Top 10 Disney Movies That Should Be Turned Into Broadway Musicals

I bought tickets for The Lion King musical that's coming to San Diego in September and I realized that there are some Disney movies that would make really great Broadway musicals.

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1 Tangled

I would put Frozen on this list if it wasn't already getting a Broadway musical. While watching Tangled, throughout the entire movie, I kept on thinking this should be a Broadway musical. The songs, the characters, the story, this movie is absolutely perfect for Broadway! They could have lanterns floating over the audience's heads. There is a Tangled stage show on the Disney Cruise and it's pretty good but I bet a Broadway version would be even better. If they are giving Frozen a Broadway musical, then they should give Tangled one too. - MegaSoulhero

I was completely obsessed with this movie when it first came out. It would make an amazing Broadway musical. I personally think this movie is much better than Frozen, too. Disney is just making Frozen into a musical because it's insanely popular.

I completely agree!

2 The Nightmare Before Christmas

Danny Elfman never disappoints! The Nightmare Before Christmas should've been put on Broadway years ago! It is amazing. I would really like to see how they recreate these characters on stage. The costumes would probably look creepy but the movie is creepy, so it makes sense. The songs in this movie sound like they are meant to be heard on Broadway. This needs to happen! - MegaSoulhero

Since the movie is themed around Halloween and Christmas, I don't think a year round spot on Broadway would be suitable. I would love to see this show traveling nationally between September and January every year. This movie is a staple in our seasonal movies. A stage show version could be just as much a family tradition.

The Nightmare Before Christmas may be a masterpiece, but it's not very long. Instead of a full length Broadway show, I would rather see it become an annual seasonal show at the Disney Parks, starting in October and ending after Christmas. Where they used to have the Aladdin stage show in Disneyland would be perfect, but they've already replaced it with Frozen.

A horror-fantasy musical? Who wouldn't want that? A combination of Tim Burton's amazing characters and music would be outstanding and so unique.

3 Mulan

I put Mulan on this list not just because I have a crush on the main character, but also because of the action. There are some Broadway musicals that have fighting but there are barely any that are actually about fighting. The fight choreography would be great to see on stage and it would be cool if they use some pyrotechnics in the show. - MegaSoulhero

This is already on broadway - HappyMouse111

4 Pocahontas

I'd like to poca her hontas. I never liked this movie but I have to admit, it has a lot of beautiful imagery. The scenes in the movie are so beautiful that I want to see how they would look on stage. Also, the best part about the movie is the songs. Pocahontas has one of the best soundtracks and it would be nice to hear these songs on Broadway. - MegaSoulhero

5 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This movie has Broadway musical written all over it. This is one of my favorite Disney movies and I'm surprised they haven't turned it into a Broadway show. Just think about how awesome Hellfire would look on stage. I just hope they don't burn down the theater. The movie is very emotional and definitely has some great songs. If they ever make this a Broadway musical, I hope they don't include the song that the gargoyles sing or even include the gargoyles at all. - MegaSoulhero

Well, it's already a musical! I saw it! It's incredible! I thought it even topped Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and Les Miserables. And I have seen all three on Broadway or London.

They actually tried to bring this to Broadway, after the smash hit of the German version, but for some insane reason, they canceled it after a brief preview run, to get approved for Broadway. The cast from the proposed Broadway production, have released an original cast CD, showing what could have been!


6 The Princess and the Frog

I thought this would make a great Broadway stage show, and "Friends on the Other Side" would definitely be the highlight of the show, but I've never been able to figure out how they could do the scenes involving the frogs and normal humans. Just the animals could be easy, like with the Lion King, but with People would be the hard part.

This is the most underrated Disney movie ever. A stage version of this movie has got to be made. The songs are great, the characters are great, the story is ok. It would probably be weird to see two actors dressed as frogs but it could also be kind of funny. I feel like the highlight of the stage show would be "Friends on the Other Side" because that would probably have some spectacular effects. - MegaSoulhero

This isn't my favorite Disney movie, but it has things that would make for a great Broadway musical! - CommanderLudwig

The music in this is great we need a Broadway version - Froglamb

7 Hercules

I hate Hercules with a passion. But I actually feel like it has the potential to be an entertaining Broadway show. Most of the songs are terrible but they would still be a good fit in the stage production. It would definitely be very comedic and would get a few laughs. I wouldn't pay money to see it but I'm sure other people would. - MegaSoulhero

Only if Neil Patrick Harris plays Hades.

They also made a musical that used to play on the Disney Cruise Line. It's called "Hercules the Muse-ical"

I love hercules.If this ever becomes a broadway show, Jeremy Jordan should play Pain or Panic. - SassyEquine

8 Enchanted

While I was watching the "That's How You Know" musical number, I was thinking that it would be absolutely perfect for Broadway. This would definitely be different from other Broadway musicals. There ones about princesses and there are ones about cities. This one is about a princess in a city. Since Idina Menzel is a Broadway star, they could have her reprise her role as Nancy and they could actually write a song for her. I would definitely want to see something like this. - MegaSoulhero

Enchanted is perfect for a Broadway show. Even though the movie's not very well-known, the story, about a fairytale maiden named Giselle who is thrust into the real world, just SCREAMS Broadway. Heck, the story is even set in New York! The songs are amazing, but what else would you expect from Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz? They could come back and write new songs but also keep the ones from the film. Maybe they could expand on how Giselle feels about adjusting to the real world and her emotional conflict, because I feel that wasn't explored enough in the film. Disney, please make Enchanted on Broadway happen!

