Disneycember #11 Monsters, Inc.

htoutlaws2012 Pixar's 3rd film was very successful in the idea of having a world full of monsters scare children for there job in life how touching. I'm actually gonna go backwards seeing while Inc was the first film technically speaking it was actually not the first in the timeline as its really a sequel if you look at it a different view. The video games are a mixed bag depending on how you view it you either like some of the aspects, or you just didn't like them for another some reason.

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Monsters University: I'm going a bit backwards considering the timeline is done that way since we go back to college in this case the entire premise revolved around simple that. How Mike and Sully meet for the first time exactly, and the whole idea is actually pretty good a much better pitch in than Cars 2 by far. Before Randall, and Mike would become bitter enemies in Inc. In University they were actual friends with one another, but of course Randall being a chameleon Snake fit right into the Roar Omega Roar fraternity group. When there not focusing on the main story element they do give you what would be the precursor how it all went down as they look at their future job dream before being spotted for intrusion. In the final clash the superior team won predictably while they declared Ooza Kappa the winner Mike was caught cheating, and therefore loses his wage, but his last attempt at fixing things would be a dare like no other entering a human door. Sully managed to sneak past the others to get into the door to help Mike knowing he wasn't gonna come back alive if found so they had to scare off all the humans in the cabin in order to get back to the University in one piece. They do, but in return were the two to surprise Dean Hardscrabble wishing to to luck on their journey as they go through jobs of mailing delivery it seems like, and of course apart of Monsters Inc. I gotta admit I enjoyed this one it maybe technically the first one now but it did a lot right than wrong keeping the story fascinating, and also have that feel the other film had retaining some of its musical pieces which some fought was a con I don't think so its a good balance of the old, and now done right. I say give this a shot in terms of being one of the better done ideas more than anything. Sure its weak I guess, but I found it to be good enough.

Monsters Inc.: Here is a very great Pixar film with a great premise Monsters coming into your own door giving you fears unimaginable this is going to be something right? Well it starts off like what a daily routine is like working at Monsters Inc. Only your witnessing it happen it becomes a competition to these monsters to be the top scarier as Scully being the most established of the workers. I actually prefer this voice cast than I do the newer one why is that well I like the delivery is way more done here than the other where the others just felt like filler with small parts where ere the supporting cast got big massive parts done for them. One of those would be Celia Mae (Mike's girlfriend played by Jennifer Tilly) or Frank Oz as Randall's partner, and my other favorite is the boss Mr. Henry Waternoose who you guessed it the villain. While Randall does come off a clear antagonist his more of a side henchmen you later find out. I like the tone of this film where it has more of a comedy vibe than being taken serious than of University. One day while finishing their work for the day Sully goes to Mike's papers only to realize there is a door still up and running Sully goes to check it out only to now its our lovable fearless kid named Boo Sully later named her after. Eventually the whole situation does turn pretty ugly when the kid is in their alternate universe showing mixed emotions as the FDA are searching where this could be it does well entertaining the audience with this dynamic. ''Mike Wazowski'' One of the more funnier scenes is when Sully tries to finds Boo and think oh she's dead like she was crushed in some compactor machine only to know she was alright he loses it until hearing her voice, and Mike comes by looking on. Mike is kidnapped while Sully tries to find a safe way for the kid to not be captured. The boss shows up turning on his best employers and throws the two in an frozen tundra, and a abominable snowman joining them and of course his voiced by the remarkable John Ratzenberger who does many other memorable one hit character in Pixar he was kinda like Stan Lee in the early portion of Pixar just putting on a voice, and who he'd be is the question. The two find a way outta there, and try to hurry to save Boo as Sully destroys the machine, and hightail outta the place on the other side, and by that I mean door city, and the animation site is beautiful it is something to behold. Different room scenery, to eventually A Bug's Life trailer park cameo that put Randall out of his misery thanks to Boo conquering her fears over the snake. Of course it was far from over we still have to put away the crooked boss of course, and they do manage to go back to the training room where they trap Waternoose into saying this infamous line ''I kidnap a 1,000 children before I let this company die.'' As he was taken away thanks to video evidence as both Sully, and Mike are now in charge of the place go from scaring humans to make laughs out of them okay I guess that's probably the one weakness this film has is the way it ended I guess is where wildly entertaining all the way through great replay value a true Pixar classic anybody has got to see.

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Scream Island (PS1): This game is so weird to comprehend because it doesn't relate with the film whatsoever, and further more what type of story did it really accomplish? Its more less feels like simulation meets stealth type game that hasn't aged well for late PlayStation 1 standards. The graphics look like they could been on a PC like what DOOM does, but much better scenery than this. I say avoid this game its not the accurate representation of how they really get into Monsters Inc. Call it what you want, but the updated look of the awful late gen game is slightly more tolerable, and pleasing to look at to be real with you its does look significantly better, but still has the same dumb factor to it how you scare the bots.

Scream Arena: This is a dodgeball sports type game, and man was it hard to beat, but yes later I did it, but while the concept maybe a bit ridiculous. This game takes place at the ending of where Inc left off only now all the 13 playable monsters fight Dodgeball style okay. What I do like is they got pretty much every single voice for the film end up coming back for this game as odd as it is they all sounded exactly like their counterparts even if the game doesn't indicate it at all. When you get to the floor arena that's whee the difficulty gets extremely cheap, and you must use all your skills to beat that one, and it took me a good decade to finally beat it. While not the best idea it has some good aspects overall, and it can be fun depending on how you do is where it all boils down to.

Monsters Inc. The Video Game: While there's no real cutscenes found it is the much better played game than that other one with no real relation. Its very short game to beat which is fine for 8 levels, and the platforming works good jumping mechanic not that bad of a chore, and furthermore better story, and yes you can even attack enemies while interacting with others in the gameplay hat's actually cool I don't agree with critics giving it very low ratings. If you collect everything in a level your rewarded with a mini-game. Now i'll admit the framerate is not fluent, but heck the only part of the game that seems a bit unrealistic is the boss fight with waternoose is a bit far fetch to what really happens ending is odd, but the slightly better of the two, but of these three strangely I like the Dodgeball one, and now our feature presentation concludes.


I liked Monsters Inc, but disliked MU - iliekpiez