Inspecting Long Lists #5 Whatculture's Top 52 Walt Disney Animated Classics

htoutlaws2012 Let's take a break from IGN, and just go in other directions. In this list they pretty much rank all the notably movies from essentially worst to best. Alright let's go right to it.

Note: In case you are wondering there are no sequels, and or titles from up till 2012 anywhere to be found in this list so there's you get to know before you start reading away.

#52 Home on the Range: Starting off with easily the worst Disney film perhaps ever, it has to be one of the most bland uninteresting movies I have ever graced. Great job you've accomplished in awfulness.

#51 Fun & Fancy Free: This is basically saying ''there were casualties in the making of this film.'' Its very forgettable at best, not that great its alright.

#50 Chicken Little: Wow barely makes top 50 let along the 3rd film already. This movie is severely underrated, I mean the hate is very overwhelming by critics, and hated on this site as well. I agree it is by no means a favorite of mine. I just think it gets a vast amount of hate for being the transition to 3D if you will animation.

#49 Bolt: To me I completely forget this exists, Its a super average Disney movie that is definitely near this end of the road that is for sure.

#48 The Black Cauldron: It was dark, but it failed to impress. Its one of those films that yes its not good, but had cool aspects such as the horned king.

#47 Melody Time: A lot like 51 a musical Disney film that you either know of a great deal or just not at all.

#46 Dinosuar: It had a lot of hype at the time, the way it looked you figured ''oh this is going to be the next Jurassic Park.'' Boy oh boy were we so horridly wrong. The worst part is not did it disappoint being the first CG film that Disney tried, but it looks to have aged for the worse to boot.

#45 The Three Caballeros: A musical parody of you guessed the three amigos.

#44 Make Mine Music: A forgotten movie probably because the title is a odd choice to begin with.

#43 Fantasia 2000: A long awaited sequel that disappointed severely badly. It has flaws, but its still okay overall.

#42 The Rescuers Down Under: I feel this should of been higher than the original to me. This is the one rare exception the sequel got it right as opposed to the original which i'll get to why that should be in this place instead.

#41 The Great Mouse Detective: Solid film I do not have much of a problem with it other than it has Vincent Price that's awesome.

#40 Meet The Robinsons: Its okay, personally its about where it should be I did not think it was that massively great as its being brought out to be.

#39 Tangled: I'm surprised how low Tangled is considering I used not like it as much as do now rewatching it, and how its one of the more better films of this decade.

#38 Treasure Planet: It has a very interesting concept, problem is it was a lot like another movie will get to shortly only that movie I thought was very underrated for what it tried to do.

#37 Saludos Amigos: Also known as you have no clue, well its a musical Disney flick from the 40's.

#36 The Sword in the Stone: For Disney Classics yeah this one was very okay, I would not have anywhere higher than here is perfectly fine.

#35 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Its one of those films I'd probably watch once, and that's an just by watching that one time I remember being pretty decent for a old gem.

#34 Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Oh yes Atlantis is just something else, if there was a underrated Michael J. Fox movies this would rank high for sure. I liked critics well not favoring the movie for the intended audience.

#33 Lilo & Stitch: To me its the really last great 2D animation before Disney would keep on rolling with the more 3D like animation of today, quite unique for its time.

#32 Oliver & Company: Its a good movie, but I'd place a few others before it. Not knocking it I just think there are better ones.

#31 The Rescuers: I just remember I really was not into the Rescuers where as with Down Under it got to really grab me with what it did. I'd switch these two in a heartbeat.

#30 Pocahontas: I always like Pocahontas, it was definitely another solid film, but compared to Lion King which it needed to live up was a tough task to handle, The songs are very great.

#29 Brother Bear: This one I have a major problem with, I get people like this movie, but for me this is where 2D animation would then begin dying was when Brother Bear hit the theaters in 2003. Top 30 blows my mind considering this is better than Tangled, Lilo and Stitch, & Pocahontas. It should more near the end of the list personally, not the super end, but high 40's, low 30's would be more accurate then 29, and above superior Disney films.

#28 Hercules: I know the story is not even accurate to the actual mythological god, but I still like the film regardless of that one major flaw, I like Hades James Woods was an excellent choice for that. Add in two other comedy reliefs, and add in possibly the best movie songs that will always get stuck in your head such as I can go the distance, or Zero the hero.

#27 The Jungle Book: Can I be honest, and say that I was never a huge Jungle book buff, but I do applaud Disney for making that newer one though. It had memorable characters sure its just something about this makes it not of my toppest of the top, but still a good film I can say I like.

#26 The Aristocats: Its very alright, it just mainly the opposite of Oliver and Company. Instead of Dogs, let's have Cats except I think I have those mixed up considering this one was first, and that it was more focused on its musical pieces.

#25 Robin Hood: It was alright, a parody of Robin Hood only with animals in their place basically.

#24 The Fox and the Hound: It tells a tale of friendship, and no i'm not one of those obsessed with this film, I just think its one of the more underrated of Disney's Library.

