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1 Belle x Flynn Rider Belle x Flynn Rider

Why the heck do you put crack pairings and crossover pairings in this rather than actual canon pairings? They just won't work.

They are so adorable together in Disney life and I love how belle is actually rapunzel to but the only problem is she's cheating on beast with him but beast kind of deserves it cause he was mean to her and I can't wate for the new episodes to come out but BELLE DO NOT GO WITH HANS STAY WIFH FLYNN AND FLYNN STAY WITH BELLE YOU 2 ARE ADORABLE TOGETHER BEST COUPLE <3 <3 <3 <3 - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

2 Aurora x Naveen

Auora and neveen have the same qualities as belle Flynn they are perfect for each other but she is cheating on phillio with naveen but like beast Phillip deserves it cause he is a big jerk :) they are so cute together and auora is tiana <3 <3 - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

3 Anna x Olaf

They don't know it yet but I do there in love Anna leave Kristoff and be with solar you 2 are so cute you are
1) both really cute
2) you both like being super randome, eating, playing games and being crazy
3) you are connected
4) you are happier toghether - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

4 Elsa x Jack Frost

Even though Jack frost is a big cheat and is a big jerk to Elsa deserves him cause she is sometimes ok but in most of the episode she is selfish, rude, over dramatic, annoying, stalks belle and auora, bitchy, stuck up, stupid, liya and she is one of the worst charthers on the show I like her in frozen but not in Disney life and Jack frost and Elsa don't deserve good people they belong together. At least belle and auora had reasons why they cheated he didn't even care about anyone but himself and so dose Elsa. - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

5 Aurora x Belle

I ship them but NOT AS A COUPLE as best friends cause they are
1) they help each other out
2) they are always happier around each other
3) they are very close and connected
4) they are the best - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

6 Hans x Belle

I like belle with flynn more but belle and hans are pretty cute even though there not together I think they will be soon and I can't believe that the real dad of bellies baby is Hans and not Flynn and nobody nows not even auora and she yelled everything to auora the only one who knows is hans and he is shark boy and belle loved shark boy and I think she might love Hans and she is giraffe girl and Hans loves belle and he knows and he dose not love Elsa but I just saw a trailer and what happed in it was belle said to Hans that she dosnt want to talk to him and he asks why and she says he now's why and she tells him that she knows he loves elsa but he dosnt she saw old photos of them cause they used to be secretly together. - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

7 Elsa x Hans

Yes they used to be together but HELSA IS THE WORST SHIP EVER Hans dosnt love Elsa anymore he loves belle and he thinks Elsa is horrible so why would you ship them also Elsa hates him why would she love him. - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

8 Chloe x Jack Frost

Jack frost and allow kissed and he is cheating on Elsa with kloe but Jack is ment to be with Elsa they are mean and allow is ment to be with gaston. Also Jack is just using kloe to make gaston jealous. - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

9 Aurora x Gaston

NONONONON! This is gross yes she told belle she thought he was sexy and hot but she also said that she didn't love Gaston and she hates him so peoples who ship them are idiots. ( sorry I just really don't like this ship ) - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

10 Belle x Gaston

Worst ship ever just because they both got drunk once and belle had a baby ( e.j ) and Gaston is the dad didn't mean she loves him he loves her but belle hates Gaston so this is just annoying and only wired ship them. - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

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11 Cyrus x TJ

Best Disney show ship of all time - Izalien

12 Tramp x Nala
13 Jasmine x Aladdin

I personally don't ship this. Aladdin just keeps lying to Jasmine. Also, she's 15-16 and he's 18... FBI, OPEN UP!

Best ship ever

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