Top 10 Disney Sequels that Should Be Made


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1 Big Hero 7

The best title for this is Big Hero 6.2

It was hard trying to come up with a sequel name for this film, so I just stuck with 7. Sorry about that. I really would like to see this film continue, though. - Mcgillacuddy

That would be a cool addition to this fantastic movie!

Or or big hero 6 II - zxm

LoL I don't know. A number after another number just sounds wrong. - Mcgillacuddy

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2 Hercules 2

I would love to see hercules 2 as will

I think a hercules sequel would work I would love to see it in 2020 or some there year

I want a Hercules sequel!

Hercules 2 should have ben made

3 The Lion King 3

Doesn't this movie already have a Lion King 3? Lion King 1 1/2 anybody?

Only if they don't ruin The Lion King, since The Lion Guard sucks. - Goku02

I really would've liked to see this happen. I like The Lion King 2, and I thought it would've been cool to continue Kovu and Kiara's story. Screw the Lion Guard. We don't want that non canon crap. - Mcgillacuddy

Why hasn't this happened yet we got lion king return of the roar the movie and T.V. show but it sucked we need lion king 3 now

4 Tangled 2

I agree completely I loved this move but we never got a sequel sadly

5 The Princess and the Frog 2

That be nice but not really needed

6 Wreck-It Ralph 2

It was a very cool concept for a film, but for the sequel, I would definitely want to see more recognizable game characters involved. - Mcgillacuddy

It's confirmed that they're making a sequel.

7 Zootopia 2

Zootopia to me, is honestly THE best thing Disney ever made.

It was weird to be in Euro Disney a couple of days ago and find like... no reference to it. Even the numerous expansive gift shops didn't have any merch. (Which seems weird considering how successful it was and all it's various achievements as a movie.)

This movie DEFINITELY needs a good sequel. It also would work quite well as a T.V. series.

I think what I especially like about this one compared to some of Disney's other more recent popular movies is that it seems far more interested in just being a good movie then mugging about how clever it is. (Which I think both Moana and especially Frozen definitely are somewhat guilty off.)

I honestly could go on about how great a movie this one is, and how it deserves for there to be more of it. But yeah... Zoo-2-pia for the win.

I think it should be about where nick and judy meet a spy! and they team up to solve another case, not about nick and judy falling in love.

Honestly, I think this would work best as a television series, but I certainly wouldn't complain about a sequel to this fantastic film.

Like Big Hero 6, there's still a lot of room for expansion on this film. - Mcgillacuddy

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8 Inside Out 2

With such good characters and so much more you can do with the premise, they can definitely make a sequel out of this film. Just one, though. Three adventures in Riley's head would be one too many. - PlanetDeadwing

That would be nice I could definitely see a sequel for that

9 Treasure Planet 2

No it’s the first is based off treasure island and I don’t think that had a sequel

10 Robin Hood 2

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11 Meet the Robinsons 2: First Date

Yeah I hope they do it

12 Toy Story 4
13 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 2
14 Aladdin 4
15 Mulan III

As long as it's an improvement from Mulan II and similar to Mulan part one, I'd be fine with this.

16 Beauty and the Beast 3
17 Kubo and the Two Strings 2

That is not a Disney movie - LiamMurphy

18 Rise of the Guardians 2

That’s not a Disney movie - LiamMurphy

19 Sleeping Beauty 2
20 Cinderella 4
21 Peter Pan 3
22 Lion King 4
23 Bambi 3
24 Lady and the Tramp 3
25 Pocahontas 3
26 Jungle Book 3
27 Pinocchio 2
28 Mulan 3
29 Hunchback of Notre Dame 3
30 101 Dalmatians 3
31 Little Mermaid 3
32 Brother Bear 3
33 Finding Nemo 3

It should be called finding Marlin - LiamMurphy

34 Pirates of the Caribbean 6
35 Honey I Shrunk the Kids 4
36 Heavyweights 2
37 Moana 2
38 Ratatouille 2
39 Incredbles 2
40 Underdog 2
41 Pocus Hocus 2
42 Anastasia 2
43 Santa Clause 2

This already exists

44 My Favorite Martian 2
45 Buddies 8
46 Incredibles 3
47 Cars 4
48 Snow Dogs 2
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1. Big Hero 7
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