Top 10 Disney Movies Walt Disney Would Be Most Ashamed Of

An now its time for the downside of things the Disney Movies that if Walt Disney was still alive would be most ashamed of just by having the Disney name attached to it.

The Top Ten

1 Home on the Range

Walt Disney himself would be most insulted by this movies existence if he were alive today he would have never allowed this movie to see the light of day. - egnomac

2 Chicken Little

Not even Walt Disney would support this movie. - egnomac

3 Mars Needs Moms

This should be 1st in my opinion...

4 The Country Bears

Again Disney would be insulted for turning another of his theme park attraction into a movie and make it as unwatchable as humanly possible. - egnomac

5 John Carter

The movie that nearly killed the Disney company yeah Walt Disney would have hated this movie. - egnomac

6 The Haunted Mansion

Disney would be appalled if he saw that they made a movie based off on of his Disney park attractions with a completely dull story and terrible performances. - egnomac

7 The Jungle Book 2

Disney would defiantly hated that they made a sequel to his final movie The Jungle Book which was a masterpiece while Jungle Book 2 was just a bore. - egnomac

Even Jungle book the original was trash

8 Planes

Walt Disney himself could have done a much better job with this movie than the actual directors of this movie. - egnomac

9 Return to Never Land

A sequel that completely lacks the charm and greatness of Walt Disney's original masterpiece. - egnomac

10 High School Musical

Hey shut up.

The Contenders

11 Hannah Montana: The Movie

That country rap song though...

12 G-Force

definitely - Phillip873

13 Teen Beach Movie
14 The Black Cauldron

Although the plot in & of itself had so much potential, the story was ruined by cheesy characters & bad dialogue! - clusium

15 Flubber
16 Mr. Magoo
17 Inspector Gadget
18 Dinosaur

The animation is nice and all, but that doesn't change the fact that this flick has uninteresting characters and a generic story.

19 Song of the South

Very racist and disney wouldn't want this movie in a company that he made to make kids happy

20 Mulan II
21 The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
22 Fantasia 2000
23 Monsters, Inc.
24 Wreck-It Ralph
25 The Incredibles
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