three different types of game versions. the NES one has a feel in the opening menu of the show a bit. This one was made by Capcom well that's cool, and its much better than the game we started with. The soundtracks pretty good, and the controls are somewhat smooth. You can deflect projectiles with your cape, and as well collect different types of special Gas to function on ammunition. While it has element of Mega Man that's not bad thing since this a good example of a clone done right where its playable, and a bit challenging, but get easy once you get the pattern down. You have to take down seven bosses in different stage location, Reminds of Scott Pilgrim in a way. It eventually came back in a The Disney Afternoon Collection and was one of the games to return for those who did love it that much, and honestly this is a very good licensed Disney game. Its handheld counterpart plays similar only different is the controls are bit difficult to master compared to the console version and of course in black and white.

All thing come to an end from here as now we play the opposite of good, and what I mean is the Turbografx 16 version. until other console its inserted like a SD card kinda like your phones of today. Next when you go and hit an enemy on the head it either works, or it doesn't properly work, and thus the game is way too hard to beat in that sense. Darkwing takes a beating in this game just ruthlessly. You can use the gas gun, but its very ineffective for the most part. Oh actually back up a few steps the difficulty selection I chose medium and its impossible. On easy it ain't much better really might as well be Ultra Hard, and Nightmare like how DOOM does it. What I hate the most is if you wait too long the game will literally insult your intelligence by dropping a safe on top of you from out of no where. I chose not to finish the due to how insane it is to even beat in such sensitive ways toe die over and over and over. While not everything got this low let's remember the good portions of Darkwing Duck,and not this game and now our feature presentation concludes.


I love the series and I love the game - iliekpiez