Top 10 Disney Movies That Get Far Too Much Hate for Being Overrated

Since there's a list of Top 10 Things That Get Far Too Much Hate for Being Overrated, this is a more specific version: this time focusing on Disney movies that people hate because they're overrated. Too many people don't seem to know the difference between "overrated" and "awful".

The Top Ten

1 Frozen

In my opinion this was a fantastic movie and I don't mind if others don't like it as long as they back up their reasons with reasonable points however, the majority of criticisms I have heard are filled with overly nitpicking, over hatted comments, and things they gave a pass in other Disney films they harp on with this one. Bottom line I think this film gets WAAAY to much hate from a bunch of people who just jumped on the hate train.

The most overhated movie of all time, without question. People are too busy criticizing it for being overrated to actually see the reason why people liked it to begin with.

I liked this movie, it's not great, but I like it. - BeatlesFan1964

It's not a bad movie at all. I just don't care about it. - RockFashionista

2 The Lion King

Some people forget that this is Disney's most popular movie FOR A REASON. And if anyone comes and comments "This movie is awful" or ANYTHING like that, then you're only proving my point.

I don't care. It deserves all the hate it gets.

This movie is a piece of trash.

It's characters all suck.

3 Big Hero 6

Also, too many people focused on the wrong aspects of this movie. The plot, overlying theme, "friendship values"- all lost among the cries of racism because the characters were various ethnicities instead of all Asian and specifically Japanese.

Just like Frozen, people keep calling it cliche and predicable. They forget that this is another heartwarming movie with friendship values.

4 Toy Story

Without this film Pixar would not exist. Period. Also, while I've heard it's in fact not the very first CGI animated film, it was clearly the first CGI animated film that most people have heard of (I don't even remember what the CGI film before this was called, tell me if you know).

This is probably one of the only Disney Movies I agree with on this list. I love Toy Story. I didn't know it had a lot of hate! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Awesome movie. - BeatlesFan1964

5 The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of the greatest Disney ever made and breathed new life into a decade of creative animated films yet today so many people put it down and call Ariel a bad character and role model using weak arguments when she was an adventurous, wide eyed, proactive, likable, and relatable character for young girls and boys everywhere. Most critics of this film and Ariel's character (strangely and scary enough most seem to be feminist writers) harp on the fact that she did nothing for her dream and only wanted a man and was never sorry to her father for her actions. All points are false she is one of the most proactive princess in pursuing her dream and taking risks plus she wanted to be a part of the human world and was interested in other factors about it finding love was just a bonus and if people took the time to watch the scene where she said sorry to her father as he signs the contract and watched the extra deleted scenes they would see that her creators and her ...more

This is the movie that brought Disney back from the ashes of The Black Cauldron. People don't seem to realize why that's a GOOD thing.

6 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Just like Toy Story, it was the first film from its studio. Like Toy Story, I've heard it was not actually the very first animated film, but still the first animated film most people have heard of (also, I heard the other animated film wasn't even American, I heard it was Latin American).

7 Beauty and the Beast

People don't seem to get the point of this film. IT'S NOT about "Stockholm Syndrome" or any of that crap, it's about a selfish person learning to change for the better. Honestly, some people will find ANY reason to hate ANYTHING, no matter how STUPID the reason is.

This movie almost made me cry, and that never happens! - BeatlesFan1964

8 Cinderella

One of Disney's most touching classics, and the first about having your dreams come true. This was also one of the first Disney movies I ever saw, and if you've grown up with them like I have, then you can probably say the same.

9 Wreck-It Ralph


The mere fact that far too many people SAY it's overrated when Disney has done little to even acknowledge its existence and that one's favorite real-life video game character(s) isn't in it or isn't in it enough is cause for them to cry "overrated" earns it a place on this list

10 Tangled

Disney's 50th animated feature, and their first princess movie that was CGI animated. Easily their best movie without Pixar since The Lion King (not counting Gordy).

The Contenders

11 Lilo & Stitch

Imagine Lilo & Stich was never a movie and Stitch was a preschool character oh it would be overhated.

This was defiantly something different for Disney. People seem to think that's bad. They forget this film is still well done and heartwarming with family and friendship vaules.

12 Inside Out

The haters of this movie make the haters of frozen looks like mature people

13 Zootopia

No, this one gets far too much love and "overrated" isn't in any fan's vocabulary.

I don't see why anyone would say this is a clearly great movie, unless they were some Tumblrina focusing on the in-your-face preaching of political correctness. Give me a break already,

Are people trying to be edgy

I don't see why anyone would hate this clearly great movie, unless they were some ignorant fool focusing on little animal puns. Give me a break already,

14 Cat in the Hat
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