Disneycember #5 Disney's Hercules

In the late 90's Disney films were kinda down the peak to how they were in the early 90's were masterpieces, but this one year later the fans are very mixed about and that is Hercules some say it flat out terrible, or they like it no matter how they view it initially. Like many other films it spawned at least a video game during it time, and it was actually a playable game for its time. Like Hercules i'm still journeying on 12 Labours of my own this month.

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Film: Awe yes Disney's version of Hercules starts prominently geek like, followed by a good score tune. It may not be my everyday music it is so good in this film. Hades (played by James Woods) wants to poison Zeus's child (Hercules) of not being entirely immortal no longer he sends out his two minions to go back down to earth in doing so almost succeed only the little drop did not go. Eventually as Hercules grows up he meets Phil who is voiced by the awesome Danny DeVito, and the tone for the film turns into a comedy type scenery which isn't that bad a more kid friendly approach that works in this aspect. While training with Phil he meets Meg captured by a centaur. Hercules easily defeats him only to find out she is working for Hades behind his back. Meg reports that Hercules is not dead, and that his minions have failed to demoralize his superstrength. The new plan is to have him trapped to face the CGI Hydra which still looks pretty freaky to this day. Hercules celebrates his victory with Meg, and she starts to fall for him a bit only for Hades to reveal to Hercules that she was under her wing. He agreed to lose his powers, but in the process Meg is killed, and Hercules must swim in the pit of souls to rescue to the spirited body. He wins, and Hades is swimming with the dead souls as the Titans all disappeared from Mount Olympics is saved. This is definitely not a perfect film the story elements is missing a lot of the mythology ways such as the 12 Labours he actually does endure where they only show you the one battle in the mid point of the film. What I love most about it once again great soundtrack I mean I can't get enough of Zero the Hero its that epic of a song. The voicing is great, something about it just still feels good to me, but for those diehards who love that type of subject don't really like it that much, and thus a very mixed crowd. In terms of not being too serious tone, and be more of a comedy like approach its good. Now if I were to pick this or Dwayne Johnson's Hercules I probably would watch that one more because that's way more accurate in the timeline setting.

Animated Series: There are few films to spawn a spinoff in which we follow mythology great Hercules in his teenage years for fifty two episodes on the Disney Saturday morning block. It expands a little more away from the training aspect, but still retains James Woods as Hades that's a fitting touch. A bit forgotten though as well as many special guests have appeared in this long gone show, and I gotta say that's pretty impressive. While I didn't watched this that much some of the episodes I have seen of it its alright.

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PS1 Video Game: Just as the film would release a week later here's its video game counterpart. It has a lot of the films take just not really cutscenes of any sorts, and its a action side scrolling kinda platformer. You have a health bar, and you collect letters of Hercules's name there would be other games to follow with this idea. You fight through ten levels with difficulty varying from Beginner, Medium, and Herculean. There are vases that can be found, but there very rarely seen, and its actually pretty hard to find them in each mission. You face various bosses some easy, and some more complicated. Honestly the game aspect is just slightly better just based on what you end up facing is more than what you really saw in the animated film. I would say play this if you get the chance if not so be it off to the pit of souls I guess and now our feature presentation concludes.


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