Disneycember #6 Winnie The Pooh

I'm gonna go a little bit up and down about this memorable Disney character from the 70's to now a Bear that would be known as Winnie the Pooh odd name, but it resonated well with fans and they had no problem with it. As I was a id I loved the whole idea as a kid, but as I phased and got older I was just like soso not sure how that turned, but this revisiting should be quite fascinating.

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Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Let's back up a little bit on this because the original film in 77' was based on three different sets of books combined into one pretty much. For being the first one it was a very good films much better than its previous ones by far in The Aristocats, and Robin Hood beats those forgettable films. What I love most is how it starts up with the real life bear and than we dive into the story I always liked the touch something Disney films just don't oftenly do. We see a boy named you guessed it Christopher Robin, and his animal pals Tiger, Piglet, Pooh, Rabbit, Owl, and others. Yeah that is the other thing about this the side characters are so memorable I can literally name them like that. It does pay great deviance to those classic novels, and in doing so a charming film for its time, but very dated looking siting in reflecting on it years later where I haven't seen this in quite a long time. Here's some facts I never realized with the Pooh voice actors was not originally well the man that shall not be named since his last name is supposedly illegal so let's just call him Jim, and instead was voiced by Sterling Holloway who is also the original voice of Kaa from The Jungle Book he eventually pasted away in 92' leaving Jim to be the carrying voice actor quite the strong choice to have.

New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: This late 80's animated series follows the gang again like in the film with a lot of the same touches for the most with slightly different voice actors as previous stated. The show was of quality although not many may remember it as well as its film counterpart. Not sure why they had to almost copy the exact same title as the film only difference is Many and New well its defiantly a lot of new 50 episode adventures alright that lives up somewhat. It did see a few episodes its a fairly good show for what it did do.

The Tigger Movie: What feels like a direct to DVD type film is actually not as once again a cast change i made, and Jim now has voiced both Pooh and Tigger wow that's a lot of material to work with. It follows the story focusing on Tigger, and its okay. Instead of a story around the whole gang we will put the spotlight onto Tigger which I get, but how would the turnout be? Its okay some people really like Tigger more than Pooh I can get behind that a little bit, but I have seen this fewer times, but yeah he just causes trouble throughout the whole which is fascinating to see.

Winnie The Pooh (2011): This is the long awaited sequel fans were waiting greatly for also commonly known as Winne the Pooh (2011). I never saw this until about a few years later not knowing there actually was a sequel to the predecessor. The story goes that they must find Christopher Robin who was taken by a villainous scum creature named Backsoon as they journey on a treacherous adventure. It retains a lot of the humor it had in the past films made, and in actuality the creature they seen a message of was not real, and it really meant he'd be back soon, and oh this would not be the last film in the franchise either. I maybe wrong for the longest I kept saying Princess and the Frog carried the tradition of 2D animation well this Winnie the Pooh might of been the last to carry it.

Christopher Robin: To put an end to the iconic Pooh they made a live action version counterpart in the summer of 2018 and i'll admit I kinda teared up a bit knowing this might be the last. Christopher Robin is all grown up (played by Ewan McGregor) in his i'm gonna guessing in his 20's or 30's the film doesn't imply his age. Having established his life as a business worker along with his wife Evelyn who is a architect (played by Hayley Atwell) and They have a kid named Madeline so interesting plot from the start of theory what if Christopher was a lot more grown this is what he may do. After working very hard at the Winslow Luggages Pooh magically teleports and finds himself in London as to Christopher stunned to see him. He gets angry when he is at the whoville world acres (well that's what i'm always gonna call it.) Christopher ends up helping his friends and beats Pooh's fear in vanquishing Haffalumps, and Woozles later apologies for his outbursts at Pooh. Sleeps in the whoville world Christopher needed to go back in his real time. In doing so he also tells his family on what he embarked on to their reactions. He leaves behind his briefcase which has his work papers in it well that sucks. They try to be nice and give Christopher his things back only to meet Madeline instead. Evelyn is unaware of the situation until seeing a note lying around the home. The meeting ended up a disaster so both Christopher and Evelyn go on looking for Madeline who has is in the streets of London. There scene in a stow like truck, while the others are mistakenly thrown out. Eventually they find everybody all together as Christopher must thanks of a quick plan if he does not want to get layed off. Their split of his ideas, yet they eventually agree as for the final scene was quite a tear jerker that ranks next to Toy Story 3. This is a very dark take in the franchise, and this was very ballzy to do it in a live action setting sometimes they will not end up well and this was one I was surprised by its whole idea, and yet by such a sorrow end to put it all to bed perhaps.

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Piglet's Big Game: There was a video game made in the mid-ish 2000's by Gotham Games where Piglet is the main character to play as which is a cool concept right away seeing his voice actor was around the most in that original run it took off. They managed to get everybody for this game kudos to them for this one of the rare attempts in virtual world right. Story is based on its very forgotten film that same year however I chose this more less because I was very surprised how good it would be for a kid game on the Nintendo Gamecube nevertheless that's what I played it on. I didn't realize how vastly different the PC, and console versions were in terms of graphics. The one I played is more kinda blocky looking where if you owned it for the PC it looks more like the world its in. Yet the PC version is actually a lot lamer honestly its a point and click game where all you do is collect soup ingredients. In the version i'm most familiar with you enter everybody's dream and Piglet to overcome his fears while freeing other from their potential nightmares. I do like the theory concept, and it plays very well not great, but very good in the sense even back than wow this game was a bit scary especially some of the enemies at the time I mean that would keep gamers off guard little ones would not have suspected it. This game ain't that difficult, but a game with those who may have nightmare fuel to this day where as with I have no such of this one, and now our feature presentation concludes.


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