Top 10 Disney Parades


The Top Ten

1 Paint the Night

It's the first parade to completely use LED lights. It also uses the Owl City song from Wreck it Ralph in the soundtrack. - MegaSoulhero

My favorite parade! Love the soundtrack and different floats. Mack Truck is my favorite part.

2 Main Street Electrical Parade

I love this parade but I also think it's a little overrated. I remember watching this parade as a kid and it was the best thing ever, but these days it just seems kinda dated. - MegaSoulhero

3 Spectromagic

The music. Enough said. - MegaSoulhero

It first lasted 1991-1999, and second lasted 2001-2010.

4 Festival of Fantasy

I haven't seen this parade in person but from what I saw on YouTube, it looks pretty cool. - MegaSoulhero

5 Parade of Dreams

Remember this parade? It was made for Disneyland's 50th anniversary and it was very amazing. It also uses a song from Brother Bear in the soundtrack. - MegaSoulhero

6 Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

The music is great, the floats are creative, and it is very fun. - MegaSoulhero

7 Pixar Play Parade

I'm a huge Pixar fan and I think this parade is pretty good, especially for the kids. - MegaSoulhero

8 Disney's Eureka! A California Parade

It's one of the first parades I've ever seen. - MegaSoulhero

9 A Christmas Fantasy Parade

A great way to celebrate the holidays. This parade has been around since 1994 so it's one of Disneyland's longest running parades. - MegaSoulhero

10 Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade

Shown only in Florida's Magic Kingdom during Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. It features characters you rarely see anymore, an army of grave diggers banging and scraping their shovels on the street, and a catchy song.

The Contenders

11 Mickey's Soundsational Parade

This parade debuted at Disneyland in 2011 and it is the only parade where we get to see Mickey play the drums. I only have two problems with the parade:

1: The music
2: Why is Mary Poppins the last float? - MegaSoulhero

12 Hercules Victory Parade

Ran at Disneyland from 1997-1998

13 Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It! Street Party

It lasted 2009-present.

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