Most Badass Moments from Female Characters in Disney Animated Movies

Last time I did a list of the most badass moments from female animated characters from Non Disney movies and now its time to look at the most badass moments by female animated characters from Disney animated movies.
The Top Ten
1 Mulan Becomes a War Hero - Mulan

She literally buries the entire Hun Clan in snow after firing a rocket at the mountain top casing an avalanche that literally killed nearly all of them in the process with only a few surviving and later she kills off the villain when she traps him on the roof allowing Mushu with a rocket to send him flying into a tower filled with fireworks as he is blown up.

2 Merida Shoots for Her Own Hand - Brave

After finding a loophole Merida defies tradition and shoots for her own hand and hits three perfect bulls eye's on each her suitors which infuriates her mother Queen Elinor claiming that she embarrassed them but to be honest they should be embarrassed.

3 Edna Knocks Some Sense Into Helen - The Incredibles

Possibly one of my favorite Edna Mode moments after Helen finds out about Bob's little secret of resuming hero work she has a breakdown as she's crying and moping over the situation Edna becomes fed up reminds her that she is Elastigirl as she smacks her with some papers across the head while telling her she needs to remind Bob that he is Mr. Incredible and to remind herself who she is and to go out and find out what happened to him.

Edna is my spirit animal and my favorite character from The Incredibles. More so than even Syndrome.

4 Miguel's Abuela Brings Out the Chancla - Coco

Possibly one of my favorite scenes from Coco for those of you who come from a Hispanic family like myself their is nothing more terrifying then a Mexican grandma wielding a chancla or in English a sandal, while Miguel is at the plaza shining the shoes of a Mariachi singer who encourages him to sign up for the music competition for Dia De Los Muertos however Miguel's family is strongly against him being a musician, but the musician continues to encourage him to play and Miguel gets set to play his guitar when he hears his Abuela screaming out his name as we she her storming down the streets after him as he quickly gives the guitar back to the musician as she takes off her chancla and stars beating him with it telling him that Miguel wants no part of his music as she chases him off.

5 Anna Knocks Out Hans - Frozen

Say what you want about Anna but this moment was bad ass after the winter storm ends and everything is back to normal Anna tells off Hans who had left her for dead as she tells him the only one with a frozen heart is him as she sucker punches him knocking overboard into the water.

6 Jasmine States That She's No Prize to Be Won - Aladdin

After overhearing Aladdin as Prince Ali, Jafar and The Sultan all discussing her future with Aladdin states he'll win her over as Jasmine storms in furious with all of them trying to decide her future and who can blame her with all of them trying to dictate who she should marry as she answers them with this bold statement "I AM NOT A PRIZE TO BE WON! "

7 Tiana Smashes Dr. Faciler's Charm - The Princess and The Frog

While Dr. Faciler taunts her while having her pinned down Tiana while still a frog cleverly is able to get a hold of his charm and smashes it resulting in Faciler literally being dragged away to hell.

8 Belle Gets the Last Word Over the Beast - Beauty and the Beast

After Beast saves Belle from the pack of wolves they make it back to the castle as Belle tries to help treat his wounds and Beast is having none of it and the two argue with Beast telling her if she hadn't run away this wouldn't have happens as she replies if he didn't frighten her she wouldn't have run away and Beast answers with the fact that she shouldn't have been in the west wing and Belle gets the last word of the argument saying her should learn to control his temper, OUCH!.

9 Mrs. Jumbo Disciplines Dumbo's Tormentor - Dumbo

Let this be a lesson mess with a mothers kid be prepare to face the consequences after one kid decides to get too personal in mocking poor Dumbo and jumping over the rail and blows into his ear and another kid yanks on his ear Mrs. Jumbo has had enough and gives the tormentor what he has coming by grabbing him with her trunk and spanks the daylights out of him which is totally justified before going into a frenzy.

10 Esmeralda Comes to Quasimodo's Rescue - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

After seeing the horrible treatment Quasimodo is facing Esmeralda comes to his aid defying Frollo as he orders his men to capture her but Esmeralda isn't going to make things easy for them as she uses her wits and also some help form the other gypsies to thwart their attempts making them look like fools in the process.

Should be much higer

The Contenders
11 Rapunzel Knocks Out Flynn Rider with a Frying Pan - Tangled
12 Gogo Driving Wasabi's Car - Big Hero 6
13 Jasmine Sings "Speechless" and Turns the Guards Into Dust - Aladdin 2019

Jasmine is female Thanos confirmed

14 Lady Kluk Runs Through the Rino Guards - Robin Hood

Such a hilarious football parody seeing Lady Kluk running through the rhino guards taking them down and avoiding their tackles.

15 Nala and Simba Fighting the Hyenas Side by Side - The Lion King 2019
16 The Evil Queen Put to Sleep Snow White with a Poisonous Apple - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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