Top 10 Disney Movies Excluding Star Wars and Marvel with the Best Ending

Disney movies are best known for their happy endings and now it's time to look back at the best endings in Disney movies we will be excluding Star Wars and the Marvel franchises and Pixar can be included.

The Top Ten Disney Movies Excluding Star Wars and Marvel with the Best Ending

1 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

I know I'm being a little biased here putting this classic as number one but its such a perfect ending to a Disney classic after Snow White suffers from the sleeping curse and with the dwarfs unable to bury her put her in a class casket and mourn over her, that is until the the prince arrives and breaks the curse with a kiss as she awakens and everyone celebrates as she says goodbye to the dwarfs as the prince leads her to the kingdom as the movie closes with the book with the words "And they all lived happily ever after! ". - egnomac


2 Dumbo

It was such a satisfying ending seeing Dumbo taking flight surprising everyone and getting a little revenge against his tormentors especially the other elephants who resented him and then in the final scene Dumbo flies over to his mother's private cart on the train as he reunites with her while the crows wave goodbye to Dumbo as the movie ends. - egnomac

3 Beauty and the Beast
4 Toy Story 3

Such a perfect way to end the franchise which begs the question why do we need a fourth Toy Story movie. - egnomac

5 Finding Nemo

After going through so much Marlen finally finds his lost son Nemo who he earlier thought was dead when he was at the dentist and Dory begins regaining some of her memory they survive one more challenges with the fisherman after returning Marlene is finally learns to let go and allow Nemo to go to school without worry as he and Dory watch him go off to school Nemo swims back to hug his father as Marlene says goodbye to him. - egnomac

6 Enchanted
7 Aladdin

Aladdin does the smart thing and tricks Jafar into wishing himself into a genie unaware of the downsides to genie life and locks him up in the lamp and send him away to the cave of wanders then uses his final wish to free the Genie and even though he's no longer a prince anymore The Sultan decides to allow Jasmine to marry anyone she wants and she of course chooses Aladdin and the two ride off on the magic carpet and fly off. - egnomac

8 The Little Mermaid

After Eric kills off Ursula basically saving all of Atlantica King Triton decides to allow Ariel to be with him and turns her human as she and Eric marry and hold their wedding on a ship. - egnomac

9 The Princess and The Frog
10 The Fox and the Hound

The Contenders

11 The Lion King
12 The Jungle Book - Animated (1967)

I really loved the ending after surving the battle with Sere Khan Moglii sees a girl from the man village who ends up luring him into the man village after seeing Moglii off Baloo and Bagerra walk back to the jungle while singing the Bare Necessities while the music continues to play before one last beat plays as the words The End pop up as it was symbolic marking the end of the Walt Disney era as Walt past away before the movie was completed as he made the final suggestion to the ending sadly he never go to see this this happy ending. - egnomac

13 Cinderella (1950)
14 Up
15 Wreck-It Ralph
16 Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin
17 Mulan
18 Meet the Robinsons
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