Top 10 Disney Movies that Won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars

The best animated feature category is honestly a dumb category. It makes it sound like the Academy doesn’t consider animated films to be real movies. Regardless, most of the movies that have won in that category really deserved it. Of course, most of the ones that have won were from Disney. Because it’s Disney. And they’re awesome.

The Top Ten

1 Coco

Coco was the clear and easy winner. - Trollsfan536

Is it just me or is the cover creepy becuase hector is in the water staring at him

As I’m typing this, the 2018 Oscars haven’t happened yet, but we already know that Lee Unkrich is going to take home the Oscar for creating this masterpiece. Literally out all the years that the Best Animated Feature category has been around, this is the most pathetic list of nominees in this category. Coco is the only great one that actually got nominated this year. I haven’t seen the Breadwinner or Loving Vincent, but I haven’t heard a lot of people talking about those movies. Ferdinand was a pretty bad movie, but the biggest slap to the face this year is the Boss Baby being nominated! Terrible movie! The fact that it’s attempting to go up against Coco is just ridiculous. It pretty much proves that the Academy doesn’t care about animation. - MegaSoulhero

2 The Incredibles

The Incredibles was the clear and easy winner. - Trollsfan536

Anyone excited for Incredibles 2? So am I! The Incredibles is great! If I can find anyone who doesn’t like this film, it would really surprise me. I’m glad it won an Oscar. Especially since it’s rare when superhero movies win Oscars. But hey! It’s Pixar! They make great films. And two bad films. There were only two other movies that were nominated that year. Shark Tale and Shrek 2. Wait. How did Shark Tale get nominated? Isn’t 2004 the year that the SpongeBob movie came out? Why did they choose Shark Tale over SpongeBob? Shark Tale is such a terrible movie and the first SpongeBob movie was such a strong series finale for the show! At least Incredibles 2 managed to win. Excellent film. So excited for the sequel. - MegaSoulhero

3 Up

Up was the clear and easy winner. - Trollsfan536

One of the best Pixar movies made. - Phillip873

Up is the 4th best Pixar movie. Very emotional and very heartwarming. Since it’s Pixar, of course it won an Oscar. And it totally deserved it. The other nominees were Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Princess and the Frog, and the Secret of Kelly’s all great films. So this was a tough one. I loved Princess and the Frog but it wasn’t as great as it should’ve been. Fantastic Mr. Fox, despite how good it was, didn’t stand a chance against the other nominees. I’m excited for Isle of Dogs by the way. So of course the Oscars made the right choice to give it to up. Such an awesome film. - MegaSoulhero

4 Frozen

I thought The Croods deserved to win because that was a much better film than Frozen. - Trollsfan536

It was obvious that Frozen was gonna win. Not just because it’s Disney, but also because it came out in 2013. A year of mostly bad animated films. But not as bad as 2017. People say that Frozen didn’t deserve to win, but can you name one animated film that came out in 2013 that was better than Frozen? The Frozen Hate is really annoying. It also won Best Original Song for Let it Go. People were upset about that as well and yet they want those same exact songwriters to win that Oscar for Remember Me. It definitely should win to be honest. Anyway, the other films that were nominated that year were the Croods (great film), Despicable Me 2 (okay film), Ernest and Celestine (never heard of it), and The Wind Rides. Obviously Frozen was the better choice. Wait. Wind Rises was nominated? Why didn’t that win? That was honestly a much better film! - MegaSoulhero

5 Big Hero 6

I agree, HTTYD 2 deserved to win because it was better than Big Hero 6. - Trollsfan536

Big Hero 6 is great! And it’s also technically a Marvel film. So this is basically the first Marvel film to be made by Disney Animation. And it’s one of the rare comic book movies that actually won an Oscar. The other nominees were the Boxtrolls, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Song of the Sea, and Princess Kaguya. You’re probably thinking that I’m gonna say Big Hero 6 totally deserved to win the Oscar, but it didn’t deserve it. Because How to Train Your Dragon 2 was a MUCH better film! What were they even thinking not giving the award to such an epic sequel? There was even an animated film that DIDN’T get nominated that deserved it more than Big Hero 6! The Lego Movie! Seriously! Why didn’t that get nominated? - MegaSoulhero

