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Please make this vote one the Princess that would deserve to be a princess the most and not on your favorite

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21 Jane - Tarzan

Anna (Frozen), she was far from the best. She was a moron. She wanted to marry a guy right after she met him. Jane, Mulan, Rapunzel, Belle, and so many other classic princesses/heroines were much better than her. People acted like Anna was the first quirky, silly Disney leading lady. Anna was not! People always forget about Jane from Tarzan, fine Jane is not a Disney princess but she is way better than that Anna. I am not comparing them because Anna doesn't deserve to be put anywhere near Jane. Anna sucks, she is annoying and stupid. There is a reason why people rather prefer Elsa too, I hate you, Anna!

Before the stupid annoying Anna we had quirky, funny, intelligent, silly Jane. Jane rocks, she is an absolute joy. I love her, she is so funny and so cool. To me Anna is a poor knock off of Jane. Jane is #1 all the way!

22 Sofia - Sofia the First Sofia - Sofia the First

I hate Sofia, she tries to change people and make them just like her.

Um, she's not a Disney princess... She's just a character on a kid's T.V. show.

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23 Amber - Sofia the First

umm, EWW

24 Anita - 101 Dalmatians
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