Best Disney Movies 1937-2016

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1 Fantasia

I love this movie so much. Defiantly number 1. It has perfect music, great characters, awesome animation, and best Villain (who can forget Chernabog). Night on Bald Mountain deserves to get it's Live Action remake (but has to be Rated R). - asantalo

Oop a great movie

Amazing movie now I see why megasoulhero likes it so much even tough they don’t talk it was beautiful by the way yensid spelled backwards is disney cool right? I don’t have much to say about this movie but I just want to make it clear that this is one of the best disney movies of all time

2 The Lion King

This is the second best disney movie in my opinion, it has a great moral, the soundtrack is awesome and the characters are really lovable, some hate this movie becuase it is overrated and I’m okay with that as long as they don’t make fun of timon and Pumba becuase those two are amazing, I don’t really remember all the scenes from this movie but I remember some of them like the songs, now I have be prepared stuck in my head. Overall I think disney did a great job on this movie it was amazing

3 Finding Nemo

This is my favorite pixar movie I love nemo he is so cute, the beginning is so sad! Like when nemo’s Mom died I’m pretty sure everyone cried, I don’t understand how people prefer the incredibles over this well everyone has their own opinion, marlin is great becuase he acts so realistic like overprotective parents and I love this movie a lot I’m not sure if I met anyone who hates this movie.

4 The Fox and the Hound

Me (crying)
This is a very emotional Disney classic some people call this boring and those people prefer frozen over this how could someone possibly prefer frozen over this, this is a classic and amazing disney movie about two friends, it’s true what they say opposites attract

5 The Little Mermaid

I love this movie a lot. If they make a live action version of this, then they should have Natalia Dyer to play Ariel. - asantalo

Who hates this it’s a classic and the start of the disney renaissance without this beauty and the beast and lion king would not be created can you believe it so many things started becuse of this it brang back disney from the dark age it started the Disney princess again since aurora. And that’s why it is amazing no fights it is amazing

6 Bambi
7 Aladdin

I loved robin Williams in this he was amazing as the genie did I mention that he is my favorite actor he voice acted great as the genie, genie is the best charcater in my opinion even tough jasime and aladdin are still great this movie was still amazing that’s why I have it so high on this list.

8 Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent is a perfect villain. She and Chernabog are a great couple. You suck Hades! - asantalo

9 Finding Dory
10 Maleficent

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11 Beauty and the Beast

This is my favorite Disney movie of all time and belle is my second favorite Disney princess of all time she is smart,kind and she is not afraid to be diffrent from the rest, this has the best moral in any of the Disney films I wish disney still made traditional movies like this with the 2D animation not its starting to make movies like tangled and meet the robinsons. All I have to say is that Disney best era was the renaissance it had movies starting with the little mermaid,the rescuers down and under,beauty and the beast,lion king,aladdin,Mulan,pocahontas,hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules. However I never found the rescuers down and under and The hunchback of Notre Dame to be the major success in the renaissance, pocahontas was still amazing while Hercules was sort of annoying the best in that era where the little mermaid,aladdin,lion king,Mulan and beauty and the beast, anyway back to the subject this is the type of Disney movie I could watch everyday and never get bored same ...more

12 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Definitely perfect start of Disney Films. - asantalo

I forgot to include this

13 Dumbo
14 Toy Story

I liked this movie as a pixar movie but I did not like the animation I am not going to say much for this movie but anyway why do the guests at Andy’s birthday party all look the same like Andy duplicates. I never liked this a lot but I prefer toy story 3 over this.

15 The Rescuers
16 One Hundred and One Dalmatians
17 Lady and the Tramp
18 Hercules (1997)
19 Mulan

A story of a girl who tries to save her fathers life by taking his suit and going to war, Mulan is the best disney princess I just watched Mulan about a month ago and could not stop watching is was amazing! I don’t know why some people hate this movie so much I mentioned some not all some people even have this ranked at 40 for best disney movies of all time can you believe it! In my opinion the list best disney princess movies is messed up frozen is too high at number 7, tangled should have not deserved 1, Cinderella was the only one I agreed with at number 6. Back to topic I love this movie almost as good as aladdin.

20 Oliver & Company
21 Gordy
22 Peter Pan
23 The Jungle Book
24 Mary Poppins
25 Mickey’s House of Villains
26 Cinderella (1950)

So this is love?
It probably is becuase I am in love with this movie Cindy is my 3rd favorite Disney princess she is patient she teaches us that patience is the key to life and work hard for what you want and soon your dream would come true the songs are amazing, in the honest trailer of Cinderella takes the song called bibbidi bobbity boo as a jiberish song what I found rude even tough I love screen junkies it was mean, sure the mice are annoying but I don’t know anyone who hates it becuase it isn’t a classic

27 Up
28 Saving Mr. Banks
29 Chicken Little


30 Wall-E
31 Toy Story 3
32 Frozen
33 The Emperor's New Groove
34 The Incredibles
35 Monsters, Inc.
36 Wreck-It Ralph
37 Pinocchio (1940)
38 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
39 Ratatouille
40 Toy Story 2
41 Tangled
42 The Princess and the Frog
43 Brother Bear
44 The Rescuers Down Under
45 Inside Out (2015)
46 Tarzan
47 Bolt
48 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
49 Fun and Fancy Free
50 Robin Hood
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