6 Zootopia

I honestly don't know what deserved to win. - Trollsfan536

The “Disney Film Facts” Twitter account nearly gave me a heart attack recently. The thought of a Zootopia 2 frightens me. Turns out when they Tweeted “Zootopia 2” they were referring to Zootopia’s second anniversary. I hope a sequel never happens. This movie is way too good to have it be ruined by a sequel. I remember watching the teaser trailer for Zootopia and thinking it was gonna suck. Then again, Disney always comes out with bad teaser trailers. Just look at Wreck-it Ralph 2. To a lot of people’s surprise, Zootopia was critically acclaimed and became one of the best films to come out in 2016. The other nominees were Kubo and the Two Strings, Moana, My Life as a Zucchini, and the Red Turtle. I’m just gonna come out and say that Kubo deserved to win. But that’s an unpopular opinion. A lot of people think Moana deserved to win even though it really didn’t. It was full of clichés and pacing issues. Zootopia actually had a strong message and took more risks. It’s ...more - MegaSoulhero

7 Toy Story 3

It was clearly the winner.
It was the perfect ending for the franchise but they added TS4 which ruined the franchise.

TS3 was the clear and easy winner. - Trollsfan536

Pixar can do no wrong. Except for in 2011 and in 2013. But in 2010, they came out with the best installment in their most popular franchise. Toy Story 3. I remember first seeing this movie and as I was walking out of the theater, I said to myself that it is totally an Oscar winning film. I was right. In the year that this got nominated, there were only two other nominees against it. How to Train Your Dragon and the Illusionist. I haven’t heard of the Illusionist, so I don’t know if it was good or not. I love the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, but the first one was exactly amazing. The sequel was far better. Toy Story 3 was definitely amazing. I find it very hard to hate this movie. It should’ve been the ending of the franchise. Too bad they’re making a 4th one. Which has been having production problems. - MegaSoulhero

8 Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is without a doubt the best Pixar movie on the planet! It's so wonderful, I go crazy about it every single time!

9 Spirited Away

Spotted Away was the clear and easy winner. - Trollsfan536

Spirited Away is Studio Ghibli at their best. One of the best films of all time. It definitely deserved its win. The other nominees were Ice Age, Lilo & Stitch, Spirit, and Treasure Planet. Four okay films up against an amazing film. Hayao Miyazaki has created such great things. This was definitely his best work. Also, I just realized that Daveigh Chase was in two of the movies that got nominated that year. Interesting. - MegaSoulhero

I really want to watch this but I don't know where I can watch it. - Phillip873

10 Inside Out

I honestly thought Shaun The Sheep deserved to win because it was better than Inside Out (unpopular opinion) - Trollsfan536

Pete Docter is a genius. He’s honestly the best director in Pixar. I hope he replaces John Lasseter as head of Pixar. After the greatness that was Toy Story 3, the Pixar movies that came out afterwards weren’t able to live up to the standards of Pixar. That was until Inside Out came out. It reminded us of how great Pixar can be. The other nominees were Anomalisa, Boy and the World, Shaun the Sheep, and When Marnie Was There. I haven’t seen Shaun the Sheep but how did that get nominated? When Marnie Was There was the only nominee that gave Inside Out competition. But the Academy always goes with the Pixar film. It really deserved it. One of the best Pixar movies ever. - MegaSoulhero

The Contenders

11 Brave

I agree WIR deserved to win. - Trollsfan536

Wreck-it Ralph should’ve won! Not Brave! What were they thinking? Wreck-it Ralph was phenomenal while Brave was just good but not great. Paranorman and that Pirate movie were so much better! Frankenweenie was okay at best. I like Brave, but it shouldn’t have won! It’s one of Pixar’s weaker films. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only reason it won is because it’s Pixar! The Academy loves to praise Pixar films! Wreck-it Ralph was far superior and it deserved the Oscar more than Brave did! - MegaSoulhero

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