Best Disney Rappers

You haters say that these guys suck just because they're from Disney channel! Well if you give them a chance, you'll realize that they're actually pretty dope. They'll all eventually leave and start amazing careers. They're just being clean for now.

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1 Adam Hicks Adam Hicks

He is the next Eminem, no dought. Him and Daniel were the first to bring multi-syllabic rhyming to Disney Channel or Disney. They both freestyle like champs, but Adam is just a bit better. He can go fast and is amazing in songs like, "Dance for Life," "We Burnin' up," " Determinate," and " Breakthrough."

He's the next Eminem. This guy freestyles like a champ, He was the first to bring multi-syllabic rhymes to Disney, and he can go almost as fast as Busts Rhymes. Just listen to "Dance for Life, " "We Burnin' up, " "Determinate, " and "Breakthrough." You'll know what I mean.

Most lyrical, fastest, and best freestyler. Better than all the guys from "Let it Shine."

On the movie Lemonade Mouth for the song Determinate he is a fast and awesome RAPPER!

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2 Daniel Curtis Lee

He's actually pretty good, he's also pretty lyrical and is a dope freestyler as well.

3 Brandon Mychal Smith
4 Tyler James Williams

He is obviously the g.o.a.t. of Disney like he made kid-friendly raps like that pretty difficult and there fire like better than all these SoundCloud rappers yall don't got nothing on him and I wanna see one of yall try to prove me wrong like.

He's a good freestyler, but he did not write one lyric on any of the "Let it Shine."

Good freestyler, but didn't even write one lyric on any of the "Let it Shine."

5 Roshon Fegan Roshon Fegan
6 Kyle Massey Kyle Massey

The guy who played the greatest anime character ever is a rapper? - 445956

7 Coco Jones Coco Jones Courtney "Coco" Jones is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She was born in Columbia, South Carolina, but raised in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Her and Tyler James Williams songs from Let it Shine are all fire obviously can't prove me wrong.

8 Orlando Brown
9 Adam Irigoyen Adam Irigoyen Adam Irigoyen is a Cuban American actor, singer, rapper and dancer. He is best known for his role as Deuce Martinez in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up.
10 Doc Shaw

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11 Nevermind
12 Sky Katz Sky Katz

She was on AGT in Season 11 and she's a good actress in Raven's Home.

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