Top 10 Disney Movies With Amazing CGI

This is a list of Disney movies with the best looking CGI. This doesn't just include CGI films, this also includes Live action movies that happen to have CGI.

The Top Ten

1 The Jungle Book (2016)

Well, I finally got around to watching the new Jungle Book movie and I loved every minute of it! This movie has some of the best CG I have ever seen. The animals look absolutely realistic! They were a little oversized but they still looked good. It was also amazing that this entire movie was shot on a soundstage and not actually in the jungle! That was amazing! There were moments when Mowgli would touch the animals and it would actually look like he was touching them. It was hard to believe that the animals weren't actually there. Now I'm starting to question if the kid was real. - MegaSoulhero

It does have the best CGI in Disney movie history. The Animals look so real. I couldn't tell the difference at times! - Martinglez

Wait, so your telling me that the Jungle Book was CGI! That is outstanding work by Disney.

I don't care of what the cgi looks like, the only thing that matters is the entertainment of the movie

2 Toy Story

This movie was made in the 90s. It's animation is still as good as most movies today. To me, Toy Story is number 2.

No, I'm sorry. The movie may be amazing, but just because it was the first fully-animated feature length film doesn't mean it has amazing animation. - punyraisin

The Cowboy Bebop of Disney! Just like Cowboy Bebop, Toy Story's animation (in this case, CGI) still looks good to this day! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Falling with style

3 Finding Nemo

The animation blew my mind as a kid. - RadioHead03

Finding Dory looks like it's gonna suck. But let's talk about the CGI in Finding Nemo. Most of the fish look and act like real fish. The water also looks very realistic. At one point, Pixar made the water look so realistic that they had to tone it down so people wouldn't accuse them of using photoshop. Don't know why people would think that, though. It's Pixar. They're awesome. - MegaSoulhero

Your absolutely right in my opinion. Some of the parts made the water look LIVE ACTION it looked so darn real. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Finding nemo I miss you

One of my favourites

4 The Good Dinosaur

I know a lot of people hate this movie but all of those people had at least one good thing to say about it. The animation is stunning! The backgrounds and scenery look very amazing. That was some of the most realistic looking water I have seen in an animated film. The animation is so good that when CinemaSins did Everything Wrong With The Good Dinosaur, they removed two sins because it looked nice despite them not liking the movie. It's a shame that the actual dinosaurs don't look good, though. - MegaSoulhero

So it's bad, does that mean it doesn't have some of the best CGI ever made? One shot shows a tree branch in the rain that supposedly took three weeks to render.

This movie was a huge disappointment but the animation was stunning! - punyraisin

This is a bad movie, but the animation was great! - micahisthebest

5 Tangled

"That's a lot of hair." Hair is definitely the hardest part when making a CGI film. The animators must have been relieved to have finished making this movie. So much hair for them to try to make it look real. Not only that but the part with the lanterns floating in the sky was fantastic. They also did a good job of making Rapunzel look very attractive. - MegaSoulhero

Yes, I agree, it is also the highest paid animated movie ever, so that proves it. - micahisthebest

The hair, that's it.

There are better CGI films.

6 Big Hero 6

Beautiful animation! I love the animesque style the film provides in its character design! -CandyBlood13

Hilarious film

Definitely not Disneys best film, and while the animation is stunning, there are others that are much better. - punyraisin

Neat equipment, most though like the robots and Baymax the giant bear heh. - iliescu

7 Tron: Legacy

Tron's visual effects are stunning and even better on Blu-Ray, to name a few, The light-cycle battle, C.L.U, and the light circuitry on the suits.

Tron is an amazing film, but it gets more hate than it deserved for some reason

This movie is awesome! Way better than the original movie! One thing that makes this movie so great is the use of CGI. A lot of detail was used to make it look like they were in a video game. It actually looked like they were in a legit video game! Another thing that blew my mind was the fact that they used CGI to make Jeff Bridges look young. That was great! - MegaSoulhero

LOVED this movie! - SkullKid101

8 Maleficent

I feel like people will disagree with me on this but I liked the CGI in this movie. I mean, wow! I absolutely love how they used CGI to make it look like Angelina Jolie can act. I didn't think that was possible to do but they found a way. Oh yeah, and there is also a fire breathing dragon in this movie that they used CGI to make. It doesn't look as cool as the one in Desolation of Smaug but it's still pretty good. - MegaSoulhero

I love this movie and the special effects were outstanding! - punyraisin

9 Inside Out

It's a Pixar film so you know it will have some amazing CGI. Inside Out is my second favorite Pixar movie and most of the love for it comes from how beautiful it looks. You can really tell that they put a lot of effort into making it look real nice. - MegaSoulhero

10 Alice In Wonderland (2010)

What was really clever here was that whenever Alice changed size, her clothes didn't so every time she changed size, she got to wear a more elaborate costume most notably that beautiful red curtain dress The Red Queen gave her. Plus the fact that the Red Queen's head was inflated by CGI to symbolise the power that's literally gone to her head.

Horrid movie with decent CGI. Doesn't deserve to be on this list in my opinion - punyraisin

The Contenders

11 Zootopia

I loved this movie and I think it was extremely underrated the plot is amazing the CGI could not be better they animated hair movement cars lights rain well done movie 5 stars in my book

In Zootopia, everyone is always doing something. There are never any inanimate background characters. Not to mention that every mouse in this movie has the same amount of hair that Elsa has. Who KNOWS how much the bigger animals must have!? - DisneyQueen

Some of the most amazing CGI I have ever seen in an animated movie, the attention to detail is perfect and the environment is beautiful to look at and you feel engrossed in it.

