Disneycember #8 Emperor's New Groove

htoutlaws2012 The very early portions of Disney in the 2000's did turn for the worst, but their next attempt they just wanted to be all out humorous buddy comedy which later be known as Emperor's New Groove. With great supporting voice cast, and even got Sting to perform a song at the end it did some things right, and I personally enjoyed it wasn't trying to be too serious.

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Film: From Notre Dame medieval like times, to Greek life, and a again historian Asian culture, and to the jungle we end up in the Egyptian time with a buddy buddy comedy starring David Spade as Kuzco the Emperor. I remember the trailer of it very well really trying to hype this one up for those to see, and man more I watch it it just gets better as film keeps on going. Kuzco ends up drinking some sorta potion that turns him into a Llama. To Yzma's surprise the potion does not kill kuzco as she had planned it out when giving the message to henchmen Kronk honestly these two steal the whole film. Pacha played by John Goodman had just seen the emperor or a visit, and wouldn't have guessed he turned into a LIama. The two start to get to know one another only thing that puts them down is that Kuzco is just very arrogant, but that's David Spade for yeah. The two antagonists go out to find our heroes in the most hilarious ways possible. They encounter one another briefly at some random diner only for Yzma trapped for a birthday surprise. The two escape to Pacha's home to figure out where to ascend to the royal palace. They discover Yzma's lab was underground the whole time, and the boiling point reaches as Kronk is ordered to kill them he doesn't go through with thanks to his guilty shoulders telling him the same solution turn on Yzma. Things don't end there as she had a trap of her own to finish Kuzco things got even when she drinks the potion as if it was the anecdote it was really a transformation into a cat the real one is on top of some ledge in which was always the most confusing part of the whole film how it manage to go there but likewise Yzma is finally met her end as Kuzco is back to his old self and Pacha agrees to have Kuzcotopia nearby his home after a morale lesson is met. For its time I fought it was a wildly entertaining Disney film, but one a lot of people are very mixed about. You would think its all over right one and done nothing else later to spawn well think again.

Animated Series: Only three cast members ended up returning to do this very briefly run animated series based on the film in a school setting not exactly the best idea out there. John Goodman eventually came back only for season 2 to do the voice of Pacha, and David Spade has a doubleganger clone voice who his name reminds of the latest Big Brother contestant somewhat. The show is not that good I gotta say despite some of them actually returning to their roles just something about it didn't click with me very well, and thus I only saw few episodes that revolved around well school, and that's it.

Kronk's New Groove: I do like the approach of what they could do with a direct sequel, and to be honest its one of the better ones out there the animation isn't horrendous looking, and for how short the film is its pretty entertaining, and it stars Kornk A.K.A Patrick Warburton whose pretty funny guy himself. Only one new few in in this film is Kronk's love life in Miss Birdwell played by Tracey Ullman. Pretty the whole plot is nothing, but a flashback, and it has him cooking as the chef of that diner from the first film we saw. At one point early in the film Kronk describes his father nuzzle total rejection that ends up coming back towards the end only for his approval instead. They dance while once again we cut away to a interesting ending where Yzma is attacked and looked to be dead perhaps well than that's one way to end the films ironically enough. I don't think its 0% worthy like Rotten Tomatoes oh no that's too harsh. Its fine for what it did not trying to be taken that seriously unlike its predecessor.

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Video Game: Like every Disney film there is also a video game tie in, and this one is kinda similar to a past video game in Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge with Argonauts Games who made that game also did this one as well. Its a platformer where you play mainly as kuzco in 3rd person. Main goal throughout your wondering is ''get to the end of each level without losing all health.'' Each level starts up coins will be around and you use them for completion if that's what you want to do okay I guess. Sadly none of the actors returned for their roles to voice for this game. While getting all the coins you are also needing to see where the main enemy is in each set level that isn't Yzma all the time so really its like looking for secrets which is what you may also do as well. strangely Kuzco has mission where he is turned into different animal as he drinks each potion which end up a Frog, Turtle, or a Rabbit odd right these weren't in the film. Speaking of that what I do like is that it reminds me of the movie itself with some of the footage taken from it to use for certain parts that do fit in. Like Nasira's Revenge its a decent game not that terrible, but it could of been worse it could of felt like the actual movie without the doubleganger voices pitched in to do these, and now our feature presentation concludes.


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