Disneycember #12 Finding Nemo

htoutlaws2012 Finally we have hit the magical 12, and we end it with Pixar's 4th film in Finding Nemo, From Toys, to Bug's, Monsters way of life. Now we dive underwater in the world beyond the sea, and life itself. I still enjoy the film for its time, and it has aged very well for 2003. Its sequel is how Ellen is on her talk show in a nutshell setting with trying recapture the old magic the first film had with some new tricks.

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Finding Nemo: From Toy's World to Bug Life, to Monster world we go to Pixar's 4th film about under the sea life in what little fishes of course that film is Finding Nemo. Right from the start we learn how Nemo was born only for the wife to take her own life leaving Merlin all alone to take care of Nemo. A day to know that the clownfish is our main hero. Merlin than is informed Nemo is missing thanks to being lured in by a scuba diver. Nemo is transported to a local dental shop that sells seafood as pets in yes Sydney Australia. Our search trail begins as Merlin meets Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) A blue fish that forgets things very quickly, and honestly fits the role perfectly. They meet a group of Sharks in some abandoned ship. They get along well until Bruce sniffs on a trail of blood nearby once again off to the races. Into the darkness levels of the sea the two stop there tracks when they realize a danger is nearby the dark as a fish with glowing eyes comes forward to end the journey. Like Bruce, they managed to find a way to escape as they get closer to finding help soon. Back the dental shop where Nemo meets the tank gang led by Gill. They have their fun with Nemo, and do there acceptance of the group "Shark Bait Ohh Ha Ha." Over night Nemo tries to come with a plan, and gill is all ears in helping em bust outta here, and knowing Darla would most likely be the antagonist to kill the little clownfish.

As our two brave heroes felt it getting closer they got an address of clue, and Dory ends up hitting many of jellyfish as Merlin didn't wanna leave anybody behind and nearly saves her. They get huge help by Australian Turtles trail seen led by Crush cool laid group that end up pushing them so more there to location reached. Morning upon Nemo, and he would be fearless in trying to escape. Things don't go as planned, and the dentist stopped Nemo immediately. Yet gill makes sure Nemo gets by catapult himself, and bust the water tank. Nemo gets by the drain making it out safe. He than meets Dory who starts to remember who Nemo is only be captured herself. With all that his been through Nemo pleas for all the fish to swim with there life depends on it as the net came down. They come back together adding Dory to the mix in the family. One it does teach in a moral lesson is the love for any kid is stronger than anything else and I can see why it has a 99% rating by rotten tomatoes its that good of film where ti captures every tone found.

Finding Dory: The sequel is not nearly as good, but it is a enjoyable second film taking more of comical approach where Dory ends up going. There's no real set villain in this sequel which makes it interesting its more less a comedy adventure compared to the many tones in the first film. The setting is strictly U.S than it was the dangerous Australian levels of the sea. It hinted when they started out in California, and than suddenly Dory just goes to Cleveland to meet new friends. There's not really that much to talk about since it focuses on well Dory mostly with trying to recapture the first film in a lotta ways which yes Monsters University tried to do that as well, but not like this identically. Its a unique take for a sequel, and hey now the family just got bigger right? As time goes on it seems like the more I see these other films get sequels A Bug's Life maybe forgotten in the sands of time in their history by not making another. That's kinda how I feel with this, but I can't hate the fact they had to do it.

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Video Game: Like many Pixar games you gotta have one license game and here it is, maybe this is me but when I was like 9 or 10 I fought it was the most boring looking game I have ever played, and i'm not sure why that is. I mean yes the game is accurate, but not the gameplay aspect it feels like i'm watching simulating fish with uninteresting feel compared to the actual movie where you felt things unlike this. Its not worthy of an angry rant either its just something so dull, and lifeless its more less something I wanted to do combining this with no reward really, and now that concludes our feature presentation for this months batch of Disney classics.


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