Every. Single. Individual. Hair. Is. Animated. - LarkwingFlight

12 Frozen

This movie gets way too much hate. It doesn't deserve to be #5 on the "Worst Movies of All Time" list and #3 on the "Worst Animated Movies of All Time" list. People don't like this movie because of its popularity. Those who hate Frozen have probably only seen two or three clips from it, and just judge the movie based on them. I know because I was one of those people. I blindly hated this movie for about a year until I finally decided to watch the full thing. And guess what? It's a good movie. The characters are all great and lovable, the songs are phenomenal, the animation is breathtaking, and it subverts many of the cliches found in Disney films. The best part of this movie, however is definitely Elsa and Anna's sisterly bond. Frozen hate has pretty much been a bandwagon on the Internet for the past three years. I just wish these people could just watch this movie for themselves and see what a great movie it really is.

A seventeen year old boy who likes Frozen ...more - phillysports

Great movie I thought it to be a bad movie by its poster on Google but finally my friend suggested me to watch it and finally it is the best movie I have ever seen animation of snow and ice from only one matter as ice has many textures it is best CGI now also a great movie from its plot, contents and emotional scenes also contains good I mean really good songs and even comedy. People don't like this movie because of its popularity. Those who hate Frozen have probably only seen two or three clips from it, and just judge the movie based on them. And for its fans its sequels are on way. Those who hate it please see it and judge it honestly once.

It's time to let it go and build a snowman for the first time in forever. Even Frozen haters can admit that this movie has great animation. The part where Elsa builds her ice castle looks amazing! The snow and ice also look very well done. I like how Anna and Elsa's hair move like how actual women's hair should movie. If there was problem I had to point out, it would be that while Elsa is singing Let it Go, her hair passes through her shoulder at one point. Other than that, the visuals are amazing. - MegaSoulhero

Horrible movie except for the animation. Amazing, and the colors responded perfectly with the plot.

13 Iron Man 3

Since Disney bought out Marvel every MCU movie that came after Captain America the First Avenger have been distributed by Disney.

14 Wreck-It Ralph
15 Cinderella (2015)

Okay,let's talk about it. It took a lot of effort in the movie and also they started doing the movie in the late 2014.The rats, It is absolutely CGI, If you think they train the rats and give them rabies shot, you are wrong. Also the transformation of the animals, That is truly good. The pumpkin carriage and Cinderella's dress was totally unique. The most beautiful thing they have done is the dress. Walt Disney said he loved the scene. Maybe I'm not the only one who loves that scene. - kontrahinsunu

16 Oz the Great and Powerful

People definitely forgot about this film after it came out. I didn't think it was THAT bad. I also really liked the CGI in this movie. They used CGI to make the monkey and at times he looked pretty real, but at other times it was completely obvious. The absolute best CGI in the film, however, is the China girl. She looked very real. I almost thought she was real. - MegaSoulhero

China Girl looked great and SOME scenery shots were beautiful, but others looked slapped in and the monkey, Finley, can look iffy at times - punyraisin

17 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Overrated movie and the CGI sucked.

The best CGI out of any MCU flick!

18 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
19 Captain America: Civil War
20 Monsters Inc.

This is where we started to see impressive CGI fur- way before Tumblr with Talking Animals.

21 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

That maelstrom at the end.

22 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It had CGI so realistic that we though almost everything was live action, but then we realized on a documentary that almost all of the movie used CGI.

Extremely amazing CGI used! - punyraisin

23 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Davy Jones looked so realistic, it caused many viewers to think he was real. It even helped the Pirates series win it's only Oscar.

24 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The way they made those skeletons look real was fascinating.

25 Guardians of the Galaxy
26 The Incredibles

Pixar had finally got the hang of animating humans when they made this movie, and it shows.

27 The Lone Ranger
28 Finding Dory
29 Tomorrowland

This movie is just one big commercial. To its credit, the visual effects are outstanding. I really felt like the characters were actually in a city in the future. The movie itself sucked but at least they put effort into making the CGI look nice. I guess they were too focused on that to write a less confusing story for the movie. - MegaSoulhero

30 Toy Story 3
31 Cars 2

Why this is so low it has to be very high

32 Monsters University
33 Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Walt Disney Company has a slew of universally underrated animated blockbusters. The Avengers series is no exception.

34 Avengers: Infinity War

The CGI effects on display here are a mixed bag overall, but when it comes to Thanos himself... - xandermartin98

35 The Avengers
36 Ant-Man
37 Wall-E
38 Dinosaur
39 Moana

Not my favourite Disney film (although it's amazing) but definitely the most visually stunning. From Moana herself to everyone's detailed hair, to Maui's tattoos, to the amazing colour pallet, to the lush greenery, to the dazzling, scintillating water, Moana is the most beautiful Disney film. - fandom__universe

40 Planes

This movie is sooo good.

Top 8 best 2013 Movies(BUT WITHOUT FROZEN).

8.Free Birds:Good.

7.Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2:Excellent.

6.Monsters University:Wonderful.


4.The Croods:Cool.

3.Despicable Me 2:Fantastic.


1.Panes:MY FAVOURITE DISNEY MOVIE OF 2013, and it is a better 2013 Disney movie than Frozen.

41 Ratatouille
42 Into the Woods

This is such a good movie remember happily ever after

The effects were very well done! - punyraisin

43 Chicken Little

No, the animation in this looks as ugly as a pee

44 Cars
45 Thor: The Dark World
46 Toy Story 2
47 A Bug's Life

This should be lower, it's actually lower quality compared to the others on here.

48 Aladdin
49 Planes: Fire & Rescue
50 Up
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