#23 Fantasia: To me this should be like top 10 easily, its the one musical film that accomplished what Walt Disney wanted it to be like. Plus a ton of great classical pieces that are still memorable to this day.

#22 101 Dalmatians: Yeah... this movie had that it factor, not exactly the puppies, but just stands out like a sore thumb. Literally wants all them to get killed by any means how sick, and yet very desperate in doing so.

#21 The Emperor's New Groove: Now I like this film, but I think just a tad high. Yes funny for a buddy comedy, but its definitely better than brother bear, but better than Fantasia? I mean I could say for majority of the 15 to 10 coming up, but still this one sticks out to me.

#20 The Hunchback of Notre Dame: This one had it all for me, from the awesome setting, inspired by the book I believe, and great voicing as well makes this one of the best they had to offer.

#19 Mulan: Oh yes I love Mulan! Now were picking up to what feels more right. You talk about one of the most popular female protagonists she's at the top. Also you got Eddie Murphy as the ''indestructible'' Mushu dragon is just comedy gold. The great mix of story and humor in a Disney movie, even great music pieces too.

#18 The Princess and the Frog: Okay hold it now! Its a good film, but it is way too high on the list. Sure it had a cool villain, but the story to me is not very grabbing to me. I get why it is high up though it was the one to briefly bring back 2D animation, but while not bad by any means I just think its not as great as they believe.

#17 Tarzan: I like Tarzan, I find it interesting that the Tony Hawk style that they brought in for Tarzan to move fast to swing branch to branch. Yeah it may bore for the most part, but it does have a signature moment when Clayton the main antagonist of the movie decides to aim for Tarzan, and ends up cutting vines that he himself should have not done showing a shadow depiction of his death hanging.

#16 Lady and the Tramp: Very iconic for the most over done eating spaghetti and meatballs scene.

#15 Dumbo: I find to be almost a bit forgotten if it wasn't for the elephants which stands out in Dumbo's nightmare of seeing colors like seizures. That's really all I got for Dumbo.

#14 Bambi: Like with Lady and the Tramp, Bambi's mom death has been used a lot in today's world. Everyone is aware of the story by now.

#13 Winnie the Pooh (2011): hmmm... This is probably the only film I actually have not seen. I question the high placement.

#12 Sleeping Beauty: This movie is a classic, but here is some easy pro's and con's. Cons, The protagonists are bland and forgettable check, Pro's Maleficent is just stunningly devious check.

#11 Alice in Wonderland: I figured it would be here, but I think its too high this is the worst of the Disney princess films. I can't help why were they high when they made this at the time? Yet I think the antagonists is nothing, but laughter all around. To switch this with fantasia, and that's more close as it gets.

#10 Aladdin: Aladdin is really great one by Disney, The setting was something to grace that was different, the characters were all interesting. Of course the greatness that was Gilbert Gottfried, and Robin Williams in this movie is just a dynamic combination. The story is just so excellent, and yet it was almost too perfect.

#9 Wreck-It Ralph: To me this was a surprise hit of 2012, and it does deserve the high spot honestly. Its is by far one of the top 3 best video game movies I have ever witnessed.

#8 Cinderella: I mean she's classic and all but she does not really do that much other than clean, to then eventually being a princess.

#7 The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh: Okay this one I have seen at least, I did like this one not sure if its top 10 its been a longer time since I have seen it.

#6 Peter Pan: To me Peter Pan was a bit semi-underrated as a Disney classic. I preferred over most of the other films, so the fact its top 6 I have no problem with that.

#5 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Incredibly aged badly, but you know what because it was the first i'll give it a pass for where its at yeah I have no big issue with this coming in the top 5.

#4 The Little Mermaid: She's the more outgoing princess, where she wants to get the man of her dreams which leads us to Ursula who is a pretty awesome antagonist, and made this film one to remember.

#3 Pinocchio: Alright justice for Pinocchio at a fitting high spot it earns. This film had the balls to be not only feel normal kid friendly to then suddenly have its really dark scenes which ended up working well in the end.

#2 The Lion King: Ladies and gentleman the proclaimed hailing achievement of Disney the Lion King. This movie just had it all the characters, the setting, the antagonists, the plot. Yeah you can say it is overrated, but not in my eyes.

#1 Beauty and the Beast: Which I can't really argue against it, it was one of the few Disney films to be up for best picture that was something back then. Belle is probably the smartest of the princesses of Disney, and here knows what she is doing based on her liking the beast. It really was something to behold, its recent counterpart should even be talked about.

That was the list, for the most they got most of the order right with a few standouts in between. Not a totally bad list like IGN puts out, but I figured hey let's look up someone else's so this was it. I hope you enjoyed until next time.


Always thought Home On The Range was alright to be honest. - ProPanda

Good post, by the way. - ProPanda

Positive feedback always appreciated. - htoutlaws2012

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I have never watched Home On The Range.

Chicken Little is horrible. It should be 52. - Frodomar49

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My favorite would be somewhere between lion king,Mulan. Little mermaid or beauty and the beast - Soulkeeper

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43. Did finally see, I liked it but not the cameos.
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