This should be at least in the top three. This is perfect for a musical. The songs are amazing and when I watched this I was like this is my dream Disney musical. This needs more votes

9 Cinderella

I still don't know why her glass slippers didn't disappear after the spell was broken. Anyway, Cinderella is such a very memorable movie and I'm surprised they haven't turned it into a Broadway musical yet. There are many things they can do with a stage version of the movie. Cinderella and the prince could have an entire dance number. The prince could get his own song. The step sisters could get their own song. On second thought, forget that last part. The show could also have some pretty cool effects with the fairy godmother using her magic. It would definitely be a great show. - MegaSoulhero

I think this should be on broadway because it is a disney classic

Um, it is a broadway musical.

Guys, this is a Broadway show... - SassyEquine

10 Cars

Cars would be kind of weird but cool as a musical. I would legit go though

This would be the worst Broadway show...How would they even do it? - SassyEquine

Thanks for voting my idea!


The Contenders

11 Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is about a girl who gets cursed by an evil. The curse is that on her sweet 16, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel which will put her in a permanent nap. Sounds like something that would be excellent on Broadway. The show would also have very cool effects. I would be interesting to see how they have Maleficent transform into a dragon. Since the movie doesn't have a lot of songs, they would probably have to write some more for the show. They should also have Aurora be included more. - MegaSoulhero

12 Descendants (2015)

I think Descendants would be perfect for Broadway and the second one can be the second act. Cause I mean this movie is amazing and the dance numbers are INSANE

Does Descendents already count as a Broadway musical? They do break into song a lot

Perfect. I can already imagine myself watching

I don’t know, I think the concept would be good on Broadway, but not the movie itself, if you get what I mean.

13 Toy Story

They actually made a stage show of Toy Story for the Disney Cruises, and from what I've heard, it's pretty good!

I've been wanting to see a Broadway adaptation of Toy Story for a long time now!

Absolutely, one of our Disney favorites,

This would such a good musical! - SassyEquine

14 Moana

Yes, I agree because its Lin - Manuel Miranda

Because it's Lin Manuel Maranda

Yes please❤ - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

15 The Jungle Book


The reason way The Jungle Book should be on Broadway is because it is my 3rd favorite Disney Movie after The Lion King and Tarzan. Also it has great songs like The Bare Nescessities and I wanna be like You and belovable characters like Mowgli, Baloo, King Louie, Baghera, Shere Khan, Kaa and the little elephant

16 Alice in Wonderland
17 The Emperor's New Groove

I can totally see this being made into a musical. I think if they did it the same way as Shrek it would be a really nice feel good musical! Andrew Rannels as Kronk anyone?

18 Coco

This would be SO COOL on Broadway... get the creative team on it stat! lol

Because it's Pixar's first musical movie! It deserves to be on Broadway!

19 Wreck-It Ralph

No not this disturbing disappointment!

I don’t think so.

20 Frozen

There's already a Frozen Broadway musical!


This already exists as a Broadway musical :(

21 Peter Pan

Their already is one.

I think it could be a Broadway play because of the characters like Peter Pan, Wendy,
Tinker bell John Michael and Tiger Lily. When they fly into Neverland and when Peter Pan faces the evil Captain Hook and his assistant Smee, and Captain Hook's worst fear, Tick Tock the Crocodile. Also there the dog Nana

22 Beauty and the Beast (2017)

It's having a show at Disney Cruise Line and it deserves to be revived as a Broadway show!

No. Just no.

23 Big Hero 6
24 Robin Hood (1973)

That would be great because the archery and action is great be broadway!

25 Brother Bear

Just like with Tarzan, the film already has the great music, but without the characters actually singing it. I think this could translate pretty well to the stage!

26 Disney's a Christmas Carol
27 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
28 Pinocchio (1940)

Already was one in London, but it would be awesome to see one in the U.S.!

29 The Aristocats
30 A Goofy Movie

This movie has musical theatre written all over it! In fact, people have even made IRL shot for shot scenes, and I think that makes it pretty easy to make a musical!

31 Dumbo

Nice! I’d love to see all those Disney films adapted into Broadway musicals except for Hercules which is getting a Broadway musical and a few others! I’d love to see Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas on the Broadway stage during the Halloween season!

32 Oliver and Company

It has so many numbers and they really make like a broadway musical but animated

It would be so good! - SassyEquine

33 Brave

More like the worst Disney Princess or should I say Pixar Princess

The best Disney princess

34 Finding Nemo

There's already been one at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

35 Fantasia

Fantasia will be great! m with a live orchestra!

36 High School Musical

Make it more of a love not love/hate.

37 Pete's Dragon
38 James and the Giant Peach
39 Teacher's Pet
40 The Parent Trap
41 Teen Beach Movie
42 Zootopia
43 Monsters, Inc.
44 101 Dalmatians (1961)

Imagine if Cruella de Vill came to life on Broadway!

45 Lilo & Stitch
46 Lemonade Mouth

If no one else is going to say it than I will... Lemonade Mouth. Because it’s better than all the other original Disney Channel movies, and could work onstage if they build layers like on the Hamilton set. I feel like this movie has been kinda forgotten about and I love it ♥️

47 The Little Mermaid
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