Top 10 Disney Movies that are Good but Overrated

There are movies that are pretty good but also get way too much praise. So let's talk about good Disney movies that are overrated!

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1 Moana

It's way better than Frozen. It actually teaches kids good lessons and doesn't involve anything dumb like princesses or a stupid snowman. This is pretty much the only Disney Movie that I think deserves the overrates. - RaccoonCartoon

It's still young, give it some time and we'll see if it's still, ahem, overrated. - naFrovivuS

This is the best movie ever! It blows Frozen right out of the water!

I like this movie, but one thing bothered me. It's colorful and cool in the first part, but after the fight with Tamatoa it got kind of dull. Plus, that STUPID chicken got to be the animal sidekick. Why couldn't it be Pua the pig? Unlike stupid Heihei, Pua was actually cute and had the potential to be a lovable character! I hope they make a Moana 2 where Heihei dies. - RedTheGremlin

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2 Frozen

I like this movie and I consider it one of my favorite Disney films! But is Disney seriously still making a big deal about it after three years? I know it made billions of dollars but it's not as good as films like Lion King and Aladdin. This movie has gotten so popular to the point where people start to hate it. I mean, sure people give reasons but then they praise movies that have the same problems. Like Moana! Frozen's oversaturation doesn't exactly make it a bad film. Some people go as far as to saying it's the worst Disney film ever. Yeah there are really people who think Home on the Range is better than Frozen. Frozen has great songs, great characters, great animation, and a decent story. But it has really gotten out of hand. - MegaSoulhero

I love this movie and I always will. It's just that Disney shoved it down our throats so much to the point where it became mainstream to hate on it. In all actuality, it's really hard to call Frozen a terrible movie. What people really hate is the marketing for it, not the actual film. I'm just hoping that Disney doesn't obnoxiously promote the crap out of Moana. We don't need another great Disney animated musical to be ruined by its overexposure. - phillysports

A pretty good movie overall, but quite overrated. Still, the hatred it has received is mostly unwarranted. - Mrveteran

Anna and Elsa of Aren-delle - Great, just what we need, another sibling yin yang….

Hans of the Southern Isles - Great, just what we need, another prince charmless who doesn't even follow the classical tradition of other better, superior Disney princes nor true love at all but is only used as nothing at all but an excuse for two so called sisters, Anna and Elsa to make up with each other when in fact, Anna and Elsa weren't worthy to be sisters at all but are rather better off without each other anyway since they're more like strangers to each other...

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3 Wall-E

A lot of people say this is one of the best Pixar movies! Some people say this is THE best Pixar movie! I personally don't see what the big deal is. I just want to point out that there are only two bad Pixar films. And this is NOT one of them! I like it but it has problems. I thought the beginning of the film was pretty cute. But it started to go downhill when Wall-E and Eve got on the ship. I really like the scenes involving Wall-E and Eve. The part when they are floating in space is my favorite in the whole movie! But how was that plant they had able to survive in space? Also, considering that the Earth looked like trash, it didn't make sense for the captain to make the decision of going back! Yes, they have a plant but that's not enough! I feel like AUTO was the real hero of the film. - MegaSoulhero

I absolutely adore this film. And I don't think it is in any way overrated. I just love how so much emotion is conveyed with no dialogue. Even though Wall-E and EVE couldn't talk, you could tell they were falling in love when they were floating in space. I also love that Wall-E would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING for Eve. He even sacrificed his own LIFE to get everyone back to Earth. Wall-E is such an adorable sweetheart and he's my favorite Disney character. And the animation and the music in this movie is GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL. - SmashPrincess

I really hate this film. the distant future we'll all be super FAT and UGLY and live in a spaceship? NO! I hate outer space and I'm scared of it, plus Eve is annoying and Wall-E is creepy, and so is his pet cockroach. - RedTheGremlin

I don't like it - Belle9090

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4 The Little Mermaid

This movie has great songs and great scenery, but here's the thing. I hate Ariel! She has absolutely NO redeeming qualities! I can't believe she disobeyed her father, gave up her voice, and put everyone in danger just to be with some dude! She is very selfish! Lol. Get it? - MegaSoulhero

I never liked this movie simply because I hate mermaids, also it hits every single cliche chime. Looking back at it, I realise that Ariel is a jerk! A big jerk! - RaccoonCartoon

Also, King Triton is much better than Princess Ariel. I am glad that Princess Arial is not the main focus of the movie. He is mainly sexy (heck, maybe even sexier than his daughters) because of his voice, hulky body and long face! - The Ultimate Daredevil

My fave of all time can tell from my profile pic - Belle9090

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5 Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch is a cute movie I guess. It shows the relationship of two sisters who live in Hawaii. Their connection is so relatable! And it wouldn't be complete without an alien experiment crashing to Earth! I like Stitch but it seems like this movie has two different plots that shouldn't go together. I feel like this movie's popularity mainly comes from Stitch. Everyone loves Stitch! Understandable since he's awesome. But I mostly like it for it's moral and setting. As well as some of the characters. Lilo and Stitch 2, however, is pretty bad! - MegaSoulhero

I love the original Lilo and Stitch. It was cute, colorful, clever, and funny! However, all of the other movies are really bad. They actually take away from the original, which is one of my favorite Disney movies. - RedTheGremlin

