Top Ten Disney Movies With the Best Ending


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41 The Jungle Book
42 The Aristocats

Loved seeing Napoleon and Lafayette.

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43 Bolt
44 The Great Mouse Detective
45 Brother Bear
46 Mulan

Milan and Shang ending up together is the most perfect ending ever in my eyes!

47 Brave

This is the worst ending because America does not get a prince.

Merida should have got her true love in this movie! She deserves to have somebody.

I think this is the best Disney princess movie because nobody gets married.

I think this is the worst Disney princess movie because nobody gets married.

48 Ratatouille

The eending was good my OTP ended up together and the Remmy got to become a famous little rat chef. It was a great ending for an amazing movie.

49 Peter Pan
50 Lilo & Stitch
51 Robin Hood
52 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
53 The Sword in the Stone
54 The Rescuers Down Under
55 Pinocchio

Pinocchio gets turned into a real boy - Ajkloth

56 A Bug's Life
57 The Incredibles
58 Up
59 Monsters University

Ends with Mike and Sully working at Monsters inc. - Ajkloth

I love the ending for this movie.

60 Big Hero 6

Great ending, it's sad to see baymax's death, but when Hiro built him again, the team goes into superheroic

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