Disneycember #10 A Bug's Life

htoutlaws2012 Pixar's second attempt was in worlds a disappointment compared to Toy Story which brought in a big audience I still felt it was good, but it completed against Antz, and its still debatable which the audience likes more for me its A Bug's Life I like the voice cast more than the other one. Like every Pixar film there's a license, and dear god this is one of the worst video games I have ever played i'm not kidding.

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Film: Pixar's 2nd film ended up competing pretty tight with Dreamworks's Antz which is also not that bad of a film, but its more preference type for the viewer. For A Bug's Life remains the most underrated film in the history of Pixar. While its not that strong of a story as it could of been I still have enjoyment out of it compared to some of the later films.The plots are at least different in ways where Flik the one responsible for all the grasshoppers angered their food is not up and running as the other ants are confused only to realize whose fault it really was. Oh and Hopper played by Kevin Spacy is great in this, but at the same time I can't think same any longer based on the trouble he got wrecked on the worst. They decide to banish Flik for a week to find allies in the fight against grasshoppers when really all they wanted was for him to get outta there until they can refill on grain offerings. The cast I did say who are they there just circus bugs cast that consists of a Plump, Ladybug, Mantis, Moth, Black Widow, and a a pair of pullbugs. They get canned from their daily routine, and listen to what Flik has to say and agree to help him coming back to the colony to Atta's surprise the others are impressed by what he has brought back. They than plan a decoy bird to lure many of the grasshoppers when they get their when the last leaf falls nobody will survive in hopper's mind. With a stormy night in the dark out hero is getting his goods kicked in him until the real bird bird appeared, and ate up Hopper for good as Filk restored peace to the any colony.

For its time being sandwiched from Toy Story, and the next film I will be doing spoiler alert it was pretty difficult to do what came next after the groundbreaking Toy Story that brought computer animation what it it end up being today in 3D animation would become. Have its still alright, but still dated when you re-watch it 2 decades later. I do love the voice cast for this film they got great fits Denis Leary, again Kevin Spacey, Phylls Diller, Julie-Louis Dreyfus was slowly coming into her own before Veep. Again story is fairly weak what could you do with these insects exactly? For what its did it was good enough for me I still have a couple of watches any day in the life of an ant's world well in Pixar's way of things.

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Video Game: Toy Story had some pretty good selection of games over the years now that bad really, but here things went briefly south as A Bug's Life the game came out, and I got this right when the PS1 died out, and everyone had a PS2 sad I know, but anyways I remember this vividly. When I was a kid I fought it was decent, oh but growing up wow these graphics look horrible for 32 bits. The only redeemable factor of it all is that they have the movie cutscenes where as with the Nintendo 64 they had none of that and it felt more like a bland license title more than anything else. Dreyfus, Spacey, and Leary ended up not trying to reprise their voice into a video game, and thus more disappointment to come. You play 15 levels, and in doing so get the exit without dying 5 times otherwise you'll get this. ''Have you been playing all summer, well guess what you just lost.'' - Hopper Oh and here's an annoying one liner that won't get ''SUPERBERRY!'' Yeah you collects berries which I never understood the point of other than a completionists chore to do. So remember my Hercules one from few episodes ago well they brought back the spelling gimmick here, and not for the last time as it would appear in the Tarzan game as well. Enough of the minor looks, and off with the game itself. Well aside from the obvious hideous look of the game try hitting these enemies because they will never die you must keep going no matter what you do just run don't turn back type game they take so much damage its pointless to even try at all. The controls are all over the place even when I did the tutorial why does it need to be this big of a mechanical system this is pretty ridiculous when I was younger, and now still has not changed one bit. I mean aside from bonuses which are fairly okay the games still horrible in every department draw distance is bad, and even more so some of the levels are almost impossible to get past because of that case. Would I say go for it no do not get torched like I did with this in my dark ages. The film is all that matters the video game is so bad you don't want anything to do with it, and now our feature presentation concludes.


I liked the side characters best - iliekpiez