6 Big Hero 6

Sucky and weird. - RedTheGremlin

7 Finding Dory

Yeah, sure... This movie was alright. Cliche and cringy at times. I liked it when it came out and slowly got bored with it. Now I just give it an average 5/10. The animation is great, especially on the scenery even though the fish might give off an uncanny valley to some. However, I just feel like it was a bit too hyped. In 2014/2013, everyone started talking about this movie and I had no idea. Did someone predict the future or something? In 2015, I began to question it. Everyone told me it was already released a while ago. In 2016, it was released in some areas, and in 2017 it was finally sent to my area. Why was everyone hyped about it even like 4 years before it was released? Makes no sense to me. Also, Tumblr started out because it had a so called ''Lesbian couple'' in it. I watched the movie with a keen eye, trying to figure out what they were all talking about. There are 2 girls sitting in a boat, fishing together.. And that's it. How does that mean they're lesbian? Are we just ...more - RaccoonCartoon

Why Isn't This Higher - VideoGamefan5

Holy Cow! - VideoGamefan5

Cringe alert...I hate this movie! It's so BORING and CRINGEY! But come to think of it...are there ANY Disney sequels that aren't cringey? But this one is by far the worst. I hate it even more that Mulan 2! Finding Nemo was amazing and one of my favorites, but Finding Dory is about my least favorite FN character and really is annoying throughout the film. It really takes away from FN. - RedTheGremlin

8 Aladdin
9 Cinderella (2015)

I really loved the original Cinderella movie! The 2015 live action remake was good too but I don't like how it objectifies women. Also, the main character, Ella, is awful! She constantly gets tormented by her stepsisters and stepmother and she doesn't do a thing about it! She has many chances to fight back but she always sees the good in people! But the scenery and effects make it hard for me to hate this movie. Plus, the prince is actually pretty likeable. Which is good because he was VERY unlikeable in the original! And I'm glad that the mice don't talk. This is not a bad movie but I still slightly prefer the original. - MegaSoulhero

10 Zootopia

"the only reason why I like this it is because it doesn't have any songs" Maybe not within the movie proper, but there's still that annoying theme song by Shakira.

It got way too much praise and rewards, all because it addressed a "timely" issue.

Considering people have shorter attention spans than ever, I guess talking about about a movie that came out 50 years ago doesn't make it overrated and talking about a movie that came out 1 year ago makes it overrated. Logic! - naFrovivuS

I liked it but certain scenes were way too dark, such as the mental asylum and the museum scene. - RedTheGremlin

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11 Mulan
12 Sleeping Beauty

I watched this movie once and I was kind of bored through some of it. The movie is called Sleeping Beauty but the actual sleeping beauty is barely in it! That is such a misleading title! The movie was mostly about the three fairies who protect Aurora but they're pretty annoying. The best parts of the movie are the scenes that have Maleficent. She is such an awesome villain! Definitely one of Disney's best villains! Too bad they completely ruin her in the 2014 movie! - MegaSoulhero

The live action movie is better than this it's so cliche and boring - Rucas

The fairies are the best parts. Maleficent is the real annoying character.

I love this movie my 5 fave - Belle9090

13 Wreck-It Ralph

Can we please all just like this movie without telling anyone else they need to go to hell or bringing up Frozen in comparison? That said, I don't think it's overrated, but I know why people might think so: Sonic wasn't in it enough for their liking, and there was too much focus on a game that was made up for the movie instead of going from real-world game to real-world game for ninety minutes.

Does getting an unnecessary sequel that just screams "we're trying too hard" count make something overrated?

This Film Is Awesome, - VideoGamefan5

This is a great, underrated movie and it is action-packed, emotional, warm, and special. But saying "[insert any movie here] is better than Frozen" has become extremely trite, and nobody needs to go to hell over not thinking it's trite or even for liking Frozen at all.

14 The Incredibles
15 Fantasia 2000

I like this movie but it's just not as good as the original Fantasia! Fantasia is the best Disney movie ever created! So this was pretty disappointing. What is with the celebrity cameos? They are very forced an unfunny? The cartoons in this movie are also a huge step back from the cartoons in the original Fantasia. But it's nice to see the Sorcerer's Apprentice again! The original movie had segments that kept me invested throughout. The ones in this movie are good but not as good as they could be. But I commend them for trying to use CGI. As a huge fan of the original Fantasia, this one wasn't as great. - MegaSoulhero


I'm hoping this is a troll. If not, you need to grow up and reread everything. - naFrovivuS

16 Iron Man 3
17 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This very disappointing flick better than Moana? There were even comments about them saying Civil War was worse than Rogue One!

The comments such as "Rogue One should be higher than Moana! " on WatchMojo's list of best movies of 2016 get too much credit, but Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is pretty dark and also action-packed.

18 Inside Out

I think that it is just a bit overrated but I still love it. - IcetailofWishClan

I hate/love it. 1. Is Riley a transgender? If not, then why does she have guys AND girls when everyone else's characters resemble them? 2. Too sad. 3. Joy was a butt to Sadness, who, by the way, was the only good character here. - RedTheGremlin

I hate this movie with a burning passion.

19 Tarzan

Tarzan is a very good movie! But I do have problems with it. One of those problems being the songs. Let me make something clear. I love the songs! But the problem is they don't really have any purpose in the film. They don't really move the story along. They're just there so this movie can have an awesome Phil Collins soundtrack. I also felt like some parts were a little rushed. But the things I liked about this movie are really great! Tarzan and Jane's relationship is very well done and the animation is amazing! I've only watched this movie once but I might watch it again. I haven't seen the Legend of Tarzan movie and I probably never will. - MegaSoulhero

Oh God change the picture! - Mcgillacuddy

20 Pocahontas

If anything, this wonderful movie is UNDERrated. Get it right. - RedTheGremlin

It has a 56% on RT. Not even close to overrated. - Mcgillacuddy

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