Disneycember #9 Toy Story

htoutlaws2012 Now we dive in the Pixar purchased classics now and we begin with the franchise that began the dynasty in which it stands today and even has a 4th film on the way. To put it in words Toy Story is so epic its impossible to hate the trilogy there is just something about Toy coming to life where all your old vintage toys in their own adventure is just so inventive and cool at the same time.

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I: I know the fans are gonna debate what the best film in this dynamic animated trilogy, but to me it starts at the very beginning where things where at its all time revolution. Toy Story 1 is so good despite the animation aged slightly I still enjoy it everytime I rewatch it over and over again. While the villain might be the weakest choice in Sid you can't but he wants to literally breaks toy that's the common jerk person right? Buzz and Woody end up captured in his slights while the escape is incredibly thrilling, and oh the soundtrack do I need to mention how great the Randy Newman numbers are here than they were later just great. Honestly no need to describe the story because i'm pretty most people have seen this, and as well as the other two as well. This type of animation was groundbreaking and would be the beginning of more original Pixar films to come later with brilliant minds growing more and more.

II: Many were excited for the idea of a sequel to come out as the 3rd film by Pixar. Adding extra characters that were not in the original film Jessie, Bullseye, Weezie, and Emperor Zurg how awesome do we get especially that opening was wild playing a video game as the audience where confused in what they were seeing. Once again Al Steals Woody, and has him with a surrounding cast of similar territory of western theme toys which two of them I already pointed out, and Stinky Pete (voiced by Kelsey Grammer). Eventually towards the end finds out he is a bad toy to trust. The gang try to rescue Woody along the way With two buzzes have a confrontation the packaged Buzz ends up with Zurg who follows them to the airport. I do like the look here a little more than the second one it does look better, and hold up better, but I still have nostalgia actor that wins out, but two is another excellent inclusion in the Pixar lineup.

Star Command: Shortly after the success of the two dynamic films we get a sorta spinoff that had both a film, and a brief TV show right afterwards starring Buzz Lightyear. Its been a long time since I have seen this one so my vivid tone might be off with this. We see our two heroes Buzz, and Warp search for the mission Green Men. They than realize Zurg with a different voice playing different villain roles this time around Wayne Knight once again having his robotic minions go after them trespassing his fortress outpost. Buzz gets out, but Wrap ends up dying immediate well this story is actually got off to a fascinating start. After knowing of his disappearance Buzz gets a new partner in Princess Nova she obtains ghost like powers which seems a bit odd for this universal alternative timeline. Meanwhile Zurg is building a new weapon to wipe out Star Command with the Uni-Mind that controls majority against Star command as the four rangers were left standing. Wrap ends up being the double agent that hands Zurg the keys to ruling the world. Buzz fights Agent Z who is Wrap faking his death earlier well than that's a great plot twist. Eventually the rangers found a way to stop zurg's evil ways as they go ''to infinity and beyond.'' The show adaption is mostly similar expect now Tim Allen didn't do the voice in a regular basics instead replaced by Patrick Warburton.

III: Towards the end of the decade Pixar's lineup got more vast, and creative as its always been, and now it was time to complete the trilogy with the most serious toned animated film in the lineup. Andy is all grown up not sure what do to with his toys. They were gonna be thrown out the toys escape, and find themselves at a daycare center with other toys found out of the wood work. We are then greeted by Latso who is is the man guy in charge and yes you guessed it the villain of this film. This was known when the took out buzz's batteries and switched them to act to their likeness. They figure out to switch him to espanol mode which is pretty hilarious. Toys try to flee away from lotso almost made it out only for all to think its the end when there caught in the disposal, but the green aliens saved them from closing doom and it was not the end as we know it. In a karma like way of vengeance a garbage truck driver picks up lotso, and puts him on the front of the wipers as the toys go do another direction back home as Andy give the toys a new home. Honestly that's where they should of ended the Toy Story saga, and I can't see how this new one coming up will be anything close. Just thinking about a 4th film is actually pretty depressing no Jim Varney, Don Rickles, or even R. Lee Ermey seriously puts this to bed already the quality is as great as it gets, but the more you do its tarts dropping more in quality if that makes any sense.

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96': I remember this game very vividly man was this a hard game to beat I'm not kidding its a good game, but probably the hardest one to beat honestly. You have to do many different ways to beat each and every stage of the game all based on the first movie. Despite the small differences its still the very same game played otherwise. It was a good stepping stone for its sequel to come after this.

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear to the rescue: Now I will shorten what I have to say about this game because if you have seen my hidden gems review than you know how much I love this game and how much time it took in replay value is very strong compared to others. To puts more lightly a great platforming game in all categories if you are curios about it yourself. It ain't entirely like the second film, but its more on the Buzz story than it is Woody which is alright take that plays good.

Racer: A Mario Kart clone I actually skipped for some reason not sure why, but yes more ways to tackle the very awesome Toy Story success more less the first film believe it or not why because there's no evidence of unlocking Jessie or bullseye to be found. Your 4 default characters of choice include Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and RC. I chose Woody and the race begins in 5 quick seconds no loading scree or anything. What I like about this clone though is the different types of modes they pit you in to unlock more toys to play as. There is Knockout, Single, Reverse, Smash, Tag, Endurance, Time Trial, Survival, Race Cup, Collection, target, and Countdown wow that is pretty impressive what Traveller's Tales could come up with give them some effort for trying. If you like Mario Kart like games than this one is one of the more preferred clones to play for me at least there's way worse than this.

Toy Story 3 The Video Game: Graphically impressive looking of the rest of the license Toy Story titles. I gotta tell you how overlooked is Avalanche Software? They are responsible for some of the most underrated games out there many of them I have reviewed in the past, and I wouldn't call this necessary a hidden gem since I know a lot of people would played 3. Unlike the previous titles this plays more like a sandbox type for a license title that's pretty cool to see that type of change up in this day and age where that genre seems somewhat limited. The game is almost 10 years old, and with a new one coming expect another game on the horizon, and now our feature presentation concludes.


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